9 Best Cleaning & Polishing Kits for Shoes, Sneakers and Boots (& what not to buy)


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Shoe cleaning kit is kind of vague term. The idea is clear- buy a bundle so you can take care of your footwear. The problem arises when your boot needs one kind of package while your mesh shoe needs an utterly different one. This way, it includes (as effectively as excludes) a wide variety of products. Yet, I’m pretty sure you’ll get what you need from this article. Just keep an eye on the options and classifications.

Refreshed Complete Shoe Cleaning Kit

Best overall 

Is it a complete solution?

“Cleans and conditions casual shoes, sneakers, leather shoes, nubuck, nylon, boots, sports shoes, high-tops, low tops, flip-flops, sandals and more.”

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And they say, it’s even useful for suede!

What’s Included

  • 2 Cleaner & conditioner
  • Repellent
  • Touch-up 
  • Brush
He knows how to do it with Refreshed Kit and he does it to a number of pairs.


  1. Can you imagine this one package can take care of your suede, leather, and cloth-based footwear? (Best for mesh and knit based shoes).
  2. Amazon’s choice
  3. There are loyal, repeat buyers.
  4. They have a patented non-toxic formula. Earth-friendly and completely safe as they officially state.
  5. It can remove tough stains from nearly anything you can imagine, at least partially. 
  6. They’re good enough for oily substances such as grease or tar. Your work shoes are more likely to get such things.
  7. Not a new brand. They are trusted over time.
  8. You can expect extra glow, extra shine.
  9. They come sealed. It’s a common problem with canned products being shipped. They tend to leak and spill. Many loyal, old users had said that they always get it right.

“Hands down, the best shoe cleaner out there. The brush lasts, the solution scrubs dirt off of all shoes at such a high level.”

Tips and Cautions

  1. The touch up is WHITE. It’s color. Don’t use it on any other color.
  2. For leather, don’t apply water; the cleaning solution is exceptional. Do nothing like a wash.
  3. For soft/pricey leather, you can utilize water and stain repellent to clean.
  4. For cloth-based shoes, use at least half water.
  5. The cleaner and conditioner is a clear liquid with a slight yellowish tint. Water repellent has a little bluish tint.
  6. These are gentle and soft, so it will take some extra efforts to clean hard stains. You can dip the brush into warm water before you apply the cleaner.
  7. Store in a cool and dry place. It would not expire.
  8. Water repellent works effectively if you’ve dried the shoe completely. Be sure you’ve cleaned it before using water resisting elements.

“Have used the product before, but it still amazes me how my shoes look.”


  • They’re kind of expensive.
  • No-refund policy. It’s terrible in this age.
  • For suede, be more cautious (every con starts with suede). Yes, they claim that they can clean suede, and it will not harm you. Yes, people had done it and are happy. But there are some bitter experiences as well.
  • The brush bristles are not soft. Be cautious with knit based shoes. You better buy a soft bristle brush instead.
  • There are some terrible questions about customer service.

MAXIMILIAN Deluxe Shoe Care Kit

Best for pricey leather shoes and boots

You know why Maximilian is giving a lifetime warranty? Partly because their horsehair brush bristles don’t fall off over time– which is huge! Moreover, they look fantastic, and when you touch the bristles, you feel fantastic. But what about the polish? Top-notch and they don’t get dry over weeks. Another reason behind the unique warranty policy- after a couple of months, you will feel like they’re worth the money.

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A user said some kind words:

“- This is better than the stuff at the store. I’ve used Kiwi and other various brands of the years, and this is better. Much better.

– It comes with high-end brushes and applicators.”

And that’s all about giving them a place here.

What the Kit Has

  1. 2 Applicator brush
  2. Horsehair brush (solid wood and genuine horsehair, soft)
  3. Black polish
  4. Neutral polish (transparent)
  5. Shoehorn (wooden)
  6. Buffing cloth (durable)
  7. High-quality stainless steel case


  1. Lifetime warranty, they have a 100% money-back policy.
  2. Amazon’s choice.
  3. Compact; you’re not getting a massive container.
  4. The tools are not ugly.
  5. And they are convenient, easy to operate and hold.
  6. You can gain suitable water-resistant.
  7. Polish is the main product, right? Yes, those waxy substances are of outstanding quality.
  8. Unlike the usual ones, the polish in the tin does not dry out over time, which is unexpected and huge!
  9. Semi-solid polish is usually better than these spray cans and liquid ones.
  10. You can easily use them to shine old, torn-looking boots and shoes. People have done it. You might say it’s Max’s specialty. 
  11. Suitable for formal dress-up, travelers, executives, military or police personnel. 
  12. They especially praise Maximilian for dress shoes.
  13. Perfectly unisex, sufficient for men and women.
  14. Simply good box.
  15. Best as a gift. Why? They look high end, and they serve for a long time. So, the package satisfies the user at first glance and then again, it pleases in the long run. 
  16. Great as a gift for fathers.
  17. Aren’t they pretty inexpensive if you consider all the pros? 


  • Not for anything but leather. Not for canvas or things like that.
  • It’s not all-natural. There are natural ingredients as well as synthetic ones.
  • Semi-solid polish usually takes a little more time to get the shining job done.
  • The smooth polish is more on the wet/sticky side. They don’t dry pretty quick. It’s perfect for old footwear, as it softens the leather and prevents more cracking. 
  • However, if you have a pair of new shoes or boots, you might need to apply less material to shine appropriately and to get the shoes properly dry within a short time. Again, it’s a wonderful thing, as fewer works like more in this case.

Reshoevn8r 4 oz. 3 Brush Shoe Cleaning Kit – All-Natural Solution

Best for priced knit based shoes

“cleans everything you could think of.”

Do you have specially priced shoes? Are you worried about what to use for them? The search is over.

Shop now on amazon

“The brushes that come with this product are honestly pretty good. You can employ them with any material and won’t damage it as long as your using the right brush.”

What the Kit Has

  1. Advanced Shoe Cleaning Solution
  2. Soft hog bristle premium brush (For Suede, Flyknit, Primeknit, Nubuck, Mesh, Premium Leather, and Shoe Laces)
  3. Medium bristle brush (For leather, nubuck, plastic, and rubber)
  4. Stiff bristle brush (For: Obviously, for the sole)


Need even deeper cleaning? Go for their “Laundry System.” It’s listed below as the next kit.


  1. Amazon’s choice
  2. All-natural ingredients. 100% is a satisfying percentage. 
  3. Nature has toxins; it doesn’t.
  4. Suitable/safe for most materials.
  5. Advanced cleaning solution.
  6. It acts as a conditioner, as carefully.
  7. The brushes are good enough. 
  8. Bristles don’t fall apart.
  9. Stylish packing; stylish brushes.
  10. These 4oz cans do not finish soon- impressive, isn’t it? Use the little canister for 50 times or so.
  11. Gentle cleaner, low foaming.
  12. Good for quick cleaning.
  13. No dye whatsoever.
  14. “Prevents further staining during cleaning,” as they say.
  15. Push and play cap makes it easy.

Some Important Answers

Yes, Reshoevn8r is popular when it comes to restoration.

Which one is the brush for delicate mesh/fiber/knit shoes?

The soft one, obviously.

Which one is the all-purpose brush?

It is safe to say- the soft brush. But the real all-purpose one is medium bristle brush.

Do these work softly with delicate and pricey mesh/knit/canvas/cloth shoes? 

For athletic shoes, yes.

Nmd, yeezy, ultra boost, Nike Lunar glide, vans, under armour bandit, air max, aqua, jordan, prime knit, flyknit, air trainer, alpha bounce- you name it. 

Will the pack clean boots as well?


What about white shoes?

You’ll be satisfied. Don’t expect magic, and there are permanent damages and discolorations. 


  • As always, be cautious with suede.
  • Some users thought they were hyped and overrated. It’s okay, just don’t expect it to do the impossible.
  • You already know that the cleaner has 100% natural ingredients. It won’t clean like harsh chemicals. If you need more, get their Laundry System Cleaning Kit. For harsh cleaning, you might consider chemical-based cleaners. Having said that, this is more than impressive for natural products.
  • A few packages went wrong, leaking and spilling might happen. 
  • The package should have been stronger.

Reshoevn8r Laundry System Cleaning Kit (2 shoes)

Did you like the Reshoevn8r three brush package (the previous one)? Need deeper cleaning? It’s for you. It has everything the previous one had. And something more.

What’s More

  1. Everything the previous package had, and,
  2. 2 Patented sneaker laundry bags
  3. 2 pairs of adjustable shoe trees
  4. Microfiber towel

Combat Cleaner Ultimate Shoe Cleaner Kit

Best for things like work boots and shoes

Give some time, be gentle, and it will do the due.

This package is not that much of eye candy, and yet Combat Cleaner is here. Why? Are you a rough user? Do you wear work boots, shoes, or do you put a lot of stress on your athletic shoes? 

You need something rough and tough.

Combat Cleaner fights- as you might expect. These three separate containers clean, deodorize, and finally strengthen your footwear’s longevity.

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“I had some stains that other cleaner didn’t get out; this cleaner ended up getting it out. Not sure if it was grease, though. Great cleaner!”

What’s included in the kit

  1. Shoe Cleaner 4oz
  2. Deodorizer Spray 4oz 
  3. Shoe Shield 4oz
  4. Brush


  1. ShoeAsk editor’s choice.
  2. Amazon’s choice.
  3. Simply better than most of the products.
  4. They have a 100% money-back guarantee.
  5. Combat Cleaner removes dirt and stain,
  6. Eliminates odor as well as harmful bacteria,
  7. Resists water and oil; thus, they’re- 
  8. Great for work boots and shoes.
  9. They can remove hard stains. It will take efforts, and it will eventually work.
  10. Comparatively safe on leather.
  11. “It is made with safe ingredients and ZERO dangerous chemicals or additives,” as they claim.


  • Not for suede or converse per se, at least, not if you are not cautious while cleaning.
  • The brush is nothing fancy. It could have been stronger, and it should have been. The brush has stiff bristles, somewhat appropriate for sturdy boots and shoes, not suitable for fabric or suede. Again, about the brush- it has a small handle.
  • Don’t try to “waterproof” with this kit; it’s not for waterproofing; it can resist water and oil to some extent.
  • These do an excellent job but don’t expect magical cleaning. 
  • You can use them on fabric, mesh and things like flyknit, just be cautious when you run the brush. You might end up ruining your converse and stuff like that. You need softer products.
  • The sprays have some strong odor.
  • The containers could be of better quality. All the bottles should come with a spray nozzle. 
  • The design on the bottle could be more convincing.

Alloda Shoe Cleaning Kit- Cleaner, Shoe whitener and brush 

Best low priced, high-quality product

They’re inexpensive, but they’re nothing like cheap products. People are more than happy with this pack.

What the Kit Has

  1. Shoe cleaner
  2. Shoe polish (white)
  3. Double brush
  4. Cleaning towel
  5. Bag


  1. A quality product for a little money.
  2. Free from the dye. A big relief.
  3. No harsh elements used. Don’t damage your shoes.
  4. Biodegradable. Good for the environment and health.
  5. Works on leather (full-grain, nubuck, suede) as closely as non-leather (mesh, cotton, nylon, vinyl) shoes and boots.
  6. Good for 25-35 pairs.
  7. They have sponge applicators.
  8. Fragrant. There’s no bad odor.
  9. A quality gift.
  10. Small package.
  11. Quality brush.
  12. Happy users are recommending and promising to repurchase them. 


We don’t say there’s no problem. Every product has. We have got 30 reviews and none of those had a bad review.

Kiwi Shoe Shine Kit, Black

Best starter/basic/low priced package for black shoes

Kiwi does not need an introduction. They’re the best-selling shoe polish brand. Suitable for ANY black leather footwear- from military boots to women’s high heels.

“It’s o.k. Works o.k. Pricing o.k. Would have been better if they would ship in 2 colors as opposed to 2 containers of black.”

check it on amazon.com

What the Kit Has

  1. 2 Tins of classic KIWI shoe polish 
  2. Classic 100% Horsehair brush
  3. Dauber
  4. Shine cloth 


  1. Amazon’s choice
  2. The world’s No. 1 Selling Classic Polish for leather shoes
  3. Manufactured in the USA
  4. Good pricing
  5. Carnauba wax is good enough for shine, softening and a bit of protection.
  6. Works with all high gloss shoes including tuxedo.
  7. You can spend it on any black leather that needs shine and care. It’s that simple.
  8. The standard 6” + Kiwi brush is handy. You need not clean the brush frequently.
  9. It’s compact and small, suitable for travel.
  10. Overall, good starter/basic kit, not a pro one.

Some Common Things (Just in Case)

  • Polish is not for suede or faux.
  • While using any shoe polish, make sure you buff well.
  • We do not recommend wax polish for patent leather.
  • Kiwi and most other polish dry out if you keep the lid on.
  • Classic shoe polish does not give you a mirror-like shine. You’ll get the job done, it takes some experience and a little effort. You might want to add some water in the final touch.


  • This package is inexpensive, so Kiwi didn’t include top-notch quality tools. 
  • Bristles might fall apart.
  • The brush is neat; you might want a bigger one.
  • No return or refund.
  • The cloth could have been stronger.
  • They could have included one brown wax tin.
  • Kiwi could have included a manual.

Jason Markk Premium Shoe Cleaner Solution and Brush 

A constant best-seller

Just don’t compare it with detergent and stuff like that- you’re now okay with what you will use. Your shoes are delicate, right? So should be your washing/cleaning liquid. The liquid will never destroy your pricey shoes. 

Shop, check price or explore

What’s Included

  1. 4oz Premium Shoe Cleaner
  2. Softer hog bristle brush
They’re widely celebrated. Watch how Jason Markk express themselves.


  1. Made in the USA
  2. Number 1 best seller in shoe brushes
  3. 4oz premium solution cleans “up to 100 pairs”; however, we rarely do it that way. You can expect at least 20 washes.
  4. 98.3% Natural, no abrasives or harsh chemicals. Mostly coconut and jojoba oils.
  5. Completely biodegradable
  6. Standard semi-soft all-purpose synthetic brush
  7. “Doesn’t cause yellowing” as they officially claim.
  8. Suitable for white sneakers.
  9. Works on vans as well.
  10. Cleans laces very well.


Be soft and gentle on delicate material (soft leather, suede, or mesh). Hog/horsehair brush is better. 

You can remove hard spots this way- dip the brush in warm water, put a few drops of Jason Markk, make some circular motion in the place, let the surface soak the solution for a few minutes, scrub again and wipe with a wet cloth. Do it several times. Your shoe will not be damaged and the spot will most probably be cleaned.


  • The brush is instead on the stiffer side for a mesh shoe. Don’t destroy your shoes only because you’re not fully aware of what you’re using for what.
  • This brush is not the premium one. Jason Markk has other premium brushes. 
  • As it’s not that harsh, you’ll be in trouble trying to get hard stains or yellowish glow off your shoes.
  • Don’t have stellar expectations. It’s a gentle cleanser, and that’s what you need.

Stone & Clark 12PC Shoe Polish & Care Kit

Your secondary package

It’s for them who like to take care of their shoes and boots on the go — an emergency, all-inclusive kit.

Buy, check price or discover more

What’s Included

  1. Metal shoehorn 
  2. Neutral wax polish
  3. Brown wax polish
  4. Black wax polish
  5. Applicator brush
  6. Buffing brush
  7. 3 Buffing clothes
  8. 2 Shine sponges
  9. A nice looking carry case


  1. Amazon’s choice.
  2. Great gift.
  3. Good polish.
  4. Simply cheaper. If you consider the apparatus included, it will satisfy you with it.
  5. It has 12 pieces in a really compact package. You’ll not want to use anything else while taking care.
  6. The package is convenient, stylish, presentable. It’s easy to handle and carry.
  7. Stone & Clark is anything but pricey.
  8. Great for travelers. 
  9. One kit is enough for all of your footwear. Suitable for shoes as well as boots.
  10. Kids love them.


  • It’s not your first cleaning kit. It should be kept as the secondary, emergency one.
  • Pieces are small, of course. Even the polish cans are.
  • They give no instructions.
  • Brushes are miniature and they have stiff, little, and a few bristles.

Deadstock Los Angeles Shoe & Sneaker Cleaner Kit – All-Natural Solution

Sneaker collectors tend to adopt this kit

It’s a newer product, a family-owned business and they’ve got it covered. They’re careful and passionate. Collectors use them.

Get it, check the deals or explore

“Protect all your Basketball, Running, Tennis, Converse, Nike, Yeezy, Nmd, Vans, Jordan and all Athletic Shoes”

What the Kit Has

  1. 8 oz Advanced Cleaning Solution
  2. Medium Cleaning Brush
  3. White Micro-Fiber Towel


  1. All-natural ingredients, premium quality.
  2. No added toxin, color or dye, not even natural ones.
  3. Amazon’s choice.
  4. Classy look.
  5. Suitable for pricey yet fragile sneakers- flyknit, primeknit, mesh, vinyl, cotton, plastic, canvas, etc. 
  6. Eighty-five cleanings expected.
  7. 100% Money-back guarantee provided.
  8. Cheap, no doubt.
  9. Smells good.
  10. Medium-sized handy brush with thick and long bristles.
  11. The brush does not shed many bristles. It could be better, though.
  12. The brush does not ruin your shoes. Rather it cleans gently.
  13. Works on soles as well.
  14. A family-owned local company.
  15. I’ve found “New,” “brand new look” all over the comments. Two-third of the users are kind of astonished.

“This has completely brought back some of my yeezy’s from the dead and it has also cleaned the soles on some of my more expensive luxury sneakers.”

Some Shoes…

Some shoes lose color, no matter what.

Some shoes get down the hill; however, you wash them.


  • Say you’re about to clean or wash your leather shoes or boots with soap or detergent- only then you should use it instead of soap or detergent. Because it’s better than the typical washing material.
  • Not for suede either.
  • Some users found it turning blueish or purple over time.
  • Obviously, it’s not going to clean everything on earth. A gentle solution leaves some of the flat spots.

We don’t recommend:

Kiwi Select Shoe Care Valet

Yup, things like this often happen- it’s Kiwi, and yet, we can’t recommend it. It’s on Amazon’s Choice list, lots and lots of people love it. 

Shop now or check the latest price on amazon

Why don’t we recommend it?

The cleaning tools are okay. You probably will not be satisfied with the box. The box is not heavy, mostly because the wood is not that thick. You might not be happy with the lids and joints. 

And how about this, they might damage it while delivering- while you will not get any exchange or return whatsoever.

Brands like Kiwi should always be very cautious. Their shoe polish is hands down… number one selling shiner. Despite that, it does not change a thing when you expect some sturdy box.

What’s Included

  1. Wooden support apparatus (foot-rest)
  2. Black KIWI Select Premium Paste Tin
  3. Brown KIWI Select Premium Paste Tin
  4. 2 Soft Shine Cloths (17-inch x 3-3/4 inch)
  5. 2 Sponge Daubers
  6. 2 6” Kiwi Shoe Shine Brushes, 100% Horsehair
  7. Shoe Horn


  1. Amazon’s choice.
  2. Great brand.
  3. It could be useful as a gift.
  4. Lightweight.
  5. Lots of happy users.
  6. Legendary shoe polish.
  7. Quality tools.


  • No replacement warranties.
  • The box is not substantially made well. Carpentry is good. 
  • And it’s somewhat chunky as well as light if you think so.
  • I’ve said the rest above.

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