Comparative Review: Tuff Toe vs. KG’s vs. Tuff Toe v2


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Let me kill the article in one line:If you use safety/steel toe, you’ll surely use Tuff Toe as well.Now, this one is a simple write-up. Instead, a short one. There are four parts:

  1. What are they
  2. Tuff Toe review
  3. Tuff Toe v2 review
  4. KG’s Boot Guard review

I’m pretty sure it will help you decide.

What are they?

And what do they do, of course?

We need to move a lot which in turn destroys our priced shoes and boots. Workers and athletes mostly face the harsh reality. 

We’re not ready to switch boots now and then.These are the products dedicated to prolonging your footwear’s lifetime.

These products do the following:

  • Protect the most abrasion-prone areas, especially the toes.
  •  Repair your shoes a bit.
  • Keep it sturdy for longer.

Tuff Toe Boot Protection & Repair Review

One of a Kind

Honestly, you just need four facts to know:

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  • NASA uses the same material. It’s ballistic grade. Tuff Toe is certified as abrasion-, chemical-, puncture-, fire-, heat-, spark- and water-resistant. 
  • They say it can extend your boot’s longevity by 300%.
  • It’s anything but ugly.
  • It has a lifetime guarantee. If it comes off ever, you’re there to claim. (when they are applying it to your boots)

From boots and shoes to solid athletic sneakers- if your footwear is facing much abrasion, wear and tear- Tuff Toe and its advanced variant V2 is there for you.

It’s unique, and there’s no way around

  1. There’s no competitor, it’s excellent and one of a kind. Plain and simple. Tuff Toe has no equal or rival in the market. 
  2. Extremely popular among those who needed to switch boots more often.
  3. Have got a loyal user base.
  4. There are people leaving Tuff Toe and finally returning to it.
Everybody should watch this official video

Simple Pros

  1. US made.
  2. Rock solid. Lifetime warranty.
  3. They look awesome, you can make them look glossy or matte.
  4. Does not add weight.
  5. Insulates cold and heat.
  6. Great for brand new and very old boots.
  7. This can cover holes, cracks, weak points and sewn joints.
  8. Works on anything you can sand, “leather, steel, rubber, vinyl, canvas, cloth, cork, wood, and many other surfaces.”
  9. Good for steel toe, other safety toes and soft toe.
  10. Works on any footwear. 
  11. Everything’s well documented. You’ve got a lot of helpful videos, just type `Tuff Toe’ on YouTube.

“I have been using this product for about 8 years now. I work in maintenance/construction and it always was the toes of my boots that took a beating… decided to give it a try. After watching a few YouTube videos I was able to figure out how to apply the tuff toe. It works GREAT! I repaired some damaged boots, but now when I buy boots I apply it right away. I will say it is a little nerve racking to scuff up the toes of new boots to apply, but it has always turned out great for me and is highly durable.”

For whom?

Safety shoe wearers: Welders, plumbers, roofers, electricians, warehouse and industrial professionals, masons and flooring Installers.

Risky sports and hobbies: Hikers, roller skates, ice skates, moto cross & cruiser riders and hockey players.

Special duty: Hazmat crews, firemen and mechanics.

What the Kit Has

  1. TUFF TOE Material (50 ml, 2 type applicable at a time with dual syringe)
  2. Mixing cartridge (dual chamber)
  3. Plunger
  4. 3 mixing tips (extra, just in case)
  5. Sandpaper (you have to use it thoroughly, even in the new boots)
  6. Applicator stick
  7. Tape
  8. A manual (you need it the most)

Technical Data

  • It’s a polyurethane adhesive and it’s ballistic grade. WTF! 
  • Fire & Heat Resistance to 742° F – NFPA 1971-07, 8.11, 8.05
  • Waterproof NFPA 1901-07, 7.10.17
  • Puncture Resistant NFPA 1971-07, 8.20 & ASTM F1342-91
  • Electricians NFPA 1971-2007, 8.32 & ASTM F2412. Meaning, electrically safe.
  • It does not melt up to 500° F.

Restoration & Application Tips

  • Follow the application video.
  • Make sure the layer is thick enough. Don’t try to cover as much as possible.
  • Properly clean and buff with the sandpaper.
  • In case of holes or cracks, apply some in there, wait for 2-3 minutes, then apply the covering layer.
  • Include the welt area (sole and upper joint).
  • Don’t apply it where you need much flexibility.

“I use it on work boots I’m always kneeing with on large fist sized rocks, smaller gravel, concrete, and open grating. I rip holes in boots in 4 days, this makes the rest of the boot fail first. Just make sure to follow instructions carefully, rough toes up really good with sandpaper. It’s all in the prep and application I’ve found. If done right it’s unbelievable, if you do not prep as well it’s good but it will eventually come off. Constant rubbing on concrete fast may wear it down a little over time, you can reapply if so or build it up a bit on high wear area.”


  • Pricey. No doubt about that. They definitely could have kept the price low, but you know, it’s kind of monopoly business. Hence, not anywhere near the price of a new pair of boots. 
  • Very small amount of solution. Barely enough for a couple of toes. That’s all.
  • The package is made for single application. You can’t save it for later.
  • It surely is a bit tricky to apply it properly. Having said that, they’ve got you covered. One YouTube video is enough to guide you.
  • “Works great if not too old.”

Tuff Toe V2 Boot Protection & Repair Review

Version 2: One of a Kind

I detailed the previous review enough. I’m going to add the barely necessary information for this second version:

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  1. An award-winning triumph for Tuff Toe inventory. They’ve got it for innovation.
  2. It’s non marking.
  3. It’s stronger than the original formulation.
  4. And rigid as well.
  5. More durable.
  6. Chemical resistant. It repels stains as well.
  7. As it came out, the original Tuff Toe (V1) got a bit cheaper.


It is slightly more expensive. However, technically, it’s not even priced highly. It costs the same as you had to spend for the original product before.

Kg’s Boot Guard Brush on Toe Protection Review

The cheap and kind of ugly alternative

Technically, it’s less of a cleaner and more like a protector.Most of our visitors wear work boots or shoes. They get their toe box weakened. KG comes handy for that purpose. Before you try it, be sure that the surface is properly cleaned and dry.

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What the Package Includes

  1. 2oz boot guard
  2. Disposable applicator
  3. Sandpaper


  1. Made in USA.
  2. You can use it for two pairs or even more.
  3. This solution is basically PU and xylene.
  4. Water and dirt repellent.
  5. It protects the exposed parts of your boots such as corrosive areas of leather, mink oiled leather, cordura, neoprene, rubber, vinyl and even steel. You can do it to fabric. 
  6. Holds up well against welding, rocks and concrete. 
  7. You’ll be satisfied if you have to crawl while working.
  8. It hardens a bit, remains somewhat flexible even if you coat thrice.
  9. Holds up stitching points pretty well.
  10. KG’s don’t peel up or crack.

A Special Bonus

Might help small cracks, tears, and even small pores. You would need to apply it several times, depending on the damage. Don’t expect wonder, though. It’s meant to be a temporary coating, but people are doing the repair thing.


  • They don’t have brown color.
  • It might not stay there forever. Most of the users are happy. If you clean the surface properly, apply it in more than one layer, they might not start wearing off pretty soon.
  • Looks glossy as well as somewhat rough, uneven. Overall, if you say it’s kind of ugly, I would not disagree.
  • It’s not non-marking, it can’t be. So, be sure that you’re not applying it too close to the soles. 
  • Most of the time, it dries off within a day or so. Sometimes you might need days.

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