Should You REALLY Go Barefoot from Time to Time?


Yes, whoever you are, whatever you do and in whichever condition you are, you should really stand and walk barefoot daily on bare grounds or natural terrains (unless there are certain difficulties or environmental conditions).

You should go barefoot on sand, mud, grass, flowing springs, snow, moist ground, pebbles which are not sharp ones and so on. It’s all about earthing, touching the big blue planet. The easiest one? On your little backyard or the front garden. It’s backed by truck loads of research and you know, things like that. NCBI/NIH says that barefoot ground exposure has some instant effect on inflammation, immune response, healing, chronic inflammatory and autoimmune diseases.

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What about the Barefoot Running Trend?

Does that mean you should run barefoot like the 2005 and onward trend?

No! Big no! Just stand and walk at least for the first couple of years or so. I don’t see a point in running barefoot for long or regularly. Trends are the least good things. You should know what trends are. These are the things people had forgotten to do for some reasons and some clever folk starts it all again as she or he has a business intention. Or maybe, he tries to be a celebrity.

That’s all about trends. Those trend-setters, all they say is this:

You don’t need this trend. However, people do this even if they don’t need to. Go mimic them and I need boxes loaded with bucks.

That’s all about trends.  

The Scarcity of Honest Opinions

Know what?

Nobody does it. Nobody jumps straight into the point. I don’t see anyone giving the answer/solution/remedy in the very first line of an article. Not even scarcely. I read a lot online as well as offline. That’s the opposite of business but giving it early benefits a reader.

People in website business had told me, readers might leave your site after reading the very first paragraph. I was like, so what?

‘You’ll lose ranking and consequently, money.’

Money’s huge and everyone admits so. However, it’s not always about money. Everything’s not about business. Everybody needs his freedom. If I could do it in my way, if I could enjoy doing my job and serving purposes pretty quick, so be it! Strict formulas inhibit joy, liveliness, thus production as well.  

Okay, now the things you need to consider-


  1. You don’t necessarily need to walk or stand barefoot on ground for more than 5-15 minutes a day.
  2. If you can do it twice a day, it’s better. Even then, no need for more than 5-15 mins a day.
  3. You always have a risk of blood borne pathogen if you get barefoot on natural grounds. I know, I know, ‘blood borne pathogen’ sounds like some blood hound trying to dissect your throat or something even more alien, perhaps a fleet of zombies ready to kill you. But believe me, I don’t even care for them as I am no more afraid of them. It’s ridiculous to be afraid of them. I have a chance of getting infected and all I need to do is, take a couple of pills. Not a scary deal at all.
  4. You can run into a mild accident like running into sharp things.
  5. It may hurt for the first week or so. You’ve given time to properly break in shoes and boots. Let your feet break into ground. It’s better than breaking into anything else.


  1. Your bones will strengthen over time.
  2. So will do your foot muscles, tendons and joints.
  3. You will need less comfortable shoes and boots. Moreover, you would not feel like needing the insane comfy ones. Do you know what happens to them who always wear extremely comfortable shoes? Yes, exactly what happens to couch potatoes. People lying in the softest beds like forever grow a softer and vulnerable body, vulnerable to everything else. Don’t get me wrong. I’m a fan of soft cushioned shoes. I adore them, I know that people need them and that need is not a fake one. But what I learned as a biotechnologist is as simple as this: you need to expose regularly to keep yourself fit and strong. To achieve that, you can wear the ones you want and go barefoot every day.
  4. No ESD or EH shoe can do it- you will get free radicals from bare ground. Free radicals will trigger your glands. Glands will trigger body fluids and from brains to blood vessels, good things happen.
  5. Nothing can shape your feet like natural terrains. Moreover, nothing can naturally support your feet like sand or soft moist ground. It’s huge. Just think of arch support. If you don’t get that from shoes, it is bad. But let me tell the truth, if you even get it from shoes it’s bad anyway. Feet are meant to support your body regardless of the terrains and your conditions. By doing that, you will strengthen your feet.
  6. There are psychophysical benefits as well. Ever thought why on earth people tend to drink just after sunset? Our cavemen, the ancestors were afraid of predators and venomous serpents after the sun went down. That genetic signal developed some parts of our brain. Just like that, humans get all the good psychological signals as soon as they get into nature. All those hikers, campers and gardeners are not nuts. Didn’t you see people living in the natural areas living the longest, strongest and fittest lives? You can never measure all the benefits of nature. These are so complex and diversified! We are yet to discover as complex and benefiting thing as nature. It’s not possible (I hate to say that something is impossible, yet I’m happy to say it here). Being in natural ground means being with water, green leaves, fresher air and more blue sky. Each of these have a primitive hence strongest goodness for our mind and body.
  7. There’s nothing like caring for living things. You’ve taken care of the dog. Now try this, touch leaves as you stand barefoot. Or, try non-living things. Rub some of the sands. I can’t tell you how powerful that thing is.
  8. Did you yet embrace meditation? If not, do it. It’s the best investment of your time. There’s nothing as valuable as your mind and body. Once you meditate for like three months, you will have control over your good deeds like control over thoughts and subconscious physical activities. Only then you can successfully meditate for as short periods as 30 seconds. Try that while you are on bare ground. Look at water right before closing the eyes. Or open the eyes facing green leaves. Breathe. Control your emotions and eradicate the worthless ones at that time. You will thank me later.

This is interesting:

They say that you should be barefoot for at least 5 minutes per day. I’ve taken that for granted. It makes me happier and more in control. I’ve seen things happening to my feet and that’s good transformation, my friend. Just don’t over-complicate things, like they do to meditation.

What I like the most to write? The articles I adore- I like to write them while I am offline. Completely cut off the internet. Surfing the net while writing certain things is a distraction. I’ve written a lot this way and I’m glad I did so. This one is completely out of the blue as well. It’s not like I know nothing about standing barefoot and I made it up myself. Rather, I’m passionate about all these and I’ve read lots and lots for the last couple of years. Sometimes I feel like writing things up and think that these will benefit you.

You gotta let me know what you thought. Sometimes it makes me feel like a jerk if I don’t get feedbacks. A superb life ahead, my friend.

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