[19 Variants] Ariat Workhog Pull-on H2O Work Boots Review 2021


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A bit uncertain, which Ariat Workhog Pull-on H2O Boot to choose? 

Well, we were too. (It’s a hell of a review. Encourage us: comment, share, subscribe to our notification; we’ll be churning out this kind of analysis.)

Ariat is excellent. A dream boot brand for work, especially for farmhouses or ranches. They are the ‘Apple/iPhone’ of pull-on boots.

“Good durable boot when standing on YOUR feet 10 to 12 hours a day.”

 Let us guide you through so you can correctly decide which one (and why) to pick: 

  • Ariat has 57 Workhog boots. 
  • H2O? Well, 170 products in total. 
  • They have 23 Workhog H20 boots. Among them, 19 are pull-ons. These 19 are our focus here.

Variants and Features: 19 Pull-on Workhog H2O Boots 

Which one’s for you? Why?

Features Common in all Workhog H2O

Let’s look at the features present in all 19 Workhog Pull-on H2O Boots:

  1. Waterproof Pro™ construction means- forget about getting messed up with water and mud.
  2. Goodyear® welt construction gives you the best sturdiness and ensured durability.
  3. DuratreadTM outsole for maximum wear resistance. These are highly abrasion-immune as well as oil- and slip-resisting. 
  4. The outsoles are sort of self-cleaning, non-tracking.
  5. Full-grain leather ensures that you get the toughest leather for the best wear-period.
  6. ATS® Max technology for stability, support and foot-fatigue reduction. This feature helps you keep proper body alignment.
  7. Cushioning EVA midsole maximizes comfort by provides excellent all-around comfort and reduces foot fatigue.
  8. Ariat describes their put-on system as “revolutionary U-Turn Entry System®,” which allows easy entry with a true fit regardless of foot shape.
  9. Nearly all of them feature a six- or four-row stitch pattern with embroidery, which is classic and somewhat useful for durability.
  10. The 90-degree heel makes sure you stay straight everywhere.
  11. The mesh lining ensures breath-ability and lightweight. 
  12. Wide toe box provides ample wiggle room for your toes.
  13. Toe shape proper, slip-resistant and anti-fatigue
  14. Lightweight for wellingtons.

“Comfortable and easy to pull off and on. His construction job causes them to be put to the test in wet, or dusty conditions. This is his fourth pair of this Brand, so they must be good because he doesn’t like to buy junk!”

8 Workhog H2O boots featuring composite toes 

[There are more comp toe boots below]

Bruin Brown 11″ Square Toe Workhog H2O

Rust Mesteno Square Toe EH Workhog H2O

Oily Distressed Brown 11″ Square Toe Workhog H2O

Bruin Brown Round Toe Workhog H2O

Dark Copper Round Toe Workhog H2O

Aged Bark Round Toe Workhog H2O

Rugged Bark Round Toe EH Protective Heel Workhog H2O

Dark Copper Square Toe CSA EH Workhog H2O (Puncture-resistant, metal-free SWEN-FLEX® insole board)

Composite toe or Normal toe both available [4]

Aged Bark Army Green Round Toe EH Workhog H2O

Rye Brown 400g Square Toe EH Workhog H2O

Steel toe or soft toe both available (All EH) [6]

Light Bruin Brown Square Toe Workhog H2O

Deep Bruin Brown Square Toe Workhog H2O

Aged Bark Topaz Round Toe 9″ Workhog H2O

Safety cap or soft toe both available (All EH ) [4]

Oily Distressed Brown Square Toe Workhog H2O

Aged Bark Round Toe Workhog H2O

One internal XRD Metatarsal guard

Bruin Brown Square Comp Toe Workhog H2O

In-Depth Review and Analysis of Ariat Workhog Pull-on H2O Boots

Remarks & Suggestions

This brand, Ariat primarily deals with western-style boots. Whether you call them pull-ons, wellingtons, riggers, western or cowboy boots- Ariat has appropriately set the target. They’re executing it very well. It’s simple; they want to remain the baddest in the industry. User satisfaction reflects that, as well. They’re on amazon.com from 2009, and since then, they’ve got a sizeable reputation. They mostly make these in China, and who cares as long as they’re serving like two tanks? You can rely on them.

Better for

Work, yes, if your work suits wellington, they’re for you.

HVAC, construction, oil rigs, gas pipelines, ranches, farmhouses, warehouses, small jobs, lighter work around the home, work outside, walk, casual wear, working and standing on ladders. You’ll be surprised- athletes, riders, hikers, and competitors use them. 

User, Expert & Trade Recognition


MANY users working in the toughest of conditions saying:

“This is my third pair.”

  • “These Boots are just what the Dr. ordered. I am on my feet 12 – 16 hours a day out on the pipelines and oilfields, these boots are great!” 
  • “I did a lot of looking for a good waterproof, solid work boot that I could wear all day and unlevel surfaces. I have been very happy now after 3 months of daily use. I don’t feel any issues or fatigue and it supports my arch and ankle very well and they truly handle water perfectly. I originally was going to look at some of the other brands like Red Wing and now after having both, I am so happy with these.”

There are tons of expert opinions quoted all over this post. We better move on…

Price vs. Durability


Exactly how long a pair will stand out? ShoeAsk is here for the best evaluation for every brand and series.

Ariat’s first priorities include durability:

“You will get at least 2-3 years before they start losing excellent properties. It is common to use them after that period. And usually not less than two years.”

If you are cautious and lucky enough? Count on them for up to 7 years of regular usage.

How reliable are the materials?

“Never had a stitch pull or anything tear, Just wear them out, I did stray to a pair of competitor’s brand, but they didn’t last as long.”



Perfectly comfortable to be exact:

“Very comfortable like having pillows under your feet. I work on a barge and am on my feet for 10-12 hours a day, no problem now. Also, they are completely waterproof.”  

Huge boots need excellent stability to ensure comfort, and Ariat is well aware of that. 

Their outsole, stability chassis, anatomical balance, standard comfy insole, flexible full-grain leather, engineered wear-system, a perfect fit ensures the magic of comfort.

You will find them broken in out of the package.

Whether you are going to stand and walk all day long on concrete, asphalt, pavement, bare ground, mud or grass- Ariat rocks:

“Very little break in, felt great, I wear them about 13-14 hours a day. well made, and very comfortable.” 

Water, Chemical & Spill Proof


Whether it is snow, rain, mud, oil, or usual chemicals all around you, these are reliable.

As a user explains:

“I have worn these boots through torrential rains, and my feet always remain dry.”

There is one thing to consider, though, don’t test them by dipping into the water for a long time. That may make them soak water. These are waterproof but not meant to be used `underwater’ you know.

Slip-, Oil- and Abrasion-Resistance


I’ve said it all in the previous sections. They’re fabulous when it comes to skid resistance! DuratreadTM is oil and abrasion-resistant as well.

Toe Box & Safety


You’re free to choose from composite toes, steel toes, metatarsal guard or protective soft toe boots.

The part from the arches to my toes was spot on, not too tight or too lose.

Awesome toe box, a solid, wiggly one.

He even cuts a boot and shows what’s inside!

Break-in Time & Fitting


It’s simple; you need not worry about the break-in time. It’s hardly three days if you’re not good with them on the very first day. They fit very well over time. U-Turn Entry System® works here:

“Fit right every time, and are extremely comfortable for me to be in them in the construction field 8-12hrs a day, and hold up to the harsh conditions I’m in every day.”

Electrical Hazard


Most of these footwear are EH rated; there are a few non-EH, so that you can go the other way. Overall, no worries for electrical shocks and stuff.

Fashion & Presentable


Come on! It’s Ariat! They’re meant to look awe-inspiring.

Breathable & Insulation


Here’s the deal: cowboy boots are never very breathable. Moreover, a waterproof pair always permits less air. Your feet might sweat a little in this type of hardware. They’re just more breathable while compared to other wellingtons.

They have very thin insulation, which makes sense. Pull-ons cover more, so, they need less insulation. Over-insulation will turn the boots chunky, heavy, and hard to walk. These have what you need.

Leather, Upper, Lace & Heel


Who does not use full-grain leather? Amongst the full-grain brands, Ariat’s leather is one of the very best. Workhog uppers will not fall apart even if you misuse them for two years and make the soles rip apart- that’s how efficient they are! There’s no lace, of course. Now, moving towards the 90-degree heel:

  • “ATS Max platform provides maximum torsional stability for reduction of foot fatigue and proper body alignment.”
  • “They are perfect right out of the box with no uncomfortable rubbing around the heel of the boot.”

The heel area is a bit wider, which makes sense. 

Tongue, Collar & Weight


These are no doubt lightweight for safety toe wellingtons. These are solid, loaded with features, stable, and yet light enough for pull-ons. That’s because they are using composite toes instead of steel toes, very thin insulation, and robust yet lighter materials throughout the boots.

They’re padded with lots of cushions.

Insole, Midsole, Shank & Arch Support


This is another sector where Ariat specializes. I’ve written it in detail. 

“The heels and soles are designed for traction and are perfect for safe motorcycle riding.”

ATS® Max technology is their backbone of lower parts where cushioning EVA midsole, stable shank, and proper medium arch support is provided.

Outsole, Construction & Sewing


Rubber Duratread outsole is self-cleaning and non-marking. It’s more on the harder side, which is desirable for support. The minimal yet sturdy stitching enables you to move and bend. Goodyear® welt construction design. Resoleable boots are always awesome. 

Anti-odor & Cleanable


Uppers: easy to clean. 

Outsole: kind of self-cleaning.

“Needed to be cleaned with soap and water, and they remained mostly dry.” 

There’s no anti-bacterial treatment as far as we’re concerned. 

“If you take care of your feet, they will take care of you. The same with your boots cleaned & waterproofed regularly, they will give you many years of service.”

Warranty, Return & Post Purchase Service Policy


They have a whopping 12-month warranty which is unbelievable, but you need to read the following as well:

“Ariat guarantees all of its products to be free of defects in materials and workmanship. We firmly stand behind everything we produce. This, however, is not a guarantee against normal wear and tear. Nor does it apply to product that has been damaged by misuse, accident, modification or unauthorized repair.”

Another sweet point: They have a link to register a warranty.

Brand Faith


There’s something people keep saying:

“I’ll never buy any other kind.” 

I don’t think we should say anything about their brand; they are the finest in the world when it comes to big boots.

Special & Uncommon Features


Fantastic aspects! There are over a dozen features already described. 



“I recommend ordering in your proper size and not worrying that the boot will feel looser than your shoes do.”

Editor’s Boost


It’s a no-brainer to give full 5 points.

Workhogs are:

“Excellant, comfortable, feels great, looks great, can wear them all day.”

“They are very durable, good quality, true to size, great looking boot, keeps his feet dry, and he loves them!!”

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There’s the last line I wish to quote:

“This is my second pair of this particular boot. I wear these boots everyday for work in mud, dirt, and wet conditions. The nature of my job is extremely hard on a pair of boots.”

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