Do sandals provide more health benefits than socks and shoes?


So, it’s a sandal vs. shoe show. There’s a trend catching everybody and their mom’s eyes. It’s the barefoot trend and bare minimalist footwear trend. People started asking lately: what is more healthy? Socks and shoes or sandals?

We’ve got the definitive answer.

You will get the most benefits if you wear proper boots. Proper shoes vary from person to person. It depends on your age, body weight, physique, habits, and environment.

Let me explain it a bit,

1. You have to support sandals while walking, on the flip side, shoes support you. You have to take every step according to your sandal’s condition and position while a proper flexible shoe does the exact opposite, wear them and forget them. Keep going as you like and they will keep providing a 360-degree enclosure.

2. Sandals need to be supported by your feet every time your feet take off while walking, it’s anything but intuitive. Some foot muscles get activated the way they were not meant to be acting. Count till a million steps, and it’s a huge problem!

3. They don’t provide sway support, balance for bending or underfoot flexing.

4. You will not get forefoot and ankle flex either.

5. Arch support is crucial, especially if a person has extra weight (which is sort of epidemic lately). You would not get much arch support from sandals. Even if you get it from them, there’s no guarantee that every step will land on the arch supported portion of your slippers.

5. Slippers cannot keep your feet unexposed which is a big huge downside. There can be-

a. The blood-borne pathogen, hundreds of species if you would consider them, worms are the most disgusting ones among them.

b. Other germs are ready to be deployed into your bathroom or even into the bedroom if you are exposed to germs outside wearing sandals.

c. Sharp things are always ready to test your skin, muscles, blood vessels and last but not the least, your bones.

d. Heavy material can roll or fall over your feet, and any shoe can provide extra safety than traditional sandals in this case.

e. And last but not least, there is dust. Wearing shoes mean keeping them dirt-proof. You can always walk over some mud, chemicals like oil and grease.

All of this goes in favor of sneaks.

There were days when shoes were anything but flexible or supportive. Those days are long gone. Choose the most intuitive pair for you and they will be significantly better than any pair of sandals or things like that.

Now, to wear or not to wear socks with shoes-

It really depends. Take it this way, wearing or not wearing socks with shoes is less related to health and further relevant to your current physical condition, shoe type, preference and the environment you are about to go.

However, if you ask us, wearing socks is always recommended as they protect more. Shoe interiors are not usually made for skin contact. Socks are. You feel uniform comfort and the same touch all over.

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