Dansko Professional Oiled (women’s and men’s) Shoes Review


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We’ve got some impressive facts here.

The word ‘comfortable’ goes really together with Dansko pro oiled shoes. You will find them pretty supportive; available for both men and women. Oiled clogs top the list when it comes to the Professional series. They continue to provide all-day support in a variety of workspaces. You can choose the suitable ones for you from the range of colors, sizes and width.

Oh, their durability! Go buy a pair and start counting the years.

Hang around if you are curious to know more.

Types and Features of Dansko Professional Oiled Shoes


Men’s Professional Oiled- Dansko

Women’s Professional Oiled-Dansko

Common Features

  • Unbelievably comfortable.
  • Very durable.
  • Provides excellent support for your feet all day long.
  • Wider heels.
  • Made of top quality leather.
  • Roomy toe box.
  • PU foam footbed that offers temperature control.
  • Rocker bottom propels foot forwarding and provides shock absorption.
  • Leather sock lining ensures high-wearing comfort.

In-depth Review and Comparison of Dansko Professional Oiled Clogs and Mules

Remarks & Suggestions

These clogs have those rare qualities, suitably recommended. Especially if you have to walk or stay all day long, give them a go! They are designed to follow the natural contours of most foot types. Their instep collar cushions your arch to let you walk with comfort. Pro oiled clogs ensure you can be on your feet all time without the risk of causing blisters.

Better for

Dansko Professional Oiled shoes are especially perfect for the medical field. As nurses and doctors often need to stand for protracted hours. These are a favorite among restaurant staff, waiters and chefs. Suitable for teachers and lab workers. They can also be used casually. Great for plantar fasciitis.

User, Expert & Trade Recognition


Dansko pro oiled shoes have got an enormous impact on users. Let’s see for ourselves:

“If you are walking on hard cement floors 12 hours at a turn. You need these shoes.”

“As a chef of nearly 30 years, this is the only shoe I will wear in the kitchen and I highly recommend you do the same.”

  • “I am an Emergency room nurse. I decided after 10 years of nursing to try these type of shoes. Now I probably will wear nothing else but these. I walk differently, stand different, my back doesn’t hurt, my feet don’t hurt at the end of the day.”
  • “These are great slip-on clogs. Dansko always produces quality products that fit right. They may feel slightly uncomfortable the first few times you wear them but stick with it. They’ll be fine after a few wears. Great for healthcare services and food & beverage services.”
  • “I used to wear ballet flats and my feet always ached after walking for a slow hour, I went to the podiatrist he said to make sure I wear good, supportive shoes with plenty of room in the toe box. Then he looked at my Danskos and said, “Like those! Perfect!” I have a couple of other pairs.”

Now we know what these mules are convenient for. Even therapists recommend them. They are amongst the very few very best shoes for long hours of walking or standing.

Price vs. Durability


Well, we can surely say they are ultra durable. You won’t regret trying them out.

“My first pair of Danskos I had for twelve years,” this means excellent durability!

“I had my last pair for 7+ years.”

  • It satisfies chefs- “full-time chef the past 16 years.”
  • “I am on my 4th pair in maybe 16 years.”
  • They seem to perform excellently on the medical field:
  • “My previous pair lasted everyday use in the operating room for 6+ years.”
  • “These shoes last for 2 to 3 years with regular wear in an ICU.”
  • “They are durable and never let me down.”

Of course, you know best when you try them yourself.



Dansko shoes are exceptionally pleasant. You don’t have to run the risk of ending up hurting your feet after a lengthy day. Let me tell you one thing for comfort, they top the list. You can find them comfortable at any time of the year. Do your feet a favor and try them on. Your feet deserve to be treated effectively.

Waterproof, Chemical resistance & Spill Resistant


As they are made of oiled leather, they may be prone to water stains and such.

These are found to be moderately waterproof, though. Just don’t rely on ‘a bit wp’ feature and get them waterproof if you need to, there are plenty of products out there, and those are cheap while they serve nicely. The surface is moisture-resistant.

Chemical resistant? To some extent. Better than the cheap and fragile pairs. They handle spills pretty well as they’re oiled.

Slip Resistance, Oil Resistance & Non-Marking


They are slip resistant. People use them on labs, kitchens, and hospitals- what would you expect from them? Yes, first and foremost, skid-free clogs. Yup, they can handle oil beneath the soles well. Kind of non-marking- they don’t leave huge impressions on the floors.

Toe Box, Safety Cap & Abrasion Resistance


The forward boxes take proper care of your toes. They have roomy reinforced toe boxes for protection. You’ll find plenty of wiggle room there. Steel or composite toes? Nope. And, moderate abrasion resistant, not of industry and construction environment quality of course.

Break-in Time & Fitting


You require to give them time for breaking in. They get better every time you use them. Apparently, just 4 or 5 days will do. You may find them a bit tight when they’re new, but that’s not a problem, because they will loosen up after several days of use. Good, well-treated leather acts this way. There’s one good news though:

Give them a little break and they will get comfortable beyond your expectation; that includes fitting as well.

Electrical Hazard & Static Dissipative


There is none. They do not require these qualities where you use your Dansko Pro Oiled though.

Style & Presentable


These shoes come up with good looks and styles, and have a variety of heel heights. Won’t make you uncomfortable while using casually, though they are rather made for some professional users.

Breathable & Insulation


They have mid-level breathability. Comparatively low insulation as they’re not meant to be for a harsh winter.

Leather, Upper, Lace & Heel


The upper is smooth, made out of supreme class oiled leather.

Comes in a range of heel heights that are wide and strike for greater stability. The TPU heel counter allows the heel to move up and down freely. No laces whatsoever.

Tongue, Collar & Weight


Padded instep collar provides comfort while walking.

Got padded anatomical footbed.

They are not very lightweight. Too light shoes can’t provide what Pro Oiled provides.

Insole, Midsole, Shank & Arch Support


Got contoured leather insole. PU inner frame reduces torque and provides stability. Their excellent, not-so-high and not-so-low arch support will comfort you.

They have shock-absorbing midsoles.

The Outsole, Construction, Puncture Resistance & Sewing


The PU outsole with rocker bottom is shock-absorbent, made of rubber. Propels foot forwarding.

Good sewing, great construction!

And you know that they are not for industrial use, they don’t really require puncture resistance.

Anti-odor & Cleanable


They are easy to clean, you can remove stubborn dirt with a damp cloth. Dansko Beeswax Conditioner will help you weatherproof them.

You can also use a damp soapy cloth or sponge to remove surface dirt (which, we don’t recommend unless they’re really messed up). Rubbing light scuffs with fingertips can help as well. And these help you keep the feet odor-free.

Warranty, Return & Post Purchase Service Policy


This happens rarely, but you can return them and there are some conditions as usual.

Brand Faith


Hands down; Dansko isn’t a brand that lets you down, users satisfied for many years have proven that.

“I have worn these shoes for the past 10 years. I don’t wear anything else.”

“I have been wearing them in professional kitchens for 20 years”

Looks like you can really trust this brand, let’s look at some more user reviews:

“I’ll buy another pair when these wear out.”

“I have been wearing Danskos for many years in a professional kitchen.”

“I’ve been wearing them for about 15 years! I’m looking forward to the next 15 years!”

“I’ve been wearing them since nursing school in 1997”

Special & Uncommon Features


  1. Women’s ones got antimicrobial foam cushioning.
  2. They have got non-allergenic leather sock lining for great-wearing comfort.
  3. They are perfect for bad backs.
  4. They hold their shape to keep your feet comfortable during long hours of standing.
  5. They carefully select Dansko DNA materials and construction to let you keep good foot, leg and back health. Thus help you to stand better, for longer.



  • They might run small: “I would definitely recommend going to get sized before ordering.”
  • They are stiff at first, sturdy all around the year and still pleasant.
  • You need to make sure you are choosing the correct style because each version is intended for different kinds of users.
  • So, as long as you keep in mind, finding the right size and style, you are good to go.

Editor’s Boost


These shoes are comfortable and supportive; exceeding your expectations. Especially if you are in a profession where you have to stand all day, go for them! They are manufactured of high-quality materials and a variety of colors, designs and sizes. They also include narrow and wide widths. Doctors and health care professionals love them. And the most amazing fact is yet to come- many medical professionals recommend men’s and women’s clogs to help relieve plantar fasciitis!

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