Lose Weight [or be Fit] the EASY Way


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Okay, it’s not a fitness blog, we don’t need to rank for losing weight, and we need not make it a 15,000-word article which is good.

Let’s cut ALL crap and jump straight to the point-

The reason behind the quest for the comfiest shoes

You need to lose weight. Maybe a lot. That’s what you feel while choosing a pair for work or casual wear. That’s what you feel after a long workday.  Super comfortable, super supportive shoes can surely reduce stress, but they can never eliminate the cause.

Only one person can do it, and that’s you by doing the following:

Start the right workout

You can do many things (most probably a zillion things) to lose weight, but believe me, there’s no easier way around other than exercise.  As simple as the law of attraction:

You need to burn what you consume.

What would you need?


It’s DEAD easy, and you need nothing to do it. It will cast your fats away and sharpen your brains up. And yet, you need absolutely nothing. No instruments, no rugs, no mats, no attire. You’ve got trousers, tees, and sneakers, right? That’s all a person would need along with a water bottle.

How much time would it consume?

You are busy. You should be and must be active. That’s why you think about the time exercise needs. Whoever is not busy is not worth it.

You don’t need to drive (or run, or walk) to a gym. Good Lord! They’re gonna put a shitload of dead weight over your shoulders. You must wait for the ‘trainer.’ (O’ come on! There’s nothing to train for Christ’s sake! Why people overcomplicate every other thing above ground?)

Then you must have a quick chat with co-gymmers (I know, it sucks. It’s your time, after all).  And then you have to wait for this instrument to be free and that one to be free, and the legacy continues…

I’m not telling you gyms are worthless. Go there if you need some quick muscles to show off. If you need fitness, and you’re busy, the first thing you must avoid is that attractive neon sign sayin’ GYM.

Happy to cut everything out?

It will need 15-20 minutes 4 or preferably 5 days a week. (Okay, maybe 25 at best when you feel like doing it remarkably!) Told you, it’s dead easy. Let me tell you what’s the right way-

You do these things

  1. Choose a space with fresh air ‘cause that’s all you need. Crisp, healthy, green air. Preferably noise and pollution free. I don’t care whether it is your bedroom or the park.
  2. Pick a full body freehand workout suiting your desire. YouTube is there for you. Don’t forget the phrase, ‘full body.’
  3. Make sure it’s aerobic which means you breathe in and out A LOT. If it’s not aerobic, just add some deep belly (abdominal as they say) breathing, slow breathing, rapid breathing into your workout and here’s your desired aerobics. It’s that easy.
  4. You need to sweat. There’s nothing like sweating.
  5. Do it 5 days a week.
  6. Whatever you do, make sure you are not leaving exercise for two consecutive days. Be as cunning as Lord Voldemort about that.
  7. Now, you need to warm yourself up before the main exercise. You better start sweating right after warming yourself up. What’s the best way of warm up? Okay, first you need to jump up spreading your legs and hands. Or some burpees. That will loosen you up before warming. A few times, maybe 10-20. Now touch the ground here and touch the ground there. Run between the points as if there’s a hound behind you. That’s it. 30-90 seconds and you are ready for the main exercise (and prepared to sweat).
  8. After the main exercise, do some stretching. Don’t forget your legs, hands and the trunk.
  9. Do a 30 second to 2-minute meditation right after the stretching. What to do there? Just breathe, be still, close your eyes. Thank yourself in a thousand ways for doing that to your body and mind. Then visualize your future fitness. Then visualize your exercise, the way it should be. Right after all these, tell yourself that you are gonna do it better next time. Better, every subsequent time.

And you don’t do these things

  1. Doing it slowly, taking a break while doing it.
  2. Or doing it pretty quickly.
  3. Thinking of upgrading all of that shit. Come on! You’re not gonna win the weightlifting Olympic gold for God’s sake! All you can do is ruin it. You must keep it simple to keep it going. I’ve seen that happening to my body (several times).
  4. Drink little. Just one or two sips will be enough.
  5. Don’t keep it at the end of your list. You better prioritize it to live longer and stronger (and to spend much, much less money on shoes and orthotics.)
  6. Don’t do it at any time of the day. Can do it in the morning? Best for you. Can’t do it at that time and gotta do it right before you go to bed? Good for you. Don’t you have any perfect time for it? Bad, for you.

For a better life

See? It’s all about you. Your body, your mind, your family and your career. Speaking of mind- workout works on your mind (or brain) and then on your body. It benefits mind the most. Researchers are screaming lately.

You should consider meditation, alternative food habits, and damn good stress management.

Here’s a good video from Dr.James Meschino on aerobics:

It may seem quite a list for the first time but believe me, after the 5th day of exercise, you are not gonna need it. Unbookmark this article forever, then.

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