Kiwi 100% Horsehair Shine Brush Review


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It’s the #1 best-selling horsehair brush, yet, the brush is merely “quality” (not trash), but definitely not “High Quality” with two capital letters. Yes, Kiwi is not giving most of the users red. But for the brand, I’m personally disappointed. And keep in mind that you can still get the brush and you can still be happy with what you pick up. 

Don’t see why Kiwi officials are doing it to themselves. They had been reigning the shoeshine market for so long! They have loyal buyers all over the world! I rely upon Kiwi polish like there is nothing else.

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What I was trying to tell is, they’ve downgraded everything to make cheap-price-tag brushes. I don’t see why they need to. Kiwi can double the expenses on each brush and charge us double. We would buy them anyway. Brand matters.

Having said all of those harsh words, it’s somewhat unique in one point; Kiwi does something excellent:

They don’t trim the tips of the horsehair. Which means you’re getting even softer, gentler bristles. Most of the companies trim the tips, and by that, they harden the  


“Pleasantly surprised and definitely would buy again. Great quality product! The item was delivered faster than expected and just as described. It did the job it was intended to do and as a result, I’m a satisfied customer. Although I was initially reluctant to order this product after reading all the negative reviews regarding faulty bristles, excessive shedding, and it being too small in size, but after testing the product myself, I was pleasantly surprised and impressed with how well it polished my shoes. And to that effect, not a single bristle broke off during use nor was there any shedding present. Not to mention, I thought the size was just fine as it wasn’t too big to handle and was small enough for me to have a firm grasp while using so I’m not sure what other reviewers are referring to since I thought the size was normal. With the exception of a few loose hairs that were sticking out of brush when I first opened the package, this item well exceeded my expectations and I’d definitely recommend it to others as well as continue to purchase it in the future myself.”

  1. It’s selling very well. Number one bestseller for horsehair brush for a long time and there are no other brushes in this category nearby.
  2. Amazon’s choice.
  3. Kiwi is a great brand, a trusted one.
  4. Brush, buff, polish, clean, or keep dirt away.
  5. Users are mostly glad. They’re not bringing the sky down on Kiwi.
  6. As it is short and narrow, you can reach hard regions and focus on delicate parts.
  7. It’s as low priced as non-brand products are. You’re not going to be ripped off. Buy it, as it does not cost a fortune, you will obtain what you expect. It works.
  8. Horsehair usually never scratch soft leather. This one has something better. They do not cut the horsehair tips. It’s the best way to produce a shoe brush which can be used for anything, even for car seats.
  9. “I am not using it for shoes, but for laptop keyboards.”

“Seems to be exactly what I was looking for. People complain that it isn’t big enough but it’s not supposed to be full size and you can see that in the pictures and in the descriptions. People are absolute idiots now days it’s pathetic.”


  • Don’t be tough. You might shed bristles or even end up scuffing the leather. 
  • Take your time and they will do the due. 
  • Don’t expect to clean hard spots or stains. Horsehair brushes are not for that purpose.
  • Please keep food away while cleaning. Horsehair (or any small hair) have some negative impacts on nerves, you know.
  • Take your shoes outdoor for the first three brushing processes.


  • The new one is smaller and thinner in width. “they don’t make them like they used to…” is all I wanted to say. They were bigger ones, even in 2015. Most of the people don’t even care for a leather shoe/boot brush. If you care, you are a big carer and Kiwi should keep that in mind. 
  • Because of the small size, it takes a little more time to clean and polish.
  • And you might feel not-so-grippy while brushing.
  • There are no return options. 
  • Horsehair brushes shed. This one probably drops a bit more. Nonetheless, perform some brushing first few times, and it will be stable.  
  • I don’t realize why they sometimes proudly inscribe “made in China” on the brush. It’s not that great. So, this statement gives both Kiwi and China a bad name.
  • There’s no solid box as far as we know. It’s barely a thick wrapping paper or something like that- over the usual packet. Horsehair brushes are sort of delicate; they demand hard packaging. However, it does not damage the shipped item. All I am saying is, they’re saving pennies wherever they could.
  • Don’t clean suede with a horsehair brush.
  • “too small for cleaning car seats”



They did some fun with the warning sign. As they say on the package: Keep this bag away from babies, children, pets, and cheese. This bag is not a toy. Here, the cheese part is nothing but fun. Moreover, they’re creating an image of Chernobyl. I think it happened because the Chinese manufacturing factory took the responsibilities for the caution sign, and they did what they can achieve. 

You know, ShoeAsk is not here to sell anything it can. There are better options out there and we’re not madly after the fraction we get from We’re slightly disappointed about the brand we love.

Anyways, it works. It satisfies. You can always depend on #1 bestseller.

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