Dansko Patricia Clogs Review


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These Dansko shoes are made with high-quality materials. They are known worldwide for their comfortable and supportive nature. They are popular among various professionals. Can be used casually as well. They are long-lasting and good looking. If you have to be working on your feet or walking all day long, you can give them a go. Have a look at the article for more detailed information. 

Types and Features of Dansko Patricia clogs


Black Oiled

Antique Brown Oiled

Common Features

  1. Super comfortable.
  2. It is made out of 100% leather. 
  3. Imported.
  4. Breathable.
  5. Very durable.
  6. Slip-resistant. 
  7. Abrasion-resistant.
  8. Individual stitching.
  9. Padded instep collar.
  10. Reasonably lightweight. 
  11. Spacious, reinforced toe box.
  12. Protective heel counter.
  13. It contains an anti-fatigue rocker bottom, which has energy return technology.
  14. Firm footbed provides full foot, leg, and back support.
  15. Natural leather sock lining ensures long-wearing, breathable comfort.

In-depth Review and Comparison of Dansko Patricia clogs

Remarks & Suggestions

Looking for something comfy and supportive to have on your feet whole day long? Go for them. These shoes will keep your feet, legs, and back pain-free. They are presentable and not at all too heavy. Perfect for everyday long hours of use. 

Better for:

These shoes are especially good for professionals such as kitchen workers, chefs, doctors, nurses, and other health care professionals. They are also suitable for teachers, cashiers, and grocery shop workers. It can be used as casual wear for going out, and walking.

User, Expert & Trade Recognition


These shoes have satisfied a vast number of users. Experts also love them. For example, doctors often wear them to their everyday duty. Let’s see what the users are thinking.

“They are the only shoes I can stand up all day and not have my legs and feet aching by evening.”

“This is my 6th or 7th pair of Dansko.”

“They are so cute on and are very comfortable. I am so happy with my purchase.”

“spend much of my day on my feet and these are fantastic shoes.”

“I completely understand why doctors wear these shoes!”

Price vs. Durability


We have to say, as always, these Dansko shoes are very durable. Many professionals wear them to work regularly for years, and they still serve great. Some say they have been using their pair for 5/6/7 years; some even say 20 years! That is a huge durability. These are absoutely worth the price. 



Dansko never lets you down when it comes to comfort. And they will eventually become more comfortable as you wear them. These particular Dansko shoes are also said to be extremely comfortable.

Waterproof, Chemical resistance & Spill Resistant


These are not waterproof

Slip Resistance, Oil Resistance & Non-Marking


They are slip-resistant.

Not very oil resistant. 

Toe Box, Safety Cap & Abrasion Resistance


As all Danskos, they have large and reinforced toe boxes. 

They are abrasion-resistant.

Break-in Time & Fitting

Naturally, you need to give them a break-in period. It can be two to seven days long. Some may find it a little difficult to break them in. Once broken in, they fit very well. 

Electrical Hazard & Static Dissipative


There is no EH or SD. And these features are not required in these kinds of shoes. 

Style & Presentable


Though it depends on your taste but based on user reviews, we can say they are presentable. Some find them very pretty and super cute. You can get a lot of compliments from your co-workers. Suitable for professional use, also goes well with jeans. 

Breathable & Insulation


These shoes are breathable and not very insulated. 

Leather, Upper, Lace & Heel


These are made of good quality, 100% leather.

Leather upper. 

Natural leather sock lining 

Protective heel counter for flexibility

Tongue, Collar & Weight


Their padded instep collar ensures extra comfort.

They are reasonably lightweight, though they will seem heavy at first glance. 

Insole, Midsole, Shank & Arch Support


Synthetic sole.

These shoes have single-density Polyurethane foam sock liner.

They have got contoured midsole for arch support.

The outsole, Construction, Puncture Resistance & Sewing


their PU outsole comes up with anti-fatigue rocker bottom, which arranges feet in a forward motion and absorbs shock. 

Good construction. It is individually stitched. 

Anti-odor & Cleanable


They are straightforward to clean. 

Warranty, Return & Post Purchase Service Policy


In short:

Dansko has a return policy only if their shoes have any manufacturing defects.

Brand Faith


Many of the users are wearing them for years after years. And Dansko didn’t let them down. They are the complete package with comfort, support, durability, and style. No doubt, it is a trusted and popular brand. Those who regularly use Dansko’s usually don’t want to change their shoes. 

Special & Uncommon Features


Their oiled leather gives you a good feel. They are supple, at the same time, not too soft.



They may feel hard to break in. 

Sometimes run narrow or too large. 

Editor’s Boost


Dansko shoes have made it easy for you to keep yourself on your feet all day. These are hand made shoes, so the fit varies between each pair. They are super comfy and supportive. Durable and worth the price. 

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