Dromedaris Women’s Kara Boots Review


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Dromedaris International is a Swiss company, but Women’s Kara Boots are Handcrafted in Portugal.

These are vibrant, colorful. You will get around 19 different colors. Dromedaris officially features 8 types of kara boots with various colors.

Mid-height boots are highly demanding, but it can be a challenge to find the right pair for you.

They got a rocker bottom for enhanced walking motion and less strain on the back. Dromedaris thermoplastic rubber is unique, a mixture which is soft and gummy.

Removable “3D Technology” is the most mentionable feature of Kara.


Common Features

Handcrafted in Portugal.

They got real leather upper with embroidery

Side-zipping is available for easy entry.

Lateral stability and arch support ensured by  Removable `3D Technology’ footbed which offers shock absorption and soft cushioning.

The outsole is made with thermoplastic rubber.

Interior linings are come out with breathable fabric.

Interior leather and faux fur linings are present too.

They got round toe.

 Heel height: 1 ¾”/Heel height: 4,5 cm /1 ¾”.

 True size fitting.

Kara [15170] -12colors

-Black, Violet, Red, Olive, Cognac, Taupe, Chocolate, Saddle, Teal, Slate, Mandarin, and Forest colors are available.

– Imported leather and lug sole.

-The shaft is measured approximately  8″ from arch.

– Termination Zipper and removable footbed and Arch Support ensured.

Kara Denim [15389 ] -2 colors 

-Beige and taupe colors are available.

– The sole is rubber along with Leather.

-The hole is measured 6.3″ from arch.

Kara Flower Print [15334] -3 colors

-Coral, Ivory and cobalt colors are available

-these are relatively fashionable and presentable enough

Kara Met[15170] -5 colors

-Black, Saddle, Olive, Violet and Slate colors are available

-they are  fashionable and presentable enough

-Especially the Saddle colors are most fashionable and presentable than all other Kara Met

Kara Met Emboss[15338] -4 colors

-Beige/Platinum, Grey, Nude and Ivory colors are available

-Unique level of comfort, combined with the latest in European fashion

-Created the “Possibly the “Lowest Carbon Footprint” Shoes on Earth” concept.

-Used Highly eco-friendly materials while manufactured.

Kara Print[15170] -9 colors

-Black,Chocolate,Saddle,Teal,Red,Olive,Violet,Mandarin and Rusty colors are available

– They got lug sole. 

-The shaft is nearly 5.9″ from arch

-Heel Height: 1 1/2″

-Shaft Height: 5.9″ (size 7.5)

-enclosure: 9.84″ (size 7.5)

-Their  linings are leathery with faux fur for blissful softness and breathability 

-A very stylish last with generous toe room gives this style the perfect fit

Kara Safari[15330] -2 colors

-Beige and Brick colors are available

– Coolness and comfort linings 

Kara Shearling[ 15405] -6 colors

-Black, Red, Olive, Cognac, Chocolate and Slate colors are available.

-Kara Shearling is the most gorgeous in Kara’s family.

-Their Fashion and Presentability is outstriped all other Kara boots.

In-depth Review and Analysis Of Dromedaris Women’s Kara Boot

ShoeAsk points: 62 out of 100

 Editorial Recommendation: Very High

Remarks & Suggestions

Women’s Kara boots are the short padded lace-up boot for extra adjustability. And they have an inside zipper for easy entry and soft waxy leather to be twisted to give it a creased effect.

These boots are really soft on the inside.

The shoes have delicate padded lining like velvet but no fur.

It is not a snow boot either.

Better for:

Recommended for professionals like teachers and longtime walkers. Especially recommended for the people who are standing and walking all day long.

User, Expert & Trade Recognition

Points 5/5

 We’ve listed a couple of note from the owner for you to consider:

-They survived a weekend in NYC with rain, and my feet stayed toasty and warm.

-Cushy feel, made my foot look small and fashionable while still have a secure flat fit.

-Felt Great from the first wear, NO break-in required!

-I adore these boots!

– First, I am not an easy one for finding shoes (or boots) that fit well, and without pain.

– I have plantar fasciitis, had a partially torn plantar fascia, in addition to recovering from a sprained ankle.

– When I first received these boots, I wore them around the house for a few hours (experienced mild arch support, but that is from my foot issues, not the boots).

– The next day (today), I have worn these boots all day with NO PAIN!

– Did I mention how extremely cute you will find these boots?

FABULOUS! It’s like putting custom-made leather gloves on your feet! Great fit, divine comfort and warmth, too. Whoever designed this foot pattern absolutely KNEW what they were doing. Thanks for promoting happy feet!

Price vs Durability

Points 5/5

We inspected gravely about Kara’s durability opposed to price and discovered them well worth the money.

They are worth every penny you spend on them, and more!


Points 5/5

We prioritize comfort as our major review work. Kara also had to go through this process, and our editors’ team intensely scrutinized the comfort level of these boots.

What’s the outcropping?

Almost all the users have given 100% positive feedback on comfort which is astonishing.

Kara gets you comfort satisfaction with or without socks. Especially the footbed is ridiculously comfortable with significant arch support.

If someone has to stand or walk all day long, easily they can consider kara.

Water, Chemical & Spill Proof

Points 3/5

Not to be confused with snow boots, but they are perfect on the ice.

Although waterproofing facilities are absent in Kara, they are high-quality cozy boot that keep your feet warm and get you comfortable in colder weather.

Slip Resistance

Points 4/5

Not only outsoles but also high heels have ensured slip resistance.

Their Outsole with thermoplastic rubber pattern has designed well. These are enough to protect you on slippery surfaces. These will ensure flexibility as you walk.

Toe Box & Safety

Points 3/5

All sort of Kara has a roomy toe box with stylish design and excellent quality leather.

Users didn’t find them to be particularly narrow.

No safety toe features in Kara and the reason behind that is Dromedaris didn’t make kara in favor of critical working condition. They’re preferably for a casual and light working environment.

Break-in Time & Fitting

Points 5/5

They need less break-in time. Pretty comfortable. Fit true to size.

Electrical Hazard

Points 0/5

Electrical hazard feature is unspecified. We’ve not found any info about EH.

Fashion & Presentable

Points 4/5

Kara has beautiful craftsmanship, and They are very fashionable even with the slightly lower heel.

‘Kara Flower Print’ is presentable enough but ‘Kara Met Saddle’ color is worth enough to consider as more fashionable than flower print.

Over and above our editors found that 6 different colors of ‘Kara Shearling’ have a great outlook.

Breathable & Insulation

Points 4/5

Our survey says that Kara has got enough breathable and insulation facilities. Faux fur linings as well as roomy toe box deep-rooted the insulation and breathability.

Leather, Upper, Lace & Heel

Points 5/5

They have excellent quality leather with stylish design, and the upper is Soft with waxy leather

They got short padded lace-up for extra resilience, and they won’t go slack or crank

The decent heel is enough to get you a little lift and style, and don’t concise comfort a mite.

Echoed from users, “The heel height is perfect, and the orthotic insoles make me feel like I’m walking on air.”

Tongue, Collar & Weight

Points 4/5

Kara got noticeably long tongue and collar which enable to get you variant comfort.

Their weight is almost 5 pounds relatively.

Insole, Midsole, Shank & Arch Support

Points 4/5

Their 3D technology which is an excellent tech with the latest in European fashion outcrops a soft cushioned insole to get you big comfort,

3D Technology also offers a Significant Arch Support, and approximate shaft measure is 8″ from arch.

Outsole, Construction & Sewing

Points 5/5

Kara’s outsole has made of Thermoplastic rubber, a special rubber mixture that is soft and gummy.

We found Removable “3D Technology” footbed for lateral stability and arch support on Kara’s construction and shock absorption with soft cushioning too

Sewing is perfect, and It also includes a leather welt with heavy stitch.

Anti-odor & Cleanable

Points 4/5

As the footbed is removable, they are cleanable enough. There is no antimicrobial treatment características on Kara.

Warranty, Return & Post Purchase Service Policy

Points 0/5

Brand Faith

Points 5/5

If it has to say about Brand Faith, Dromedaris gets A+ grade on faithfulness.

On the other hand, lots of positive reviews and less of critical reviews indicates about brand faith.

Special & Uncommon Features

Points 4/5

What I love most is the inner sole is very comfortable and seems to be similar in design to an orthotic but soft and comfy.

It has been painted and brushed to give it the leather stack finish.

has a rocker bottom for enhanced walking motion and less strain on the back and they got quality materials and construction, and they have lots of fabulous styles and colors.


Points 2/5

One down side, if you use these as work shoes, get shoe inserts; after 4 hours the bottom of my feet started hurting.

 Size-wise they are a bit lose.

I ordered these boots three times (from 2 different vendors). The boot fit was excellent, but the color was not as advertised.

The central part of the show was not olive but brown. How disappointing!

Editor’s Boost

Points 5/5

In my honest evaluation, I have to give Dromedaris Kara 5 out of 5.

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Highly recommended. They are such a nice looking style and look adorable enough with leggings, jeans, or even a skirt. Overall, they’ll make you very happy with their excellent quality materials and construction.

And also it has to be mentioned again that, “they have lots of fabulous styles and colors to select from.”

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