Most Comfortable Wedges for Work-Women’s [2020]


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Wedges have their own permanent appeal, especially for girls at work. If you are busy back and forth, and you like shoes or sandals with some height- the traditional high heel is not always a reliable alternative. Some wearers may love wedges as a second pair of high-heeled footwear while many want the stability of wedges as the first choice.

As we’ve seen everywhere, the original requirement of a work pair is always comfort. Comfort comes along with stability. Moreover, these are never out of style; after a fashion shift, wedges are again gradually filling busy streets of New York and other major cities.  

The Process of Choosing A Pair for You

You know how hard it is when you try to love a pair but you can’t? It almost feels like you have a problem of your own and you must overcome that, by any means. Yeah, such a pseudo guilty feeling, and it sucks. Precisely that’s what happened while I was prepping this article.

I tried to admire some pairs, but the idea got stuck in my throat. Fingers stopped, hovering over the keyboard like a sad, blue fleet of alien spaceships over Nevada.

It takes REAL good pairs to inspire the thought and consequently the fingertips to press buttons.

The whole team ShoeAsk did a great deal of digging for over two months, cultivating 1,900 footwear from more than 3,000 work shoes. We were considering every aspect. Every aspect, yes, we mean that (all those nights and days…). In the second step, we shortlisted around 900 shoes, sandals, wedges, clogs, mules, sneakers and trainers for work. We ended up with over 350 work footwear, all of which are better. Better than the rest of the 3K+. From the select 350, we do not favor everything. Every time we curate a list of the most reliable or comfortable pair, we do something further.

So let’s explore 8 of the comfiest work wedge zapatos.    

Rockport Women’s Briah Perf Sling Wedge Sandal

Best reviews in 2019

“A must have!” a satisfied user recently said.

They made these pairs to let you feel relaxed at work all day long. Isn’t it wonderful if the manufacturer considers your shift-ending hours while cobbling shoes?

Better for

Day long task. Clear and crisp.

Features Present

Leather, comfy fluffy footbed (not leather, yet moisture absorbing)

Special Benefits

  1. Every 2019 review contains 5 stars! Yes, we went there this year to judge them once more.
  2. Extremely comfortable as materials are really soft. It is a rare trait in heels.
  3. More flexible and lightweight.
  4. They fit true to size, excellent fitting.
  5. Super breathable, you can feel the breeze.
  6. No doubt stylish, like somewhere between too fashionable and too professional. It’s the sweet spot.
  7. No sore feet at the end of the busy workday.
  8. Heels do not slip.


  • Nope, no boundaries worth mentioning:
  • Sizing sometimes might upset some users.

 Level of Suggestion

Very High.

Why did we recommend? 

These are one of the remarkably few, very best pairs for all-day standing and walking.

Skechers Parallel-Trapezoid Wedge

Amazon’s choice, Awesome user rating

These are simply awesome. We’ve discussed Trapezoid in the post on best work shoes for back pain.

Don’t they look awesome! QVCtv showed Parallel-Trapezoid wedge nicely.

Minnetonka Women’s Ashley Wedge

Overall best

There’s a sublime, unofficial way of putting the finest one at first or second. The legacy continues in this post as well. If Ashley wedges suit your job environment, stop buzzing around and start wearing them.

It is that simple.

Better for

Any job suiting casual shoes. Whether you are a teacher or you have a desk job- it’s okay to put them on. They are not for risky job sectors though. Western attire, sundress, shorts or capri jeans- you name it. You can put them on here and there; complements await.

Features Present 

Suede leather, pretty higher heel yet unnoticeable, open-toed.

Special Features & Benefits

  1. Highly satisfied users.
  2. There’s a tribal, native tone all over Minnetonka shoes. Brand signature, you see! That tone is matured, does not bring out weird feelings. Here, they have excellent jute midsole.
  3. Constantly true to size. You might try half to one size up. However, if you order the regular size, these will eventually stretch and mold around your build which is vital because if you go for a bigger size, they will eventually fit loose after a month.
  4. Cute, sweet, pleasant.
  5. The buckle closure makes sure you do not take a wrong, loose step.
  6. Open toe enables breathability. There’s a wiggle room in the forefoot which means this pair does not keep your toes clustered (which is appropriate).
  7. They look, feel and serve as a pair of expensive designer shoes, but come for a regular price.


No constant, recurring limitations per se.

  • They are not super cushy, extraordinarily bumpy or feet-sinkers. Instead, they are as comfortable as they look. Expect nothing drastic from them.

Level of Suggestion 

Extremely high.

Why we advocate? 

Once you wear the first pair, maybe, you will try to resist yourself from getting the same wedges with a different color. Who knows whether or not you will succeed!

Clarks Women’s Annadel Eirwyn Wedge Sandal

Amazon’s choice, best-selling

When something sells the most, there must be a reason behind that.

Better for 

Casual wear, desk jobs, office duty…

Features present 

Genuine leather, rubber sole, Cushion soft comfort technology, Ortholite footbed.

Special Characters and Benefits

  1. Fantastic for you if you have plantar fasciitis.
  2. 90% of 2019 ratings contain 5 stars.
  3. Extremely comfortable.
  4. Durable enough, you can expect to wear them for up to two years (nobody usually wears them for that long).
  5. Easy to walk.
  6. Supportive.
  7. Well balanced.
  8. They are priced reasonably.
  9. Attractive, no doubt.
  10. You can wear them for all instances.
  11. Many colors to choose from.


  • Some of these might fall apart after a few months, and it’s not highly unlikely.
  • Might feel a bit narrow or small.

Level of recommendation


Why did we uphold?

Well, as you already know, these are best-selling Clerks, which also happened to be amazon’s choice; good support for ankle pain.

Rockport Cobb Hill Women’s Revhex Wedge Pump

Best bootie wedge

Do you like wedges as well as booties? This pair from a reliable brand will cover both worlds. Moreover, you want comfy ones that look breathtaking. No worries at all.

Better for 

Standing-walking all day at work. Gorgeous for servers or anyone craving for a dynamic look while working.

Features Present 

Successfully treated leather, comfortable RevLite midsoles, removable OrthoLite insoles, breathable.

Special Features & Benefits

  1. These fit mostly as hoped.
  2. Not as big as regular boots.
  3. Unexpected comfort.
  4. Lightweight, not chunky at all.
  5. Full grain leather straps.
  6. They look bold yet cute, very slick.
  7. Moisture-wicking lining.
  8. There’s no single ‘ terrible’ review.


  • Kind of slow selling, but it shouldn’t bother you as these are rare, not in everyone’s feet.
  • Toe box might seem somewhat narrow.

Level of Suggestion 

Very high.

Better or similar shoes 

Rockport Women’s Cobb Hill Joy Boot.

LifeStride Women’s Juliana Stretch Wedge Pump

Amazon’s choice

Last year, we recommended CLARKS Flores Poppy Pump. This season we had to bring them down while this pair seems better in many aspects. LifeStride Juliana is in fact ahead of their Clarks counterpart.

Better for 

Normal feet and wide feet.

Special Features & Benefits

  1. Super pricing available.
  2. They fit mostly as predicted.
  3. Amazon’s choice matters a lot to me lately as I’ve found them to be further effective in nearly every instance.
  4. Better customer ratings.
  5. Your feet can stretch in them. It feels great if you squeeze them.
  6. The outsoles are more flexible.
  7. Lighter materials.


  • Fitting could be more accurate, but it’s a limitation for these kinds of shoes. Most of the negative evaluations came from this side.

Level of Recommendation 


Dansko Women’s Jessie Full Grain Wedge

Strappy but not crappy. Dansko is a dependable and consistent brand.

Features Present 

Full grain leather, dual density EVA footbed for extended comfort, PU outsole.

Essential Features Absent

There are no back straps, you don’t need them for these wedges.

Special Features & Benefits

  1. 2019 user report is positive as expected.
  2. Excellent true to size fitting.
  3. Adjustable double buckle closure makes fitting super flexible. They do not slip away.
  4. Leather footbed cover for more comfort and vapor absorption.
  5. Arch support.
  6. Lightweight, comfortable and stylish. 
  7. Durable, stable and safe.
  8. Finding full grain leather and leather footbed sandals is rare.
  9. Good for summer. These are breathable enough.


  • These are kind of pricey, but you must spend more on good leather, nice fitting and a brand like Dansko. They are worth every nickel.
  • Well, we’ve found a wrong side, they might leave black dye marks on your feet.
  • The top straps might hurt in three instances: a. If they’re wet for some reason, b. In the breaking-in period or, c. If you have wider/higher feet.

Level of Recommendation


Why did we favor? 

Dependable extolled shoes made by Dansko.

Better or similar shoes

 If you want ankle straps, Dansko Women’s Julie Pewter Metallic Wedge Sandal

Would be favorable for you. This one is black, more formal.

Anne Klein Sport Women’s Tamarow Fabric Wedge Pump

The finest in the similar-looking class

Alternatively, maybe you want a pair that looks pretty professional, are wedges, but look more like high heels and are comfy. Anne Klein knows that well.

Better for

Comfortable to walk in. Complete business look.

Features Present

Glossy forefoot and heel counter, overall professional look.  

Special Features & Benefits

  • All 2019 reviews have 5 stars, till date.
  • Their fabric uppers will let your feet instantly fit in.
  • They have decorated forefoot buckle.
  • Look cute and reasonably pro.
  • Pretty convenient.


There’s a slight chance you will find them running small. The entire feet will fit in. Just the toes may feel clustered together, sometimes, which is not sweet at all.

Level of Proposition

Very high.

Why did we suggest? 

The professional look. It’s a good brand, and they are fitting well.

Better or Similar shoes 

The following variants have open toe fronts. Do you think the closed toe box might hurt? Go for any of these-

Anne Klein Sport Women’s Camrynne Dress Pump

Anne Klein Sport Women’s Camrynne Wedge

CLARKS Women’s Annadel Fareda Wedge Sandal

Available Variations

Black, dark blue and sand.

Features Present 

Nubuck leather, cork midsole, thin yet good outsole, cushy and comfy insole.

Special Features & Benefits

  1. Comfy enough to win your heart. Comfortable right out of the box. No break-in time required.
  2. They fit as expected; you will rarely find them running small.
  3. The leather is soft and smooth on the skin.
  4. Blue ones look pretty good, like awesome and uncommon yet not off the chart.
  5. The heel buckle has a velcro which would help you in several ways.
  6. Annadel Fareda is durable as well. I know, you bother little, but this is a huge plus point.


Pretty high heel (3”) which you may or may not prefer.

Level of Recommendation 


Why did we recommend? 

“I literally have spent 30 years finding an appropriate wedge for my only wide size 8-9 feet. I’m a little overweight and have some plantar fasciitis. I seriously prefer wearing these over my tennis shoes with inserts. Amazing shoes. Worth the price!”

Better or similar shoes 

These are similar: CLARKS Women’s Stasha Hale4 Wedge Sandal.

We do not recommend

They favor the following wedges at work yet we do not praise them, there are some issues:

CLARKS Women’s Flores Poppy Pump

Alas, we recommended them last year, but this year, we can’t continue that. These are cute and professional looking ballet slippers with wedge elevations.

Level of Recommendation


Why could not we recommend?

  • Only 66% fitting report. You can’t go for a 34% chance of not fitting. We rarely recommend anything below 75% fitting satisfaction.
  • There are dissatisfactions regarding fitting. They may seem big or in most of the cases, smaller.
  • May hurt the toes, especially if you have wide feet. There’s no point in squeezing your toes.
  • There are a significant number of lower ratings in 2019.

Available Variations

Three black pairs:

Black leather, black suede, black combo.

Four other colors:

Navy, cream, pewter, dusty pink.

Better for 

More professional, beautiful and finished look.

Features Present

Suede leather/ full grain leather, OrthoLite footbed, ‘Cushion Soft’ and rubber outsole.

Special Features & Benefits

  1. Way too comfortable for ballet flat look.
  2. Excellent finishing.
  3. Too cute to ignore.
  4. Professional look.
  5. Clarks Cushion Soft padding.
  6. OrthoLite footbed reduces impact and helps energy return.
  7. Moderate height is helpful while you walk.

Crocs Lina Wedge

No leather; toes, especially the little one might get rubbed… It’s a common problem. Definitely tight on toes.

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