Control Everything in & around Your Life- The Steve Jobs Takeaway


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I’m not gonna reveal the secret to you in the last line of this article. Instead, I’m gonna disclose it in the third sentence:

You gotta be as believer as a child

Ever observed a child?

If you tell him (or her) that there’s a Santa Claus, flying in a deer-pulled cart, arriving from the north pole, rushing into your house and leaving Christmas gifts for him- he believes you.

This belief is immensely powerful.

He believes in everything you tell him. If you tell him that there are a thousand species like human beings in this very solar system, he believes you. Not only that, he prays and hopes and tries to make it real. He becomes the defender of that belief. Even he goes against you, defending your fake story…

As if everything will fall apart as soon as there are no beings as intelligent as humans.

You need not believe in Santa Claus or a thousand intelligent species. You need the second thing. You need to believe in yourself strongly and then try to make it real. You need THAT blunt, forceful willpower to make things happen to yourself.

And you are way ahead of that child. You have a fully functional rationality within and all around you.

Do you know the sad story of rationality?

We use it to strengthen our doubts, and consequently to weaken our belief. And belief, my friend, is THE driving force of willpower.

You gotta do the exact opposite. But let’s put it away for now as rational thought is our later part. Let’s talk about doubts first:

Doubt is the control killer

You can control something as soon as you believe you can control it. Doubt kills belief and disbelief kills control. See? I thought this part would take a while to make clear.

By the way, why on earth would you need to control things?

Control is the last thing before you achieve success. That’s why you need to control things. Success may result in money, happiness, joy, health or whatever. But to succeed, you must control the elements that boost success and those elements that kill success.

But isn’t control freak a bad thing?

Surely. Every freak is a bad thing. Health freaks are bad, but health itself is not. The same goes for money and happiness.

I’m not telling you to be a freak. If I told you to, you would not have listened.

You don’t have to create a river. All I’m telling you is to adjust the flow of the river. The river flows on itself. It brings water immensely. Just keep an eye and alter the way.

Okay, how to use my rationality to succeed?

Take Steve Jobs for THE example (you know, not every person on earth is as worth as an example).

He had a strong notion of belief. He was a believer as a child. He believed that he could make Apple 1 out of garbage. How’s that? He believed that he could produce ‘cartoons’ and make people watch them in the theaters- after being kicked off from Apple. Wouldn’t it be bizarre enough to believe so?

And again, he was a computer maker. Back to business after success at Pixar. Then even so, he believed that he could make phones that no one could.

Okay, it’s clear now. He was a childlike believer. It worked for him, good for him,

But what about you? You’re not Steve Jobs!

You need not be Steve Jobs. You’re not gonna make another iPhone, or Pad, or Pod. Targets are different. Presumably much smaller ones. But you need to reach there.

Get as rational as Steve Jobs. That’s the second takeaway.

Believe in apparently incredible things like you could be healthy. Energetic. Laughing, loving, living. Spending more and earning even more. Those unbelievable things.

And use your power of rational thoughts to clear the path ahead. You will use rational thoughts to beat yourself up so you don’t act like a lazy, fat lad. Don’t let yourself, your friends or family ruin your day, or, at worst, your goals.

How did he rationalize his crazy childish dreams, again?

First, he motivated himself. Then he trained himself to stay motivated. Then he chalked out a practical pathway towards the goal. Then he appeared and inspired his co-workers (or in your case, friends, and family).

He motivated them, and he was so stubborn and sticky to the goal that nothing could go against him. At least, not for long. That, my friend, is called control.

Let’s cut the theory and Jump into lab works

Okay, enough clarifications. Are there any practical steps? Could you do anything to be as dreamy, stubborn and controlling as Steve Jobs?

Yes, you could.

All you need to do is, kill your stress first by transforming yourself.

And reprogram your:

  1. Thought patterns
  2. The source of your thoughts
  3. And the driving force behind all of your actions

(Your subconscious mind or whatever you call it) by proper meditative pathways.

See, there are two practical steps, killing your stress and following a proper meditation. You gotta do it for 2-3 weeks and watch what happens. Just do not lose yourself in theories and start reprogramming yourself around stress-less production.

Did this article help you at all?

I doubt.

My rationality makes me believe that I’m a douchebag. My doubt, rational thought and strong, pissed off disbelief tells me that I should not make fun of me, myself and I anymore.

I doubt that you would let me know, or share, or join any of our unpleasant social media groups. I doubt that you are on FB. I doubt that you are there at all. For Christ’s sake, what’s the point of our very existence-


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