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Should You Use More than One Pair of Work Boots or Shoes?


Now that we’ve written many times `use more than one pair for work’, it’s time to make it clearer.

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  1. Your body will heal back if you use more than one pair. Let me explain that- human feet are not designed to be supported by the same platform all the time! Your feet need variations. If you always wear the same pair of shoes, your feet will miss natural ups and downs.
  2. Very good work boot or shoe is a must.
  3. What you wear and how you walk influences your ENTIRE body and fitness. It influences legs, knees, back, lower back, ligaments, all the lower bones, joints and muscles. Did not you notice that our steps and impacts on ground significantly influence the backbone? Human body’s not simple and butterfly effects are more real in our bodies than the whole world you know! From backbone to toe tip, your shoes and boots effect every lower-middle part of your body. These should not constantly face a uniform wear and step pattern every single day.
  4. The shoes will heal back if they could have one or two days off every once in a while. This will increase the lifetime from 150%-300%. Ever noticed that leather has a strong tendency of getting back to the original form? The more time it gets to sit back idle, the better sturdiness you get.
  5. Interior would be more odor free, there will be less germs.
  6. Moreover, leather softeners work like charm if they are applied during the break days.
  7. If you wear one pair, chances are you would not notice footwear deformities and this point, my friend, is huge. Sometimes, we can’t feel that the shoes are enough worn out or some parts of the boots are already risky and gone or the shoes support your anatomy no more.
  8. Your feet or toes can develop deformities without letting you notice. That’s because it happens gradually and you do not notice. I’ve seen a friend’s toes. He was a part time bartender while studying. How can his toes and nails get deformed without his, well, `aware permission’? That’s because he was not like aware of the ongoing process.
  9. Wearing more than one pair to work gives you psychological and sociological boost. You don’t want to look the same every other day.

Give your feet and footwear a break and this will benefit you in the long run. You can even use the same brand, series and model for two pairs. If so, wear one pair for a month and then if satisfied, purchase the second one. Having at least one different series is important for variations.

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