Dansko Men’s Professional Clogs Review


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Here’s the fact:

The word ‘Dansko’ means you don’t have to worry anymore if you’re going for clogs and mules. They’re so dependable! Speaking of their ‘Professional’ product line, you better rely on them blindly. And Dansko is not only for women, but they also make amazing shoes for men as well.

Dansko Men’s Professional shoes are favorite among certain professionals, mostly for their comfort and the surprising fact you can wear them for really long hours per day. These clogs make sure that your feet will be supported well. They’ve got decent looks also, so you can go here and there from work and not worrying about changing shoes.

There are tons more to know. Why don’t you have a look at the whole article? You will not get disappointed.

Types and Features of Dansko Men’s Professional Shoes


Cabrio Clog -Dansko Men’s Professional

Cordovan Cabrio -Dansko Men’s Professional

Patent Leather -Dansko Men’s Professional

Box Leather Clog -Dansko Men’s Professional

Antique -Dansko Men’s Professional

Standard Features of Dansko Pro Mules and Clogs

  • Very comfortable.
  • They are all made out of leather.
  • All of them provide shock absorption.
  • Suitable for a vast variety of workplaces and other purposes.
  • They have a spacious toe box.
  • They fit very well.
  • Great support all over including moderate arch support that helps your feet stabilized.
  • The shoes contain PU (polyurethane) outsole with a rocker bottom.
  • Men’s pro clogs help reduce foot stress.
  • They’ve got wide heel.

In-depth Review and Comparison of Dansko Men’s Professional Clogs

Remarks & Suggestions

It’s simple:

If you’re about to wear clogs or mules, go for Dansko Pro or Pro XP. You need not keep hunting for a suitable pair.

Better for

They’re perfect for hospitals and restaurants. Kitchen staff as well as waiters kind of love these shoes. They’re even suitable for pharmacists, good for offices and whatnot! You can travel, run and ride bicycles wearing them. Goes with jeans and blazer as well.

Is there a little back pain? Especially lower back? You should try them for a while. Yes, there are specialized pairs for back or knee pain, but guess what? These work well.

User, Expert & Trade Recognition


There are no less than several hundred users permanently into Dansko Pro: “I’ve bought 5 pair of these over my career.”

Dansko is very popular among users, mostly because they are super comfortable. People often use many pairs over time as it satisfies them with the support these shoes continue to offer them. They are perfect for those who have to stand all day or a very long time. They are not bad for medium distance running and cycling as well.

Some qualities these shoes have made them suitable for a vast range of workplaces. Qualities, such as proper support structure, thick sole, comfort, etc.

“Once properly broken in; however, these are the most comfortable shoes that I have ever bought for work. I walk and stand on my feet for 8 hours every day in a hospital.”

Some suggested that you should get your foot scanned by a store that sells them and try them on before you buy them online. Yup. It works. Buying Dansko for the first time? Scan them and rely on the size for later purchases.

Price vs. Durability


God level durability.

These shoes are durable. Some said they’ve got 12 years of constant use out of these, some even said they had a pair for 15 years! I mean that’s huge… and getting at least five years of service out of them seems pretty standard.

People don’t expect this much from a pair of clogs.

Now down to the expectations- you can surely hope to wear these for two to three years.



Pretty straightforward statement:

If you want to know one thing you won’t have to worry about at all while buying a pair of these, that will be a comfort. Well, obviously there are other good qualities of these pairs, but the support they provide, makes them stand out. You can work the whole day standing, running (sort of), traveling and so on without hurting your feet- thanks to Dansko pro. They support your feet really well. Many of the users described them as surprisingly comfortable! And that’s everything you wanna know.

Waterproof, Chemical resistance & Spill Resistant


They are not good in water and ice. You don’t need them to be out of the box. Get a waterproofing material from Amazon or get another pair for water and stuff.

Just don’t be left behind only because they’re not waterproof!

Patent leather is kind of water resistant.

Slip Resistance, Oil Resistance & Non-Marking


Let’s hear from some users:

“Yes, They are on oil, water and decent traction.”

“I work in nursing, and have found them to be slip-resistant.”

“the sole is terrible, on snow and ice.”

“The soles are rubber, but if a slick substance gets split on a hard surface floor, yes you might slip.”

Toe Box, Safety Cap & Abrasion Resistance


They have got a roomy toe box, and allow your toes to spread comfortably.

Clog users rarely look for steel toe and stuff.  And, they do not make the toe box exceptionally abrasion resistant.

Break-in Time & Fitting


Naturally, you need a little break-in period. Might feel a bit tough during the process, but once broken in, you are good to go.  

And about fitting? Just make sure you’ve found the right size, then you don’t have to worry about fitting. They fit as good as expected. You will find them not too tight or not too loose.

Electrical Hazard & Static Dissipative


They’ve got none. These are neither EH nor SD/ESD.

Those are rather technical features essential for industrial workspaces.

Style & Presentable


You know the deal:

Clogs are not meant to be as charming as possible.

They look good, speaking of clogs and mules, Dansko Pro is presentable and stylish.

Breathability & Insulation


They have got breathable perforated insole. You’re not getting something heavily insulated like made for snow and ice. On the flip side, they cover and protect the feet pretty well and are moderately supportive during winter.

The leather is somewhat breathable, not much though.

Leather, Upper, Lace & Heel


They are mostly made of 100% leather, and the leather is no doubt of perfect shape.

The wide heels provide you with high stability. They have got a protective heel counter allows the heel to move up and down freely.

Well, clogs are not meant to be laced. The upper support your feet well and comforts.

Collar & Weight


The shoes have a padded instep collar. They’re not THAT lightweight per se. They’re more on the sturdy and comfy side.

Insole, Midsole, Shank & Arch Support


These shoes contain perforated comfort insoles. They’ve got synthetic soles. Have anatomically contoured PU midsole,

And their arch support is excellent (which is, moderate and comfy).

The outsole, Construction, Puncture Resistance & Sewing


They’ve got shock-absorbent outsoles. Sewn construction provides them with godlike durability as we said earlier.

Good quality sewing and stapled construction. Dansko Pro is not that puncture resistant, and that’s a technical requirement which you might never need.

Anti-odor & Cleanable


You can clean them up easily. You should gently wipe the surface dirt off the leather, just use a clean damp cloth for that. They clean up very nicely with a wet cloth because of their smooth outer finish.

And they have got odor control.

Warranty, Return & Post Purchase Service Policy


Dansko’s official site says:

“If you believe there is a defect with the materials or workmanship, please contact the retailer about returning or replacing your shoes.”

Brand Faith



Dansko is one of the most trusted and popular brands, especially among workers. They keep wearing them over the years and obviously, there are good reasons for that.

“Most of the time I’ve been wearing them 20 years now in and out of the kitchen”

“I bought the same size as my previous pair I have had for 5 years”

“Looks good fits good-I’ve been wearing this brand to work for years”

So, it looks like you can rely on them.

Special & Uncommon Features


Dansko cares for your health. The shoes you wear, have effects on your feet and your health, so they make sure they’re promoting foot, leg and back health, and allow you to stand better and longer.



The shoes can run small or large, keep in mind they come in with narrow, regular and wide, so make sure to get the ones that suit you.

Editor’s Boost


We like them and that liking is not merely based on personal choices.

These shoes are the best when you have to stand all day or you are around an office environment. They are comfortable and fashionable, and also suitable for casual use.

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