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About Team ShoeAsk


Welcome to the world of next level honest footwear review, comparison, analysis, answers, tips and tricks. Team ShoeAsk is a little squad dreaming big currently working from home. We’re free from anything and happy with everything.

We, the end users need something to wear every now and then. There are very few clear evaluations and guides on this important segment. The team felt the need; a clear guide to pairs.

Let us go through the basic questions first:

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Why is there?

Believing in actual values, we thought there’s a gap. We are passionate, we love boots and shoes. The team thought, maybe, passion and profession can meet somewhere around this corner.

The team comes forward to provide vast comparisons and minute reviews so that users like us can pick the right pair.

How do we define `honest analysis and best suggestions’?


we would not push something for the sake of referral earnings. You are not going to buy the unnecessary products. Yes, we get excited by the features, that’s merely enthusiasm. The team would not hide something.

Honesty costs a lot of effort, we break every aspect down and analyze with a lot of data on hand.

Do we promote or represent any particular brand or product?


We may have affiliation with certain authorities but we are not biased by or bound to any brand, company or organization whatsoever.

Yes we do analyze and evaluate shoes and boots from a number of brands, thus putting one product over another and one brand over others- and we do this with honesty.

Do we accept free products, review samples or promotional money?

We can’t do that. Let us explain why:

Free pairs of shoes or boots (which are called giveaways) come at a cost. If we accept money or `sample’ products, we would tend to promote that particular brand over others. We are certain of that. Our professional ethics say, ShoeAsk cannot become a mere advertising platform.

If ShoeAsk somehow ends up doing so, the readers would see another biased piece of content. How would we provide best data being representatives? There will be no way to compare with honesty.

Then how do we keep it rolling?

For now, there is next to no influx.

We have an affiliation to associate program and we have a plan to start affiliation with certain sites. Nonetheless, THAT would not change the way Team ShoeAsk works. We will keep the unbiased analysis.

What if we have an information which is not right?

Just let us know, we will fix it. Fixing analysis is something our team like to do.

And what if you want to see a review, comparison or even a definitive answer?

Let us know in the comment section or shoot us a mail. It would not take long.

How can you help us in this good initiative?

In a number of ways:

The first one is very basic, let the people related to you get our analysis. Why don’t you share our articles in the social sites like facebook, twitter, pinterest or reddit? Sharing this on a relevant group would help us so much. Maybe mentioning us in trusted places will do the big favor.

Are you a writer? A shoe seller or a boot enthusiast? Writing for us would be great!

That’s all for now folks. We will be adding more info as the site grows.