Living up to the Hype? Fiebings Mink Oil Paste (Condition and Protect) Review


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It’s insanely popular. I’m not too excited about this mink oil paste, but I know it will do what it’s meant to do. I wondered why it’s selling so well and figured it out:

  • It’s cheap as hell. Most of its competitors have failed to maintain this insane price tag.
  • Moreover, it’s not bad at all.
  • Fiebing’s is an old brand.
  • The selling and reviewing has created a snowball effect.
  • Most of the users don’t have a stellar expectation and it does the job.

“I’ve used this product for decades, and it has served me well – Highly Recommended.”

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Another useful evaluation:

“I was looking around and researching what was the best mink oil to use for my leather knife sheaths and boots. After a few hours of looking around I came upon this brand and make of Mink oil and everything I read about it was positive and was even recommended by a few youtubers who used it on their knife sheaths. The product was very easy to apply using a hairdryer to warm the leather before applying the mink oil to the leather. After rubbing the mink oil into the heated leather I found that my work boots were much more flexible and the leather of my knife sheaths looked brand new once again. This Mink oil is the way to go for sure and if you have been searching for something that wont hurt your leather knife sheaths or new work boots then your search is over friend. I will definitely be purchasing more of this and plan to use it for years to come. It will darken leather a bit so your fancy yellow work boots will go brown but that is the price you pay for waterproofing and a leather protector.”

He knows what works and what doesn’t.


“I have been smearing this on everything. I bought a pair of leather sandals that were too tight… I bought this Mink oil and smeared a little on each sandal, then wore the sandals around the house for a couple of days… The sandals now are probably the most comfortable shoes I have.

I also have a pair of very nice heavy leather boots. They have always been too stiff and uncomfortable for me to be able to wear them enough to break them in. So again… much more flexible and are quickly breaking in.

Lastly, I bought a pair of slippers that fit great, except the part that wraps around my ankle was a little tight, this seems to be doing the trick for them too…”

Better Options

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 Go for them, but know what you’re doing (I mean, read this article thoroughly), and you’ll be happy.

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