Caterpillar Second Shift Boots in 2021? The Review


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Months pass by and the CAT Second Shift work boot stays in the bestseller list. We’ve seen this boot in the top 7 for a very long time. A constant best seller. Why is it there for like eons?

Update: It’s 2020, and I just saw it in the first position. It’s a hell of an experience seeing them in the leading spot. The soft toe variant also remains in the upper half of the leading 100 sellers. Both the steel and soft toe are now on Amazon’s choice bandwagon. Users seem happier this year, there are more and more 5 star ratings, and always keep the fact in mind, these are not extreme premium pairs, so, there will still be shortcomings.

The CAT Legacy

Caterpillar is a well-known brand for large construction machinery. They stayed close to the construction professionals and saw a gap they could fill by themselves. Safety boots cost a lot. Higher investment on boots is unavoidable, but that footwear frequently does not ensure everything a worker needs.

Professional boots are usually ugly. Not that comfortable. Don’t serve for a lengthy while. Now that CAT entered the footwear bazaar, they started making boots that are nice looking, surprisingly affordable, last for a decent time and most importantly, work-specific.

People trust the brand CAT as they operate their excavating tools. So they are more than happy to wear CAT whom they believed for a long term. Now, why do the 2nd Shift Work Boot sort of reign atop the chart? CAT can feel workers’ pain.

The very first thing is comfort. People working in harsh conditions need unparalleled comfort at an affordable price. They need to protect their feet, and they work for extended hours.

You can barely protest if you must work for the second shift, right? That’s for job safety and further work done means more payment.

Types of 2nd Shift Boots

There are two types of 2nd Shift work boots:

Steel toe second shift

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Soft toe second shift.

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And there are basically three colors: Dark brown, honey and black.

In-depth Review and Analysis of Caterpillar Second Shift Work Boot

ShoeAsk points:76 out of 100

Editorial Recommendation: Very high, mostly for its value and constant popularity

Remarks and Suggestions

If you go through a thousand reviews just like we did, you will notice that hard-working, honest people who are building the nation love CAT in the United States. Why not? This is the sworn overtime boot. Made in China, conventional construction though.

More sturdy boots of choice.

Better for

Construction experts, electricians, equipment operators, industrial workers, carpenters, and boilermakers.  Industrial developers, designers, engineers, site managers, supervisors, and forklift truck drivers love these too. People working in the oil, gas and power section also wear them.

User, Expert and Trade Recognition

Points 4/5

Most of the evaluations are more than positive. You can bank on them. Better material. However, there are some negative evaluations from the old users.

Experts do recognize them very well. We’ve found a bunch of recommendations all over the social media: Reddit, Facebook, Quora, etc.

Price vs. Durability

Points 4/5

If you end up using them for 10 to 12 months, it’s better than OK.

Some used a pair for 18 months. CAT Second Shift is not the longest lasting ones, but these are neither the crappy ones you will get for 30-50 dollars. Many say that these did not last for over 6-8 months. The situation is if you can handle a little caretaking and if you can maintain more than one pair wearing every other day, they will definitely serve for 10+ months.


Points 4/5

These are more comfortable than the most. If you want to compare, brands like Timberland, Red Wing, Keen, and Wolverine are more satisfying. 2nd Shift is not soft enough from inside? Maybe you call for more cushion comfort. Try using gel pads, it worked.

Some evaluations like this one- “My husband does not think they would be too comfortable for standing long periods of time.” may lead you to find more pricey boots.

Water, Chemical and Spill Proof

Points 3/5

They are water resistant, but you can waterproof them. The soles are waterproof.

Slip Resistance

Points 4/5

Oil-resistant traction outsole prevents sudden fall. Good grease resistant.

Toe Box and Safety

Points 5/5

The toe box is roomy. There are soft and steel toe versions.

How did they manage to hold the price comparatively low? Instead of using comp or aluminum toe, they used the traditional yet popular steel toe. People still trust steel toe more than anything else. Their steel toe is certified for industrial and development jobs: ANSI Class 75 Steel-toe, ASTM F2413-11, I/75, C/75 steel toe.

Break-in Time and Fitting

Points 4/5

Fits well (80% say so), just get the size that you usually wear…

Some say CAT Second Shift is not wide enough.

You may need to work in them for a couple of days to break in. A little break-in period is not that awful.

Electrical Hazard

Points 5/5

Electrical hazard (EH) construction- they can handle up to 600 volts in dry conditions.

Stylish and Presentable

Points 3/5

Well, these are the long shift work boots. Big, chunky, solid; not meant for fashion or anything else.

Breathable and Insulation

Points 3/5

Climasphere lining helps regulate the temperature inside the boot to keep feet cool and breathable around the ankle. These solid looking boots cannot provide ample breathability for their size and shape. Inadequate insulation. Not made for snow work.

Leather, Upper, Lace, and Heel

Points 4/5

The leather quality is above average, which is significantly useful. Sturdy uppers. The wider heel provides a better sturdy grip. 2nd Shift’s structure is not beatable and fragile. Lace and eyelets are not evil.

Further reading: leather.

Tongue, Collar, and Weight

Points 4/5

Plush collar and tongue. Each boot is 2 pounds; pretty heavy? Maybe for a regular pair of boots, but not for work boots. You will find pricey boots weighing the same.

Insole, Midsole, Shank and Arch Support

Points 4/5

Well, they come with an insole, but the insole’s quality is not good enough. They are removable and contoured. As stated by a user, “The insole is a ¼ inch thin piece of foam and the same thickness heel to toe (the heel should be thicker).”There’s no arch support from the insole, but you can purchase a pair.

Midsole quality is better than the most but not as efficient as the top products of the industry.

The shanks support these heavy boots well.

Outsole, Construction and Sewing

Points 4/5

Goodyear welt construction will give you reliable and durable boots. They are not that flexible though! That’s not we crave for as our primary concern is safety and durability as well as comfort. The Goodyear welt construction is repairable. The rubber soles feel stable on the ground. Some comments are stating that soles ripped after an unexpected period.

Further reading: boot construction.

Anti-odor and Cleanable

Points 3/5

We did not find any mention of antimicrobial treatment. These are not much breathable so odor problem may occur.

Rough cleaning can do a little damage which is not good.

Warranty, Return and Post Purchase Service Policy

Points 5/5

What support does CAT offer after you’ve purchased their products? 1 year limited warranty through the manufacturer which is not bad at all.

Brand Faith

Points 4/5

Caterpillar focused on affordable boots in their early days when they did not put much emphasis on curated quality. Now that people consider them to be one of the most reliable brands, CAT is making more reliable work footwear. Hungry for more? Here’s a good one:

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Special and Uncommon Features

Points 4/5

The cost and incredible popularity. These are not super specific products.


Points 2/5

  • Not insulated, which can inhibit your workflow during the winter.
  • Several complaints regarding laces.
  • Not lightweight.
  • Not much breathable.
  • May not last for long, as outsole can come off quickly.
  • Less flexibility. CAT Diagnostic is more flexible than this one. ShoeAsk review of Diagnostic Boots  

Editor’s boost

Points 3/5

We would love to love CAT 2nd Shift boots the most, but there are few excellent features compared to the industry leading brands.

Close Alternatives

Popular Alternatives

Caterpillar Men’s Diagnostic Waterproof Steel-Toe Work Boot

(Insulated, WP, Puncture Resistant, Electrical Hazard and Steel Toe)

Similar Style

Timberland PRO Men’s Pitboss 6 inch Steel-Toe Boot

(WP, Slip Resistant, Electrical Hazard and Steel Toe)

Different and Uncommon

EVER BOOTS Tank Men’s Soft Toe Oil Full Grain Leather Insulated Work Boots

(Insulated, No wp, Slip-resistant , Electrical Hazard and Soft Toe)

Do we recommend them? Yes, they are more affordable than the most. But if you invest more money, it is better to spend them on the profound brands out there.

Did the article help? Could we make it better? Did we miss any point and are you using them? Let us and others know, we are happy to discuss. The following video is kind of funny:

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