Superb in 2021? Danner Pronghorn Hunting Boots Review


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Danner describes Pronghorn as their most iconic boot. We all know why!

Two decades, four generations, incredible features, a broad range of variations, constant up-gradation and continuous user satisfaction made Pronghorn fly high. These boots are suitable for hunting, hiking, jungle jobs, but you can handle them for any kind of field activity. Even people use them as preferred work boots.

Everything premium, handmade, excellent finishing. Danner boots cost more, but they give much.

Just don’t think twice. If you call for something like it, go for it blindly.

Danner Pronghorn Types Demystified

It’s a mystery. Danner shows 5, 6 or 8 Pronghorn boots while they have at least 9! There were 6-inch Pronghorns, but they are rare to spot out. No 6” boots are available on Danner’s official site, Amazon or anywhere else except on eBay. No more fuss about the 6-inch ones.

Let’s work on these nine.

Common Features in all the Pronghorns

  1. All are featuring Pronghorn outsole.
  2. Gore-Tex waterproof as well as breathable.
  3. They are formed out of CamoHide leather (1 pure leather upper and other 7 feature 1000 Denier nylon). Their unique leather ensures that the leather will not fade out or rub off any sooner.
  4. Comfortable energy returning TerraForce platform ensures spring-like steps while they do not desire the traditional extra weight.
  5. Pronghorn DPH-1 last means your glove-like heel fitting is ensured while the forefoot is anatomically sweet.
  6. They make the shanks with TPU which means these are not unnecessarily stiff, heavy or hard.
  7. These are mostly not recraftable.
  8. Pronghorns are men’s only.
  9. They also have a wide range of fittings and come in two different widths, medium and wide.

Features Common in 8” Pronghorns (8 variations, except the snake boot)

All of the 8” Pronghorns are in their fourth generation. Danner did a bunch of revisions on them. Here, for Pronghorn, the fourth generation means a lot. Collars can hurt no further. Extra padding, extra comfort. No more sweating within. The footbed is way lighter than earlier generations. More loops, more eyelets, semi-locking features ensure that they fit more like gloves.

Two 8” Brown Classic Pronghorn boots

No insulation

Brown All-Leather


Three 8” Realtree Xtra Pronghorn boots

Realtree Xtra Green

Realtree Xtra 400G Thinsulate Ultra Insulation

Realtree Xtra 1200G

Stunning buyer satisfaction. Finding something so popular is tough.

Three 8” Mossy Oak Infinity

Thinsulate Ultra Insulation

Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity 400G

Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity 800G

Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity 1200G

17” Snake Boot

no variations

These are not available insulated. The sense is clear, 17” snake means snake-bite protection. Snakes do not bite a lot during winter. On the flip side, 17” is a considerable height. It would keep your feet warmer in light winter. Insulation would have made it more cumbersome as well.

In-depth Review & Analysis of Danner Pronghorn Hunting Boots

ShoeAsk points:90 out of 100

Editorial Recommendation: Very high, best of the best for hunting

Remarks and Suggestions

The skin is hand cut, and hand stitched, everything put together with extreme caution. Cobbled with care. If you know the specs you need, go for it. Here’s an interesting old evaluation:

Better for

The surprising fact is that people wear them on plain concrete:

“Plain and simple. You can trust to handle any work environment, pay a little extra and invest in a pair.”

Whether you are preying on animals, birds (or sometimes even fish)… in the hot jungle, moist woods, muddy rivers or freezing white `deserts,’ Danner Pronghorn boots rock! Have a massive backpack on your shoulders? Trust them even for hiking on rough terrain.

Would you be able to handle these `hunting boots’ for your work? Well, we have seen guys carry them to work. People work in these for over two decades. Just one word, if your job requires steel toe or electrical hazard, these are not for you.

Cops use them from time to time, we’ve seen military men love them. Park rangers or forest workers adore them. The vast, diverse lands of good old big farms still adore Danner Pronghorn.

User, Expert and Trade Recognition

Points 5/5

It’s incredible that elderly hunters and professionals find these as comfortable as running shoes!

“I’ve hunted elk in the Rockies, grouse in the vast plains, and deer in Wisconsin many times, and these boots have never once failed me. I even fell in the Salmon River while hunting elk last week, and the only part of me that stayed dry and warm was my feet.”

But these hunt boots are not only for hunters:

“…many days at 20 and 30 below zero Danner 1200 has never let me down.”

Price vs. Durability

Points 5/5

What’s the lifespan?

We would have given them 10 out of 5 if it was possible. Pronghorns are extremely durable. If you wear daily, expect at least a couple of years. It satisfies users with the durability. If you put them on occasionally, well, after 4 to 5 years, people would assume that they are as new as six months old.

People easily carry them for 7-10 years.


Points 5/5

As we always say, comfort is a three Michelin star secret recipe with a pleasant smell and a better look.

Pronghorns are comfortable up to the mark, but why?

Wider toe box; lighter weight; softer areas on the collar, tongue and especially the tendon area. Great sewing, more great leather, no water pouring in and vast breathable area ensure satisfaction. The insole, midsole, outsole- all conform to comfort.

Need more comfort? The insert is ok, but you can try something better.

ShoeAsk article on comfort.

Water, Chemical and Spill Proof

Points 5/5

There is no question on waterproofing.

The Gore-Tex WP lining provides you with everything you need to stay dry and warm whether you are in rain, snow, streams or mud.

Slip Resistance

Points 5/5

They are meant to be slip resistant. You see, jungle and rocks demand greater traction.

Toe Box and Safety

Points 3/5

They do not bear steel or any other safety toe caps. The reason is clear, they are not formed for high-risk jobs. Having said that, the toe and ankle have the finest grade rubber padding. Wide, big and abrasion resistant which ensures safety to an extent. The anatomical forefoot gives ample room for the toes.

Break-in Time and Fitting

Points 5/5

They break-in pretty easy. Some find them broken in out of the box. Or you may need a little time so that the leather and footbed is molded around your feet.

“I put these on the morning after they arrived and long after sunset I realized that I had not changed to an older broken-in boot as planned. No blisters, no sore spots, wow everything about these boots I like.”

Pretty true to size, would fit as expected. Some may say they are a little bigger, but that’s because Danner makes the forefoot with the healthy wiggle room. The bottom line is, they will never hurt your feet and legs while breaking in or ever after.

Electrical Hazard

Points 2/5

Not exactly EH boots. Not meant for high-risk places. You should expect better electric shock safety from these as they are entirely waterproof and sort of sealing your feet off the ground.

Danner Pronghorn Hunting Boot

Stylish and Presentable

Points 4/5

Don’t they look perfect? They look perfect, feel great. There’s only one thing though- you cannot operate them everywhere.

Breathable and Insulation

Points 5/5

Better breathability than most of the breathable boots. If it is 50 degrees out there, feet will not sweat. They construct pronghorns in such a way you get the molding of leather and the breathable mesh. You can pick up the proper insulations as needed. From no insulation to 400/800 or even 1,200 gram.

Leather, Upper, Lace and Heel

Points 5/5

Uppers are nicely balanced between the leather and composite mesh. 1,000D nylon uppers mean they are sturdy yet soft on your feet. Something nearly indestructible. Awesome sewing. The eyelets would not pull out easily. It is common to notice the eyelets solid as a rock after several years. Nice, smooth, super durable premium leather. These are the skin you would love to take care of. Use a quality leather conditioner, and they will last even longer.

And their CamoHide leather?

Let’s deconstruct the name. The leather helps to camouflage your feet so that you can hide them from your prey’s eyes. Yeah, that’s a no-brainer.

A craftsman at Danner with 20-years experience shares some of their secrets:

“A Danner engineer mentioned to me some 20 years ago, you know, there’s no exception or compromise for experience. It takes experience to feel the leather. It takes a good hand to feel and a good eye to see. You have to know how to best use the tools.”

Tongue, Collar and Weight

Points 5/5

They look like tanks but will surprise you with the lightweight. The tongue is padded pretty accurately. Not longer, not shorter. Pronghorn collars are exceptionally comfortable with huge cushioning and anatomical cut.

Insole, Midsole, Shank and Arch Support

Points 4/5

Even their removable insoles are way too durable. Their triple density, open cell polyurethane Ortholite® footbed ensures enough cushioning. These are not as fancy as the `specialized’ insoles, but they do support the feet well. The removable soles also have excellent arch support. In our opinion, Danner could have provided better inserts. Nonetheless, users have a tendency of buying inserts of their own choice which makes the pre-loaded supplements useless.

Danner’s TERRA FORCE platform is also reliable. The TPU shank is better than the most.

Outsole, Construction and Sewing

Points 5/5

Pronghorn outsoles are giants. Even the exceptional treads look good. Their stitching is uncommon as well. Less sewing in the gore-tex parts means more waterproofing.

On the other hand, their upper parts are carefully sewn. The whole upper portion is at least double stitched. Toe and heel rubber liner, as well as lower pieces of the boot, is sewn thrice. Don’t stay full of mud on the sole.

You will not see accountable wear in the outsole tread even after two or three years. The rugged rubber outsoles perform well in diverse & uncertain terrain.

Anti-odor and Cleanable

Points 4/5

They are easy to clean and hard to get dirty. Waterproofing and breathability ensure that you will not get much stink. The only downside is, no bacteria-treatment.

Warranty, Return and Post Purchase Service Policy

Points 5/5

Danner’s warranty and return policy is stronger than the most. Rely on their service, they’re dependable without a doubt.

Brand Faith

Points 5/5

People just love Danner. Very few brands are still carrying the dependable heritage of U.S. made boots. There are three types of Danner buyers:

Some think that they should buy something like Danner or Red Wing.

Others decided to wear Danners, willing to obtain another pair.

The third are constant buyers. They use nothing but Danner.

Why not? People buy them, wear them out of the package to a longer hike and then forget the fact that these are brand new; yet to `break-in.’

check the deals or explore

Special and Uncommon Features

Points 4/5

Terra Force works great. 5 sets of eyelets and 3 sets of hooks for laces. Dependable since 1932.

And a lot more as we described earlier.


Points 4/5

To be honest, there are no serious cons. These are for hunting so you may encounter a little discomfort at the outsoles while climbing.

There is no steel toe or EH; other than these, they are perfect boots for work!

As the forefoot is intentionally wider, some find them loose.

It does not satisfy some old users with the newer generation, but that’s a common thing for almost every famous brand. Old users sometimes do not find the latest versions as familiar as they wished even though newer versions are more feature-packed.

Not all Pronghorn boots are made in the US. They don’t make every boot at home.

Editor’s Boost

Points 5/5

How can we not give Pronghorn a full five! Thirsty for a bit sharp comparison? Play this:

Close Alternatives

Popular Alternatives

Danner Men’s Vicious 8 Inch NMT Work Boot

Different and Uncommon

Timberland PRO Men’s Direct Attach Six-Inch Soft-Toe Boot

If you inspect the Danner Pronghorn, you’ll see what `fine finishing’ means. The overflowing influx of cheap `work boots’ create more and more rough, ugly looking casual footwear. They do anything but satisfying your eyes.

Danner, on the other hand, makes it clear. They choose everything with a curated caution. They test everything including the leather. Having said all these, the Danner Pronghorn is not high priced instead a user wins at this range. They will pay you back while walking on grass, mud, dust, debris and even concrete. Cactus or sharp obstacles can hardly pierce the boots.

“Traction on them make him feel like a mountain goat when hiking, reducing fatigue when hiking, fit as expected and have delivered on everything Danner stands for.”

Their production is a thoughtful piece of useful art which we can’t ignore

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