The Simplest Ways to Shine in the Restaurant Industry


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I know, I know, you do not do it as a career. Most of us don’t unless we have a passion for cooking. Whether you are in server, bartender or kitchen job, you are not here since eternity, and you will not be here for long which leads to the first point-

  1. Be great at work today, even if you quit tomorrow. We plan to quit, and we can’t manage it early. So, keep the spirit up; reputation matters.
  2. Tear the sad mask if there is any. Put your pressure, anxiety or tension away while doing it.
  3. If you don’t like your job, don’t let others feel it. It’s the worst-case scenario. The owner will feel almost like cheated, your co-workers will feel colder, and even the customers will feel so. I don’t know why, but that’s what happened all the time I saw an unhappy man doing his job. Anywhere. I was always like, ‘Why the hell am I here? Get me somewhere warm.’

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Everybody on earth will be pissed off of you, and you will be left wondering why everything sucks around your job. As we’ve said earlier, either you need passion or you must consider the profession. Passionate cooks always love to have the best quality cookers to handle his/her work.

  1. Try to figure out how the business runs and profits. It would benefit you in many ways-
  • You may have a plan to start a restaurant business.
  • Maybe you have no intentions of doing it yet perhaps you will come up with a great idea over time, and while planning a little startup, a restaurant would most probably pop up in your mind. Things work this way. I’ve seen it several times. People tend to do what they’ve known professionally.
  • Say, you do not have a plan, and you would not start doing it. If you try to figure out everything a business has, it will help you run ANY business.
  • If you know how the business runs, you will definitely be able to impress the customers and the owner.
  • Let’s come to the very best point now. If you know how it works, you will be able to assist it in a hundred ways. That will lead you to good connections, and from there you can easily switch your job, get a promotion, find a partner, find another business or job sector that is easier or more fruitful and God know what more which leads us to-
Work boots have more balance than work shoes.

2. Always try to remember a client’s or coworker’s name and face. It is still better to remember their preferences. Okay, at least the face.

3. Greet whenever you meet someone with a warm, friendly gesture and a smile.

4. Yes, friendly is the key. Don’t be a robotic person who ‘just’ serves. If you’ve learned that you don’t have to be friendly, rather you have to be assisting, forget it. It is like screaming, ‘I’m nobody, forget me, erase me and please do it quickly. I have nothing to do with your preference or even attention.’ No help is as welcome as a friend’s. If you keep assisting, people working with you or coming as a guest will forget you sooner. Nope, instead, they will never even notice you. A person unnoticed is a person who is not welcome.

5. Obviously, you don’t have to be `that’ friendly like you’re buddies for eons you know! He or she has something else to do around here.

6. Don’t be too formal. Don’t be the oldest buddy. Pick a sweet spot between those two.

7. Act as if you are on the client’s, co-worker’s or owner’s side. Actually, I should not have used the word `act,’ I should have used `be’ on their sides. There’s no way around.

8. While suggesting food, don’t be a douche bag. Feel free to say, `I like it the most’ or, `This was the drink I found satisfied people the most.’

9. Never ever be too pushy. If you push someone to keep buying or eating, it will irritate him or her. If you have a covert mission to uplift sales, do it biologically. Biological? Yup! Say, this goes best with that or I drink that with this or, that will help digestion a lot.

10. How you always look matters. Don’t be a copy of everybody else or don’t be the odd one. Be yourself and be the better image.

Here’s a straightforward tip:

Always try to wear something exotic. Maybe pricey. Maybe something from a big brand. It could be your watch, the cell phone, your glasses or the pair of shoes you are wearing.

Don’t think you can’t afford one.

Most of the time, you don’t feel the urge to wear one. It’s always like, `why would I? I’m in a dull situation, I will get out of here and have something I like.’

Most of us wear fancy goodies outside.

It’s like, we need to be noticed outside work. We need to be greeted or appreciated or complimented or valued outside our profession. Nope, big mistake. Take this, you spend most of your time at work, and that’s where you need to be valued. Just wear those things at work and see how things turn around. People like to see you or everyone else the other way. They want to either complement or ignore. You would never let the latter happen to you.

Just have a plan for the next Black Friday, Cyber Monday, clearance sale, year-round sale or whatever it is.

You know what? Nobody’s gonna notice whether you are wearing something used. Everything’s used over time. Time is the best user. Just don’t tell them you bought that shit off eBay’s old goodie shelf. Just pretend as if it was yours forever.

  1. Speaking of compliments, you need to do it too. It’s not flattery. People always like to hear that someone likes what he or she likes which leads us to the next point-
  2. Discuss hobbies at work. Yup, there are jerks always discussing their favorite NBA stars. You don’t need to be like that. Just know that you can discuss everybody’s hobby with one or two punch lines which is always good.
  3. Restaurants, bars, and cafes are that place where people like to chat a lot. Your workplace is a talk-station. Don’t be afraid of speaking out. Words push appetite. They push more and more peptic juice. Words sell more food and drink.
  4. Never ever keep standing near a guest’s table or chair even if she or he is alone.
  5. And you know very well it is unethical to listen to them or looking at their phone screens.
  6. Try to serve the opposite sex. It worked in the past and will keep working unless humans find something better than reproduction, just kidding-
  7. Punch line sublime jokes, can you do that? I can’t. I suck at it as you’ve seen earlier. Most of us can’t, but we can’t ignore the weight of happy smiles and wits. You can grow it. Stand up comedy’s the best for that.
  8. At whatever work you are, always do this: Stretch your body every hour or two. It will increase the right body fluids which will eventually trigger the smarter version of you. Try this and let me know, I’ve seen it work like a charm.
  9. Freshen up with a splash of water over your face. You just don’t know how it would benefit you. Girls do it but we boys, we sometimes find it sissy which is terrible for us. If you wash your face and hands every two/three hours, your anxiety will wash away, extra body heat will go as well, facial wrinkles and all expressions of disgust will fade, you will look fresher and warmer thus attractive to others which, well, sells.
  10. Have you ever tried to take two a deep breath every now and then? It rejuvenates you.
  11. Try to shut the eyes down for 30-60 seconds after every couple of hours or so.
  12. If you are bad at timing, well, get over it. Maybe you did not push enough in the earlier days. Perhaps you thought it’s not worth THAT attention. You, my friend, were wrong. Whatever you do, how small that work may be, it’s your work, and you are always precious so that work is precious as well.
  13. Is the owner a bad one? Yeah, I know, he/she’s damn social and gentle around business prospects or friends and family. The only gloomy face somebody sees is yours. Sometimes it’s the worst face. Let’s face it, the owner feels insecure. That’s what happens to businessmen. Most of them always think so. He feels that you would never look after the sales rate, you would never take care of the grocery, you would never prepare or serve it at an optimum level. You know what? You would never care as much as he does. That’s kind of true. You can only do it if you get to know the business, the investments, and the outcomes. You will feel that just place yourself in his place and try to survive or grow with this business, gain his perspectives, dreams and most importantly, expenditures- you will feel the responsibilities. Only then, my friend, you rock as a rock star.
  14. Don’t take things or words personally. People who suck at everything else, don’t forget to eat or drink. If it is alcohol, bad things loom around the hallway. Unhappy people or wannabes try to hurt others. A cheap person came out with a girlfriend, and his date sucks big money? Well, he’s pissed off. Or maybe he’s thinking he’s spending so he deserves to say something rude. Rude people with a girlfriend always have a fragile ego. They may try to impress the girl by trying to play tough. Just ignore their expressions and keep shining. It is none of your problems. It’s not about you, it’s about the sucker.

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