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Ask Dr. Strange: Isn’t Meditation A Waste of Time?




(Don’t miss Grow your Brains and Intellect part. You will not regret if you miss though. As you would not know!)

Is sleeping or eating a waste of time? No. Meditation is as necessary as sleeping. Thankfully, we must not meditate to live or even succeed; we can go on without meditating. There were scores of successful, happy, healthy and popular people who lived their lives without meditation. However, each of them could be more successful in their sectors if they could meditate. That’s all.

You meditate for 30-60 minutes a day so that you can utilize the rest. 30 minutes a day can increase your productivity, happiness, popularity and joy. It can fix your relations and inhibit your bad bad emotions. I’ve seen 2x to 10x productivity (i.e. money) and even more enjoyment.

Contemplation is the best investment of your time. There’s absolutely nothing like meditation.

Quoting Dr. Strange the Movie and Where You Need to Really Be

Dr. Strange: I spent my last dollar getting here. One way ticket… and you are talking to me about healing through belief?

The Old Wise One: You’re a man looking at the world through a keyhole. You’ve spent your whole life trying to widen that keyhole to see more, to know more and now on hearing that it can be widened in ways you can’t imagine you reject the possibility?

It’s amazing what happened right now.  

I had been writing these ‘offline articles’ for days as my internet service provider sucks. I started writing this one on meditation and already had written 500 words. There were some movies saved in the hard drive. I took a break and started watching them.

Earlier, I did not like Dr. Strange the movie that much although I am a meditation enthusiast for decades.

Now that I started watching that movie again, I started enjoying that and all of a sudden in the 27th minute, I was like, blow me away! This should be quoted into the meditation article I’m currently writing.

Do you know what is bad about these movies? They make a great thing, meditation seem like mythical or magical stinking fantasy. Maybe that’s why I did not like Dr. Strange at first.

Meditation itself is no fantasy (yet you can do a lot of fantasies in there if you wish. I did a lot.) And what The Old Wise One said there is true (at least the keyhole thing). Clear your slate and read on. I can’t say what meditation can do. Only because you would think I was nuts. I cannot risk that!  

Be Aware of Loopholes


Cults are the last thing you would like to face. For eons, cults use meditation to enslave people mentally. They rather incorporate brainwashing techniques into meditation.  

Excessive Dependency

Don’t regularly meditate for more than twice a day and you’re good. However, if you are learning to contemplate, you can do that several times daily for a few days.

Bad or Inappropriate Meditation

There are people all around us coming up with non-functional and stinky meditation. You will know what it takes to be good meditation as I explain that later.


Meditation is one of the oldest things people do. Right after sleeping and eating old timers learned to benefit themselves and train their brains with meditation. Maybe even before all of them talked. As civilizations evolved, cultures flourished and religions got established, meditation accumulated myths. Shrug off myths like Dr. Strange and you will not believe yourself en route to discovering the impossible.

Don’t Be Speculative and Negative

It’s the last thing you would want to do. You don’t know what meditation can do. Or, better, you can’t be sure what else can meditation do. Meditation can benefit you in THOUSANDS of ways. Or even more. Be a wiped slate before running into this and it will be impossible to calculate all of the benefits. You can surely get 200 or 300 benefits of Meditation all over the internet. I’ve literally spent hundreds of hours studying those benefits. I’ve spent thousands of hours meditating. Can meditation give you a third eye? Well, it can get you the fourth and fifth ones. Just don’t be hasty. Most of us don’t want and don’t need additional ‘eyes’. You need Meditation only because you need to live stronger and longer being successful in strange situations and impossible circumstances.  

Daily Life Benefits of Meditation

You Better Cover Your Regular Joe and Jane Needs with Meditation

Strengthen Your Body and Heal Faster from Daily Wear and Tear

Every day, our bodies face numerous wear and tear- just like a piece of cloth or a pair of shoes. Or even, more than those things. Our bodies heal and try to go to the normal or even the ideal state every night we sleep, every time we take a break and rest. Meditation makes the process immensely faster and it triggers all of the processes and channels. It will slow down the process of aging. It can reverse your body clock and your biological age may reduce (you can literally grow younger even in the organs and cellular level. However, let us leave it here and let’s deal with the regular demands.)  You know, daily wear and tear, stress and anxiety make you grow old.

Try this video clip:

Kill your Stress and Anxiety

Stress and anxiety kills you slowly like slow poisoning. Go search for stress and anxiety and know how they do it to you. Doctors, researchers, PhDs and post doc professors are screaming all over the internet. Stress and anxiety kills everybody by-

  • unlocking badass genes,
  • secreting foul hormones,
  • depriving cells off energy,
  • accumulating toxins,
  • limiting oxygen consumption,
  • inhibiting rapid or proper digestion,
  • getting you pissed off and
  • taking away hope.

Surely, steadily. Kill them with meditation before they succeed in killing you. You can hibernate them for some time. You can kill them forever by maintaining meditation. Let’s die at a proper age after maintaining sound health as there’s no other way. Let’s not breakdown before it’s time to go.

Do Professional Work Effortlessly and Rise through Ranks and Opportunities

That’s what you need, don’t you? Professional advancement is so complex that you can’t calculate every function and their effects. So, you end up losing opportunities and progress. Or maybe even end up getting pissed off. Meditation instead sets you into a state where by default you will keep doing the best things for years without even knowing which brings us into the next phase-

Train Your Body and Mind the Impossible Way

I was 16 back then and that’s when I started meditation for the very first time. It was an awesome book. The very best and most useful book I’ve ever read. The first book I would recommend to anyone. If I had the power, I would have included that book into every nation’s school curriculum. (Partly because the writer was more than awesome).

I can’t refer that book as it was not in English. However, I started meditating and I started getting up whenever I wanted to. Take this, I thought I will wake up at 3:58:58 in the morning. I woke up no matter when I went to sleep. I woke up at that exact second or upto three seconds earlier. Fresh as an uncut bunch of roses in the garden. Whatever the time was, whenever I wanted- for months. Please don’t limit this. Meditation will not turn you into a mere alarm clock. It’s less that 0.1% of what you can do with your mind and body with the help of meditation. You get the idea.

Gain a Killer Mindset

Okay, not a killer. You do not want to be a killer. Whatever you think of doing, meditation will make you do that. It will make your willpower as strong as carbon nanotubes (300x stronger than reinforced steel you know!)

Gain Happiness and Turn Personal Relations into Heavens Effortlessly

Precisely. I can’t explain every cause and effect in here. Let me put it another way- I’ve seen many meditation guys roaming like war-winning nation-saving patriot kings. People do not know that they are fierce meditators. Wherever they go, people adore them, prioritize them, believe in them and you find other words to fill the gaps. I’ve seen people meditating for a long time and gaining these features and leaving meditation for months or years and then… hear the plane crashing into icy mountaintops? Harsh, cannibal loneliness ahead (please! I did not know of anyone turning into cannibals after leaving meditation!).

Grow your Brains and Intellect

Yeah, that’s exactly what I mean. Meditation will-

  • grow the grey matter of your brains,
  • and the white matter,
  • BDNF (brain fertilizers),
  • neurotransmitters,
  • the amount of synapse,
  • connections between the brain/nerve sells (neurons).
  • It will increase blood flow into the brain (not in a stroke way!),
  • activate the less active areas,
  • strengthen and widen the blood vessels in the brain,
  • shrink the unhappy areas,
  • reshape brain with the help of neuroplasticity,
  • convey more and more good triggering fluids and nutrients,
  • decrease the brain shrinking process (it happens from right before the third decade of your life)

– anything else you would like to have? Oh, don’t forget to do some aerobics with proper warm up and stretching lately.

Kill the Slightest of Harmful Habits and Deeds Subconsciously

Yup. Subconsciously, as if you don’t even know that you are avoiding bad things. Grow an extra pair of noses so that you can sniff pitfalls a mile away. That’s how your meditation saves you from bad things. It also kills your appetite and desire for bad things as if they don’t appeal anyways.

This is another write up which I did without the help of logging into the internet. I like it this way. I like to let things flow and l like to see you smiling. Ever seen a mid-aged woman, as content as impossible, smiling at anything with great selfless passion? I’ve seen many mothers that way. I am a male and I want to die being as happy and fulfill as they look.



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