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Blundstone 561 Crazy Horse Boots? The Review

Do you need to stand all day on concrete? Maybe you are in a ranch or rural farm and you do not wish to wear big huge wellingtons all day, every day. Crazy Horse is a good choice, no doubt- as all boots are not the same. You know, brand and trust matters. This Aussie brand is consistent. These boots are better. 

Feet in them don’t get exhausted because they have cushioned midsole, more than one energy return or shock absorption property. Blundstone have determined that their shock absorption system which is called SPS A+ needs to be mind blowing.

Table of Content

Types of Blundstone Crazy Horse

There are 3 Crazy Horse 561 Boots:

1 Men’s Boot

Crazy Horse 561 Slip-On [Super 550]- Men’s

1 Women’s Boot

Crazy Horse 561 Slip-On [Super 550]- Women’s

1 Youth Boot

Crazy Horse 561 Slip-On [Super 550]- Youth

Common Features

  • Elastic side (not vibrant colorful).
  • Premium leather.
  • Leather lined.
  • Slip resistant.
  • Durable TPU outsole.
  • Cushioned, comfortable midsole.
  • Shock absorption: SPS Max Comfort system. 
  • Removable comfort XRD® shock absorption technology footbed.
  • extra set of footbeds for custom fit.
  • Lightweight and comfortable.

In-depth Review and Analysis of Crazy Horse 561 Slip-On 

ShoeAsk points: 88 out of 100

Level of recommendation: Very high for standing and walking all day long

Remarks and Suggestions

An unique series of dependable footwear meeting modern needs for better quality, integrity and authenticity. These are more attractive and fit well. We are in a hurry, slip on boots can minimize our effort and time spent.  

Better for

Grocery stores, city workers, offices, kitchens, real estate rehab, farms, casual wear and a little walk around. If you need to walk and stand all day long on concrete or asphalt, these are for you.

User, Expert and Trade Recognition

Points 5/5

You know, for slip ons, Blundstone is widely accepted by both experts and novices. Ariat rules the arena of work pull ons and wellingtons. Timberland and Keen are the most dependable go-to brand for industrial and construction boots. Whereas, Blundstone is the sole ruler of romeo work boots. Both old and new users are satisfied with these quick use boots. 

Price vs Durability

Points 5 /5

Are these boots really sustainable for long?


Certainly, we observed people  wearing them to daily chores. A rough user may wear them at least for 2. 5 years. 

If you are not that rough, you can easily use them for a longer timespan.


Points 5/5

Certainly comfy they are. Additionally while a user put them on they feel light on feet all day long. 

Even these boots have unbelievable SPS A+ shock absorption system so that you can spend a whole day at your loved workstation. 

Water, Chemical and Spill Proof

Points 5/5

Who doesn’t want to keep the feet free from moisture? Everyone does, right? 

These Romeos really prevent water from getting inside. These are stain free, the leather is well treated.

While walking in liquid, mud or moisture your feet will stay warm and dry, just do not dip them into puddles.

Slip Resistance

Points  4/5

Okay as skid-proof. Neither more than excellent nor bad. So we would say that these are 85% non slip according to our research team. Besides, while you are busy at wet and oily environment like kitchens, they may slide sometimes. However your feet can not be affected by hydrolysis and microbial attack.

Toe Box and Safety

Points 2/5

Since they do not have steel or other safety toes, it is clear that these won’t be used for risky job sites. The toe box is wide and abrasion resistant though. 

Break-in Time and Fitting

Points 4/5

These boots break in very quickly as they shape around your feet. Needless to say, Blundstones fit excellently once you have broken into them. However, they are somewhat rigid at the very beginning.

Electrical Hazard

Points 2/5

These boots are not electrical hazard.

Fashion and Presentable

Points: 4/5

Well, they look better than others in spite of having less sophisticated looking line across the toes. You can wear them with shorts, capris, khakis and jeans. You’ll receive compliments from your well-wishers for its style.

Breathable and Insulation

Points 5/5

Breathability is ok. Under 50 degree celsius, Blundstone Crazy Horse boots don’t make any odor. Even perspiration can hardly notice through the feet. However, these are not as breathable as mesh running shoes are.

Leather, Upper, Lace and Heel

Points 4/5

The leather is genuine which is the best component for a boots. Anyways, they do not say whether these are full grain or not. By looking closely to several pairs we presume that they are something like suede. Maybe these are grain leather, but definitely not non sanded top full grain. Needless to say that the leather is of very good quality.

A solid, sturdy upper. Very supportive. There are no laces ofcourse. The slip on elastic material is of very good quality.

Crazy Horse has molded reinforced heel that provide better grip while walking.

Tongue, Collar and Weight

Points 5/5

The most relevant issue is, these are not heavyweight. There’s no tongue. They are apparently comfortable over collar area where users don’t feel hurt.

Insole, Midsole, Shank and Arch Support

Points 5/5

The insoles are very light and comfortable. These boots include extra footbed so that you can easily replace them once the first pair is worn out. Both of their insoles and midsoles have energy return properties which is very good at fatigue prevention. For arch support, you may prefer buying high arch insoles.

Outsole, Construction and Sewing

Points 5/5

The sturdy rubber sole feel solid on ground. Cement construction is good for flexibility. They are somewhat versatile though! Tough stitching on the uppers.

Anti-odor and Cleanable

Points 4/5

We could not figure out whether these have antimicrobial treatment or not. Yeah, whatever is not mentioned anywhere is not present anywhere. It is pretty easy to clean them with a wet paper towel. There are some processes to free dirt from boots surface. After all, you can also clean them step by step.

Warranty, Return and Post Purchase Service Policy

Points 5/5

They have a 30 day comfort guarantee which is sweet.

If you purchase from Blundstone approved resellers, the package contains a manufacturing fault and claim but you must return the footwear at your own cost. Here’s what they say: “Please confirm us your indigenous copy  so that we can determine, that these boots contain a manufacturing fault. As that reports, we’ll replace them or repair at our expense.”

Brand Faith

Points 5/5

Blundstone is a Tasmanian (Australia) family owned company thriving since 1870. You will be hard pressed to find any 150 year old shoe company around.

Yes, Blundstone had an attention on inexpensive footwear previously when they didn’t put enough emphasis on accurate quality. On the contrary, now a days people review them for the most dependable brand.

Special and Uncommon Features

Points 5/5

These footwear are the best ones for hotter or colder weather. Apart from this, their curated flexibility help users to bend, get low, put them on or put them off. They look good, feel comfortable and serve for years. It’s all about constant quality.


Points 4/5

Every elements are ok but at early stage, their leather seems harder. No bigger issues.

Editor’s Boost

Points 5/5

Original, authentic, gorgeous and dedicated. Purpose served well. Blundstone Crazy Horse are prestigious. We like them as daily city life work footwear or farm boots.

Close Alternatives

Nearly Same

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Popular Alternative

Blundstone Thermal Series (Insulated, WP, slip resistant, breathable and cement construction)

Similar Style

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Different & Uncommon

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They’re functional and stylish. Attractive even if you look at them online. Marvellous comfy and suitable with fashionable clothing that you might wear. Crazy Horse boots are classics that add timeless value.

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