Caterpillar Women’s Echo Waterproof Steel Toe Work Boot Review


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Not only women but also everyone values efficiency and safety at the workplace, Caterpillar Echo steel toe work boot would settle this for women.

These boots ensure comfort with breathable lining and sock liner. Midsole allows for shock absorption.

Combining with biomechanics, ingenuity, hardened durability and trademark grit is called Ergo Technology. Ergo is used to create Caterpillar Echo waterproof ST boots. This technology allows comfort all day long at the workstation.

Upper has made with good waterproof material, and you will be safe in aqueous environments to protect female construction workers against impact or compression.

They have equipped with ASTM F2413-11 I/75 C/75 steel toe caps.

Their (ASTM F2413-05 1/75 EH electrical hazard feature) can protect you against open circuits up to 600 volts in dry conditions. They often called less-traditional work boots with a tall outline.


All are women’s steel toe and waterproof.

Boot: Caterpillar Echo Work

Shoe: Caterpillar Echo Industrial and Construction

Common Features

Nubuck Leather much like suede in these boots.

High shaft measures 8 inches from the arch and features padding for extra support is around the ankle.

Electric hazard protection which meets the safety standards and protocols–ASTM F2413-05 1/75 EH.

Both of these boots have slip resistant outsole.

The rubber sole ensures secure steps.

Steel Toe. Echo safety toes meet or exceed ASTM standards- ASTM F2413-11 I75 C75.

Colors: Marlin (light blue), Frost Gray and Black colors are available.

In-depth Review and Analysis of Caterpillar Echo Waterproof Steel Toe Work Boot

ShoeAsk points: 98 out of 100

Remarks & Suggestions:

These boots are come out with the heaviest of industrial usability in a sense. They are engineered using Cat footwear’s patent-pending technology® construction and offering athletic shoe comfort.

And obviously, they offer superior flexibility with a well fitted EH to keep you safe if you are working in a very challenging or harsh working environment.

Better for:

These boots are better for those who are working in a very challenging or harsh working environment or in the construction industry. They are also usable in wet and muddy environments and considered as an ideal choice for all kind of occupation and weather.

User, Expert & Trade Recognition:

Points 5/5

Absolutely amazing boots! Extremely comfortable, very lightweight and flexible yet. You will certainly be ready to work in any conditions with footwear from Caterpillar.

Let’s see some quotes from the owners of this boot –

“When you have to be at your best, CAT has the footwear you’ll need.”

“Built with a nubuck waterproof upper, and feature a steel toe for tough protection and maximum safety.

“These work boots are very comfortable. They keep my feet dry and protected. I wear them 10 hours a day. I love the color, I get a lot of compliments. Such a change from the old steel-toed boots that I used to wear.”

“This will protect you against open circuits of up to 600 volts in dry conditions.”

Price vs Durability:

Points 5/5

The cost of this boot is quite budget-friendly or may say reasonably priced as well.

Has superior durability as they got Proprietary iTechnology Construction.

People say, “Probably wear them 330+ days out of the year.” But unfortunately, someone has to say like this: “After six months the inner heel foam was a defect and loose, can’t wear them anymore,” and which is hard to be experienced.


Points 5/5

There is no doubt about the comfortability of these boots. Undoubtedly they are comfortable for you in your workplace. They are engineered by ERGO technology to integrate flexibility and comfort, and they lux comfort of a highly athletic shoe. And they let you get relaxation at work. If you didn’t feel that your feet were comfortable enough. Then the CAT interiors are lined with Nylex sock liners for providing you soft cushioning for all day. People are saying  something like about their comfort:” Finally I found a pair I can wear to work, and that are comfortable and cute!”

Water, Chemical & Spill Proof:

Points 5/5

This boot is entirely water, Chemical, and Spill Proof. They will assist you to stay fully-protected with the waterproof uppers, especially their waterproof membrane construction can ensure about water, chemical, and spill proofing issues.

Their T1170 Outsole has a performance against oil and water.

Also, we found their ability to resist heat and abrasion as well.

Slip Resistance:

Points 5/5

Slip resistance is the most crucial and mandatory issue if it has to call a work boot or shoe. And we assure you that Cat Echo has strictly prioritized about slip resistance while making these boots. The SRX Best-in-Class, Slip-resistant Rubber Outsole make these boots comfortable and safe in rainy and muddy environments. And thus CAT ECHO protect their users from the unwanted slips and falls on the slippery surface.

Toe Box & Safety:

Points 5/5

As they are steel toe meets, they ensure safety when you are in a hazardous working mood. These ASTM F2413-11 I/75 C/75  steel toe boots defended your feet against impact or compression when you are overwhelmed with your work.

Break-in Time & Fitting:

Points 5/5

Break-in-time is as expected. Not take that much time to be broke-in.

You’d find their fitting issues as True to Size.

Electrical Hazard:

Points 5/5

Electric Hazard protection(ASTM F2413-05 1/75, EH)features will protect you against open circuits up to 600 volts in dry conditions.

But the caterpillar Echo WP Steel Toe boots not designed for the primary source of protection, if you are working in an electrical working environment like Powerhouses and others etc.

Fashion & Presentable:

Points 5/5

One of the most stylish and fashionable work boot out there! Yeah, these boots have stunning look and presentable as well. Cat offers you three different color of these boots like frost grey, black, and marlin. As they have designed these boots for the female worker, they have to get emphasized on fashion, and presentable issues and Cat has succeeded in prioritizing this matters.

Breathable & Insulation:

Points 4/5

Designed with Nylon Mesh Lining for making them comfortable, breathable and the Nylex sock liners are further complemented with a mesh lining for getting excellent breathability.

CAT Echo is not enough insulated to use in winter. If you consider them to use in winter, then you should have to purchase a half size larger to add thick socks with those.

Don’t worry; the waterproofing feature will keep the socks away from snow and water.

Leather, Upper, Lace & Heel:

Points 5/5

These boots have constructed with Superior Nubuck leather which will not allow letting  even a single drop of water in your boots.

Waterproof Uppers would offer you to stay fully protected.

The soles are thick enough to protect the feet while still being flexible for walking and climbing in these boots.

Tongue, Collar & Weight:

Points 5 /5

Tongue and the collar are high enough. Being a female work boot Cat have designed these boots with long tongue and collar.

Weight is 4 pounds.

Insole, Midsole, Shank & Arch Support:

Points 5/5

To ensure proper shock absorbance CAT has constructed with PVC Midsole.

They have used nylon mesh insoles. And the steel Shank to provide support and stability for complex working condition.

You will find perfect shaft structure in this work boot, and it is approximately 8″ from the arch, and they hold the upper and the sole together.

Outsole, Construction & Sewing:

Points 5/5

Echo ST’s outsole (1170) is to perform against oil, water and also with the sense of heat and abrasion resistant.

You know these boots have made with Cement and Goodyear welt construction. We also found them in patent-pending iTechnology® construction and their black version is modified with Waterproof membrane construction.

CAT Echo has crafted with immaculate sewing. But it has hardly seen that the stitching on the heel can be bothersome and irritate your heel.

Anti-odor & Cleanable:

Points 5/5

No one likes smelly feet or rather to deal with the bacterial infections related to dampness in the inners of the footwear.

As these boots have designed with Nylon Mesh Lining to make them comfortable and breathable, also,  they ensure you about anti-odor facilities. And they’re easy to clean.

Maybe you’re thinking about their winter insulation complexity? But you know in winter your feet will not face swelter at all. So don’t worry about that.

Warranty, Return & Post Purchase Service Policy:

Points 5/5

Cat advantaged you 30-days Return opportunity if you want and allows you to get the item you ordered or get your money back.

Brand Faith:

Points 5/5

Does the brand really matter? Yes, it does. And, there is no question with Caterpillar. As we know that Cat is one of the world leading brand in the industry so far. They are already known; as a trusted brand. We just put 5 out 5 to guess you about their brand faith.

Special & Uncommon Features:

Points 5/5

They’ve made with Cement and Goodyear welt construction.

-Super comfortable!

-They’ve used very soft leather.

-Most stylish steel toe and leather work boot.

-This boot is flexible, soft, and comfortable to walk in right away.


Points 4/5

-These work boots are less affordable.

– Order a size up if you want room for extra insoles or arch supports!

Editor’s Boost:

Points 5/5

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The company has stored a database to inspire you to trust, and we assure you that they care about the safety and comfort of their customer’s feet.

To work in a hazardous working condition where your footwear has to meet specific safety issues, you may find these boot perfect for you.

No one outlawed you to wear an ugly work boot for your dangerous working condition — an adorable pair of work boots well-constructed, durable and safe.

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