Timberland Boots and Shoes: Frequently Asked Questions


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General Queries

Why should you buy Timberland boots?

You are not bound to buy Timberland boots as there are many other reliable brands and products out there- alongside Timberland.

You can go for Red Wing, Danner, Keen and some other good ones. However, if you really seek a cause behind your action, Timberland is the single most relied boot brand in America. People wear them for several reasons and without a reason. This widely accepted brand does not cost you a fortune, they are always good to wear, your return of investment (or expenditure) is guaranteed in terms of wear time and comfort.

It gives you a classic, acceptable, mediated and social outlook which is rather essential.

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Are there fake Timberland boots? If there are any, how can you tell the fake ones? How do you know if your Timberland boots are real?

Yes, there were fake Timberland boots and shoes.

It is highly unlikely that you will get a pair of fake Timberland boots from platforms like amazon.com. Just go for the most reputed sellers. How to find them? The ones with the most number of reviews are old and reliable sellers.  You can also order from the official site. They never sell fake ones. If you are buying from brick and mortar stores, just go to the famous or chain retailers.

It is rather hard to say for sure whether or not anybody is still making fake ones but there were fake ones.

Don’t buy from unreliable online stores. Always depend on original and authorized distributors, and you are safe.

Are Timberland boots in fashion?

Yes. Timberland boots are modern yet ‘el classico.’ They remain in the trend ever since they reigned. Let us be clear on this point, Timberland is the most popular and best-selling brand among the top ones. These are more in fashion than any other boot brand on this planet- when you consider US wearers.

Wet boots are 34% heavier.

Are Timberland boots suede or nubuck?

Waterproof shoes and boots are lighter.

There’s a piece of good news. Most of them are full grain leather- which is the best of the qualities.    

Are Timberland boots unisex?   

Some are unisex while most of them are specifically for men or for women. You don’t have to hesitate, there are lots and lots of choices, you can surely find the pair suiting you.

Are Timberland boots good for motorcycle riding?

Yes. There are many Timberland boots great for bike riding. As you know, all Timberlands are not suitable for this cause. Go through the specs and your choice.


Are Timberland boots good for rain?      

Obviously! There are a number of entirely waterproof boots which are suitable for rain. You just need to make sure you do not wholly submerge them under water. Moreover, if you really want your feet dry, you better not use them for a long time in the rain.

Can I use mink oil on timberland boots?

Yes, you can use mink oil on Timberland boots. It is always better to buy waterproof boots from them. If you are using a pair for some time, which was not made waterproof by the brand, you can use mink oil.

Do Timberland boots get water stains?

They can, especially if your boots are not waterproof or water resistant. Even the waterproof ones can get stains if you abuse them for a long time. The point is, these are not made of indestructible stainless steel. They make these with leather. Even well treated good quality leather can get water stains.

Do you have to waterproof Timberland boots and shoes?

No, you can instead buy waterproof boots from Timberland. This is the best option. However, you can also waterproof them.

How to make Timberland boots waterproof?

There are ways to do it. If you did not buy a pair yet- go for waterproof ones. You need not to go through the hurdles. It is always the best thing to do as out of the box waterproof shoes and boots are of the best quality. However, if you already have a pair and you wish to make them waterproof, this video will help you a lot:

How waterproof are Timberland boots?  

If you buy waterproof Timberland boots, they are pretty good– simply put, they retain the best quality. But that does not mean that your feet will remain completely dry after you completely submerge them in water for a long time. Stepping on up to 3/4 inch puddles is always ok. Working or walking in the rain for an hour should be ok. But you ought to take care after that. They should have time to dry and restore.

Steel Toe

Are all Timberland boots steel toe?

No. They make steel toes. However, all are not. For work, Timberland makes the pro boots. Timberland cobble boots and shoes for other purposes as well where you would never need steel toes.

Even all Timberland Pro boots are not steel toe. Primarily because every work does not require safety toes. If you do not need a feature, it will be a burden for you- in terms of price and utility.

Now, are all Timberland Pro safety toe cap boots steel toe?

No, comp toes are more viable nowadays. They are lighter, warmer, electrically safer, rust free, thinner yet they can pass standards like ANSI, OSHA, and ASTM.

There are timberland alloy toes other than steel- which use elements like aluminum and titanium.


Do Timberland boots come in wide?       

Yes, there are timberland boots for wide feet.

Do Timberland boots keep your feet warm?

Yes, especially if you buy the insulated ones. For proper warmth, you might want to look for non-steel toe boots.

How high are these boots?

From 4/5 inches to 11 inches [check]. You can get any height you want. Most popular Timberland boots are 6 inches and 8 inches high.

Can you clean Timberland boots with soapy water? How to wash them with soap?

Inevitably, you do not dip them into soapy water if they are new! Never try to marinate them as you will not make a rare-medium rare steak out of them! Okay, back to the business, yes, you can do it sometimes. If you really need to wash them with soap water, be kind and gentle with them and make it quick.

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