Caterpillar Corax Boots Review- Great if they don’t Squeak


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Work boots with multi-purpose usability. They look good, stylish, tread traction is excellent, and Corax are not for inside use; not for tiles or smooth surfaces. They might make some noise while you are walking. Otherwise, a wise buy… if they are available.

A Big Disappointment and Available Options

CAT did not continue Corax (as of now).

Better go for a list of available best and most comfortable boots. Or you can read our review of Caterpillar Diagnostic and Second Shift boots.

You can also do some digging for the best brands and series.

Anyways, welcome to the detailed review of CAT’s unconventional ‘work’ boot:

In-depth Review and Analysis of Caterpillar Corax Boots

ShoeAsk points:75 out of 100

Editorial Recommendation: High

Remarks & Suggestions

Do not use them in super plain surfaces like tiles. These are comfortable and different boots. Recommended for a change of taste.

Better for:

Ideal for: Light work. Not for high-risk jobs.

Better for: Hiking, long hours on feet, casual wear, manufacturers, suppliers, electricians, yard, garden work, barn work, and different taste.

The plus point is, you can use them for work, casual wear and then daily cardio walking.

User, Expert & Trade Recognition

Points 4/5

Corax boots are not meant for any particular trade. But most of the users do love them:

“I’m using them almost all the days to walk to work and back, and I must admit that they saved my feet with all the snow that we are having now in the northeast.”

People loved them, but for some reasons, they are not available now:

“My job requires me to go up and down ladders and stairs and constantly using foot pressure to bend conduit. I haven’t noticed any discomfort yet after a month. The shoes are light and very grippy. I am very impressed with caterpillars craftsmanship of these shoes.”

Price vs. Durability

Points 4/5

Comfortable and durable. You can expect them to last for 7 to 20 months.


Points 5/5

Almost every user is saying that these are comfortable enough.

An unusual review attracts us:

“very comfortable because I use them to walk over 4 miles each day, they kept always moist out and my feet warm, also while shoveling the snow.”

Great for shock absorption, good under heel.

“with extra cushioning, superior shock absorption and maximum comfort. Perfect for your off the clock look.”

Water, Chemical & Spill Proof

Points 3/5

Water resistant and keeps your feet warm as well. Not WP.

Slip Resistance

Points 4/5

Great traction without a doubt. One thing though may skid while walking on the wet plain surface.

Toe Box & Safety

Points 3/5

The toe box is comfy and abrasion resistant, no safety toe.

“The sides of the boot pretty much overlap the toe of the boot after securely tied and adds front arch firmness.”

Break-in Time & Fitting

Points 3/5

Minimum break-in time. Good fitting.

“The first day you get them it may take a couple hours to get used to because it feels like your walking on stilts, but once I wore them down, I can’t believe how good the traction is.”

There are some issues with fitting as these are quite unconventional

Electrical Hazard

Points 2/5

No electrical hazard.

Stylish & Presentable

Points 5/5

Fantastic stylish look; Corax work boot is built to look and feel like an athletic shoe. They are simply eye catchers.

Breathable & Insulation

Points 4/5

Breathable sock liner absorbs moisture. Medium insulation but good for snow too!

Leather, Upper, Lace & Heel

Points 5/5

Hand stained oiled, tumbled, pull-up full grain leather.

The heel is very comfortable. Premium lacing, good eyelets.

Tongue, Collar & Weight

Points 5/5

Ample padding in collar and tongue. Super lightweight.

Insole, Midsole, Shank & Arch Support

Points 5/5

Molded EVA midsole, shock-absorbing comfort. Has room for arch support inserts.

Outsole, Construction & Sewing

Points 4/5

Exceptional rubber sole with knobbing. Treads may wear out quickly on concrete, but these are great for hiking. Glued construction. Uppers are sewn well.

Anti-odor & Cleanable

Points 3/5

Gets dirty pretty quick compared to other boots. No odor treatment. Breathability helps keep the stink away.

Warranty, Return & Post Purchase Service Policy

Points 4/5

You can return them on Amazon. Perhaps they are going to be discontinued.

Brand Faith

Points 4/5

CAT had a legacy. They did not hold tight to their brand name for some time. Just made cheap quality affordable boots for a while. Now Caterpillar is coming back with some perfect new boots.

Special & Uncommon Features

Points 4/5

Best stylish look,

Awesome outsoles,

Multipurpose use,

Athletic feelings.


Points 2/5

Corax boots squeak on plain surfaces.

Like some running shoes, may seem wide until you lace them up.

Not for high-risk heavy jobs.

No waterproofing.

No EH.

No safety toe.

Editor’s Boost

Points 2/5

Exceptional all-purpose boots with some flaws. We like the style.

“I will keep buying these until they stop making them.”

Did CAT stop making Corax? If so, we just missed an original yet good pair of boots. Rated only 2, as they are no more around.

Close Alternatives

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