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Dansko Ingrid Clogs Review




Just like all Dansko shoes they are comfortable beyond expectation. Got the APMA seal of acceptance. Take good care of your feet, back, and knees. Have them on all day long and feel no pain at the end of the day. They are durable. Suitable for both professional and casual use. They are presentable. 

Types and Features of Dansko Ingrid Clogs 


White box 

Black box

Antique Brown

Antique Brown Oiled

Black Oiled

Common Features

  1. APMA seal of acceptance.
  2. A new level of comfort.
  3. Made with leather.
  4. Polyurethane sole.
  5. Odor control. 
  6. Leather or fabric upper.
  7. Padded instep collar.
  8. Stapled construction. 
  9. Roomy, reinforced toe box.
  10. PU outsole with rocker’s bottom
  11. The wide heel provides greater stability.

In-depth Review and Comparison of Dansko Ingrid Clogs Shoes

Remarks & Suggestions

These shoes are so supportive of your health that they are often recommended by physiotherapists as well as the orthopedic society. They can be of great use to professionals who have to work long hours. These shoes are sure to impress you with their extraordinary comfort. And they are generously durable. Once you fall in love with them, chances are you won’t want to go for another brand.

Better for:

Dansko Ingrid clogs are very good for teachers, nurses, restaurant workers, dental assistants, food service workers, and medical personnel. specially those who have to work long shifts, walking and standing all day.

User, Expert & Trade Recognition


These shoes have a whole lot of satisfied users, many experts also adore them. let’s see what they think.

“I have back and knee problems so my DPT (Doctor of Physiotherapy) recommended the Dansko brand for comfort, stability and support. This is a brand of shoe worn by many health care professionals who spend hours on their feet.”

“I wear these every day to work and just replaced my first pair after 7 years!”

“I have plantar facitis. I am having terrible problems with my feet. im between 7.5 and 8.any advice? Dansko shoes are recommended by the Orthopedic society.”

“Very comfortable and with the back strap my foot stays in place but also gives me more room for movement in a busy restaurant than the classic professional.”

Price vs Durability


They are very durable and worth the price. 

“The first pair I had lasted for nearly 20 years.” ok, that’s what we call durability!

“My last pair I wore for 15 years as a nurse in ICU, ED and Supervisor.”

“the original pair lasted me about 7 years before I replaced them.”

“My first pair has lasted me Almost 2 years with daily abuse, and they are still very wearable, just minor scuffs. These are by far the best shoes in quality and comfort I have ever bought..”

So, looks like durability isn’t something you should worry about while spending money on them.



Users say that these Dansko shoes are new levels of comfort! They can put an end to the pain in knee, leg and foot that come from long walks. Even though you may think they are parts of those long walks. You will be impressed by the Ingrid’s comfort and support just from the first use. And these shoes are true to size. 

so , comfort won’t be a problem.

Waterproof, Chemical resistance & Spill Resistant


They are stain resistant.

Slip Resistance, Oil Resistance & Non-Marking


These shoes are slip resistant. With their rubber sole, they work great in winter on wet or icy streets. 

Toe Box, Safety Cap & Abrasion Resistance


They have got roomy reinforced toe box for protection with plenty of wiggle room for your toes.

They are abrasion resistant.

Break-in Time & Fitting


These shoes have got very sturdy leather, so they require some break in period. Once broken in, they fit great.

Electrical Hazard & Static Dissipative


They have got none. 

Style & Presentable


They are presentable for both professional and casual use. Goes well with a pair of jeans. Users say, they look better in person than the picture. 

Breathable & Insulation


They are breathable and not very insulated. 

Leather, Upper, Lace & Heel


Good quality leather.

They have got leather upper.

Their wide heel provides great stability.

Tongue, Collar & Weight


Padded instep collar gives you comfort when walking. 

They are very light weight, though they’re sturdy and well-built.

Insole, Midsole, Shank & Arch Support


These shoes come with PVC inner frame that provides stability. 

Their arch Support is excellent. They are amazing for high arches. Helps  you to stand longer than ever. 

Outsole, Construction, Puncture Resistance & Sewing


They have got PU outsole with rocker bottom to propel foot forward and provide shock absorption.

They have good quality stapled construction. Their superior structure gives you a more upright posture while wearing them.

Anti-odor & Cleanable


They have got odor control.

They are super easy to clean. 

Warranty, Return & Post Purchase Service Policy


Brand Faith


Undoubtedly, Dansko is one of the most trusted brands, let’s hear from some users. 

“I have been wearing clogs since they were made out of wood. I have found Dansko shoes to be very consistent when they were made in Denmark. Since they have been farmed out to other countries, I still love them and I doubt I’ll ever buy another brand.”

“Dansko shoes are not only comfortable they are extremely well made. This is my second pair and I am sure I will continue to buy more. They are very comfortable and durable.”

Special & Uncommon Features


They have got the APMA seal of acceptance. They  promote good foot, leg and back health, allowing you to stand better, for longer.



You may get a  little disappointed with the stiffness and the firmness of the leather. 

Sometimes they can run too small which, of course, takes away from the comfort. You might find them wide enough but not long enough. “they run about 0.5-1 size smaller than the actual shoe size posted for this particular shoe”

Editor’s Boost


Dansko Ingrid Clogs will provide you with great quality and excellent comfort. 

They keep supporting your feet all day long. Relieves you from the pain of knees, back and feet causing from long walks. They are worth the price and totally worth a try. 

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