Kill Stress Like Deadpool and Increase Productivity (maybe, money is what I mean)


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Ready to rock and roll? Me too! What the hell happened to you right after you’ve crossed your twenties (or maybe, you did not feel that until you’ve forsaken workout)?

Is that the way? Is that the universal law that from your thirties, you start becoming stinking shit? NO! It’s you are allowing all these things to happen to you.

Okay, enough beating around the bush. These articles are supposed to be dead simple. Unbumpy and straight as an operational runway.

What does stress do to us?

I’m not gonna define stress. Wikipedia does that better, and we know the best. Stress is when you feel like stinking shit as I told you earlier.

Whenever stress takes over us, we feel as if we are successfully zombified. If you do not prefer that word, maybe haunted? Or at least, enchanted?

Why and when do you feel stressed?

Let’s make it like a list, like a simple one-

  1. Whenever you are not energized.
  2. Your body can’t support work anymore (there’s a bit difference in #1 and #2. See, maybe your body can support the work by itself, but your current energy level can’t).
  3. Or you are not motivated to do that, by yourself.
  4. Or, your body can’t generate the right amount of energy.
  5. Or, it can’t heal appropriately while you are resting.
  6. The environment does not motivate you.
  7. Last but not least, you’ve taken stress for granted (look, what you’ve done to yourself!).

Believe me, fidget spinner or any other funky toy can’t bust your stress. You can by doing these:

Start Breathing, Sweating and Panting- Everyday

Not like your favorite pet. Anyways, he doesn’t sweat. Speaking of the dog, did you see how energized it is? That’s partly because he breathes and pants like there’s no tomorrow.  

Oh, and you know what every day is, don’t you? Every day is five days a week, like workdays.

I’ve written an easy breezy article on workout. Check that out, and we’re taking it farther away from there…

Some of the healthy food…

There, I’ve shared a mad story of mine. You can forget it and eat some of the healthy foods. My formula was, eat healthy food whenever you are not eating a meal. That was the deal.

Create your healthy deal and if you find it enjoyable, stick to it.

What Happens after You Do that for 15 Days?

You start forgetting who you are. Or, at least, who you were 15 days ago. That’s what starts happening. That’s what happened.

Let me tell you my story (a real one):

I was a perfect fatty specimen. Not the extreme one, not the obese one, but the usual daily fatty one like every third guy walking or glooming around us. (Yup, you need to do that, if you respect your fat, they’re not gonna leave any sooner.)

Our apartment’s on the fifth floor. You know what happened to me whenever I took it the hard way (stairways)? I’m keen on timing and numbers. If I tell you I had to rest for 25-30 minutes, you better take it seriously. That’s where my fitness was.

After two weeks, I felt like walking.

I had to go five kilometers, and I thought, what about a quick walk? That thought was effortless. Spontaneous. I did not prefer getting at something. It’s not like there was a problem or something uncanny. I just did not think of taking a ride. I started walking, and I felt good. I kept walking, and you know what happened, I felt better. After reaching the destination, I felt the best.

It’s not like I had a plan of walking. I did not even think about that earlier. It just came into my mind like somethin’ obvious. Irresistible. Inevitable. I did not believe that a quick walk would benefit me. I thought nothing, I just felt like walking.

Afterward, maybe one or two days later, I took a 10 KM walk for fun. That was not workout time. I had to go for some business or to meet a friend. I was not heavily panting, I was not tired, I did not feel ANYTHING. Yes, I was heavily sweating till the ninth kilometer. I had to slow and cool down for the last 500 yards. And I felt awesome after that walk.

Then I told myself, what about a 15 KM quick walk? I did that. Sometimes I forgot about the fun, and whenever I would take a ride, I felt something like not taking that.

A few days passed by and one day I took a 35 KM quick, sweaty walk. It felt awesome as always.

Back then, I was 33 years.

What’s the point, again?

When you take a 35 KM quick walk with no ‘practical’ reason, enjoy the views along the way and feel like enjoying all the way- exactly then you’ve accomplished the untouchable. (It was untouchable for me 3 weeks earlier. I most probably would have slapped someone telling me I’m gonna enjoy a 35KM quick walk without any reason while going for something important just after three weeks.)

See, what I did?

I killed the beast. And took the beast’s layer, along with its throne. I became the beast. Wanna know the name of that beast? Stress. I killed it with the superpower of enjoyment. You are free to call it fun.

And here comes Dead Pool. I don’t like him, he’s a shame in the name of superheroes. Not glorious, not heroic, not good-looking, I can’t like him, and I have Dead Pool 2 downloaded in my PC, and I did not watch it yet. Why the hell would I say his name? Okay, he is full of fun- fun loaded for himself. And he’s anything but stressed.

However, there was one downside though, I became a stress for people watching me.

Guys around me forgot to say, Hey, how’s it going?

And said, how do you do (that kind of filthy shit effortlessly being yourself)?

Did you get me? To kill stress, you must embrace fun as your ultimate, last weapon.

Want to take it to the next, higher step?

Just check it out.

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