Review ’23: Wolverine Raider Work Boots, Shoes & Wellingtons


Aren’t Wolverine Raiders impressive? Yes, we are somewhat bound to wear an ugly pair at work. Coming with a ton of features- these boots, shoes and wellingtons are anything but ugly. These are among the best ones as well! Wolverine is around us since 1883 which is a pretty long time for cobbling. Manufacturers do … Read more

Best cute safety (steel) toe boots and shoes for girls and women

To find women’s work boots that are feminine, sturdy and last a long time: It’s tough. We are here for THAT reason. Caterpillar Women’s Echo Waterproof Steel Toe Work Boot Cat Footwear has made a proper women’s waterproof steel toe work boot which is Caterpillar Echo. They’ve added Ergo technology powers, which combine intelligence, biomechanics, … Read more

Dansko Men’s Pro Xp- Shoes Review

Dansko Men’s Pro Xp- Shoes

Dansko shoes and clogs are especially well known for the all day comfort you can have wearing them, and that is possible because of the features  like high-quality leather uppers that follow the natural contours of the foot, leather sock linings, proper arch support and anatomically correct footbeds. They have been accepted by the APMA, … Read more

Review: Thorogood VGS-300 Composite Toe Work and Hiking Gel Shoes (804 Series)

How good are these shoes and their “gel outsole” technology? Well, they’re good enough as you’re gonna find below:  “Tough as nails” said a user about Thorogood VGS-300 shoes. Thorogood tried and succeeded in making them sturdy and supportive, comfortable as echoed by another happy buyer: “I been wearing this shoes on a daily basis … Read more

Dansko Professional Oiled(women’s and men’s) Shoes Review

Dansko Professional Oiled(women’s and men’s) Shoes

We’ve got some impressive facts here.  The word ‘comfortable’ goes really well with Dansko pro oiled shoes. You will find them pretty supportive; available for both men and women. Oiled clogs top the list when it comes to the Professional series. They continue to provide all day support in a variety of work spaces . … Read more

Dansko Ingrid Clogs Review

Dansko Ingrid Clogs

Just like all Dansko shoes they are comfortable beyond expectation. Got the APMA seal of acceptance. Take good care of your feet, back, and knees. Have them on all day long and feel no pain at the end of the day. They are durable. Suitable for both professional and casual use. They are presentable.  Types … Read more

Need Helpers to Heal? These 9 Best Non Slip Work Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis will Do the Due

Plantar fasciitis is a steady pain in your mind. Yes, it is quite a mental pressure than a physical problem. You don’t know when it will make you feel odd. You keep trying to forget it and eventually right after you’ve successfully forgotten, plantar gets one wrong step to reappear. So bad! We’ve curated best … Read more

5+ Best Carbon Fiber Nano Toe Work Shoes

Yes, carbon fiber nanotech safety toes are: You can also consider our list of best industrial shoes and comp/nano hiking shoes. Absolutely no beating around the bush- here are your top five goodies (and the pair we tried but could not like and recommend for you): Irish Setter Rockford Waterproof Nano-Toe Shoe Construction Boot  You know why we … Read more