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17 Amazing Health and Work Benefits of Morning Exercise




If you ask me, I would say, there’s no way around.

We are meant to be natural. We are evolved to be natural. We live longer, stronger, and healthier- only by acting natural- and the single most crucial step towards that smooth-sailing life is morning workout. 

Morning exercise helps us accelerate metabolism, regulate our appetite, release endorphins, and we will feel less stressed throughout the day. Evidently, a few day’s workout will keep you stress-free for a few more days. 

These are some of the arguments that explain why exercise in the morning will suit you better:

1. In the morning, more significant results are obtained by exercising than at the end of the day

Technically speaking, our body performs better in the afternoon. On the other hand, our brains perform the best in the morning (if you’ve had a sound sleep the previous night). The problem with exercising in the afternoon is: 

After a full day of work, likely, you would not feel like exercising, and therefore you end up jogging, jumping and stuff like that. Just flip the routing, bring your daily workout in the first hour of the day, it is much less likely that you’ll skip it to fulfill a lot of obligations. After all, at 7 in the morning, there are not many things to do except getting ready for the day’s work, brushing your teeth, getting yourself fresh, and having some breakfast.

2. You’ll be more focused all day long

In most cases, work is all about focus. The more you’re focused, the better you progress through the corporate ladder. More attention means more jobs done in less time. More focus means there are fewer faults in your production. Exercise triggers all the necessary hormones and neurotransmitters needed for minute work. 

3. You’ll feel a knack for work

Yeah, that’s right! It might sound uncanny, but you’ll feel like working: 

“Yeah, baby, bring it to me, and I’m gonna tackle it today.” type, you know.

All of it is wired with dopamine, you know. You have a decent peg of dopamine in your brains, and you’re the “good job” man for the day. Dopaminergic people can’t even stop working even if they want to. It feels so good to work! The thing is, workout boosts dopamine like nothing else does.

4. You will feel less stressed at work

Aaah! Stress, that bust**rd! It always impairs us right before the most relevant job is done. More importantly, we look grumpy right before we are reporting our progress. It’s natural. You’re tired of work. The good news is, we can overcome.

According to scientific studies, people who exercise regularly feel more energized at work and can endure more hours without experiencing fatigue.

5. Burn more fat

This is something we all know, and we all take for granted.

There are lots of expert opinions about the benefits and losses of exercise with an empty stomach. Training in the morning can burn more than 20% extra fat from our body. 

6. You will start the day with a good mood

Who correlates a happy face with workout? None of us do. Nevertheless, it’s backed by research. It’s instead a well-known fact for decades. 

Even if you wake up with a lot of disgust, exercising in the morning will make you release endorphins so that you are smiling all day.

Now now, who does not know the benefits of a kind face at work? It seems like everybody loves a happy coworker and pushes him (or her) ahead.  

7. We have more energy in the morning than in the afternoon

After a good night’s rest, we will have the batteries much more charged than at the end of the work day’s afternoon.

8. Morning gymmers feel fresh while they’re awake

Yup. That’s how it works. I’ve seen it for months. When I’m with the habit, I fully wake up right after my eyes are open. I can do anything at that very moment. I don’t need to lie there for five more minutes, I don’t feel like waking up- I just wake up. Ready to leave the bed, ready to rock and roll- all at once. 

And that’s because your body rejuvenates the most while you’re sleeping if you regularly exercise.

9. You’re so flexible right away

I mean, exercise anytime, it will keep you flexible. What’s so special about the morn? Well, after you’ve got a night-long sleep, you always need to re-flex your body. If you do it in the afternoon, you’re missing a good portion of your productive day’s flexibility.

10. You feel fulfilled

It’s not a sense of happiness. It’s not a sense of achievement. It can instead be described as the feeling of ‘content.’

I felt so, you’ve felt so, but we don’t notice it. Morning workout always gives a sense of fulfillment all day long. This feeling comes from within. Maybe there’s a certain recipe for hormonal balance achieved by morn activities.

11. After exercise, healthy food feels more appetizing for the rest of the day

Yet another barely noticed the phenomenon. Whenever I do it for days, I tend to avoid fried, burnt, processed, packed, preserved, colored, salted, sweetened, flavored, and fatty food altogether. Somehow I find myself more inclined towards green vegetables.

I don’t know, but I feel it’s not about a ‘moral standpoint’. It’s not like you’ll think ‘I will not eat unhealthy meals as I’m doing some rigorous physical training.’ Instead, you’ll find healthy food tastier and more attractive. 

Maybe it’s connected to your natural needs. You know, we feel like drinking water mostly because we are thirsty. We feel like eating something mostly because our stomachs are empty. Similarly, we feel like eating healthy greens, corn, beans, eggs, and plain meat once our body needs them to make up the lost energy.

12. It’s going to be water instead of other drinks   

Similarly, you’ll drink a hell lot of plain water for hours, which naturally will keep yourself away from all the bottled unhealthy drinks found out there.

13. Goodbye, small meals

Small, ‘fast-food’ meals do the most damage, right?

As we said earlier, healthy food will be much more delicious, and you’ll be far more hungry.

Remember those fatty slow days when you used to eat something every other hour of the day? Why did you eat something every two or three hours? That’s because there’s no big hunger, as there’s no big loss of energy. Once you lose power in the beginning of the day, you eat more. They take more time to digest. You only end up eating at lunchtime and consequently consume more than usual, which leads to a significant dinner.

As a result, you’ll have three meals a day, which is healthy as hell. 

14. Even the coffee tastes good and works better 

Morning coffee can improve the performance of your physical training.

Scientific studies carried out on this subject suggest that caffeine consumption before exercise promotes speed, endurance, and quality of activity in general. Moreover, caffeine also helps burn calories until the end of the practice.

15. It helps you to make better decisions

We already have said that morning workout helps you savor a sumptuous breakfast. Some studies prove that having a better breakfast in the morning helps us make better decisions throughout the day. 

Adding more to it, exercise boosts cognitive abilities, which in turn helps you towards decision making.

16. No more mood swing; more and more stable thought

Mood swing can be a killer- at least a job-killer. Erase your mood switching problems, and you’re good to go. Morning exercise has proven to be of great use here, as well. 

17. You will not have anything to fear for the rest of the day

Since things can only get better … No more sweat, or fatigue, or redness, or climbing up the hills. You’ve done it early in the morning. 

Exercise in the morning is the perfect way to stay fit and burn calories. At first, it may seem tiring, but you immediately realize how much better it feels to exercise in the morning and not in the evening. You will feel lighter during the rest of the day, and you will have an extra charge and more.


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