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Understanding ShoeAsk Points and Level of Recommendation


It is crucial for our valued readers to get the most out of our footwear grading structure which is called ‘ShoeAsk Points.’ There’s another parameter: ‘Level of Recommendation.’ These are not necessarily correlated.

What is `ShoeAsk Points’?

For every pair reviewed here at ShoeAsk, we mark them in 20 different `set of features’ each set containing 1 to 5 points making it 100. Thus, we give points this manner: 3/5… add 20 sections and end up like this: 78/100.

What’s ‘Level of Recommendation’ then?

It’s the way of saying, “these shoes are the best for this particular use and are not good at all for those instances.”

The editors take this decision without being biased by the ‘ShoeAsk Points.’ Yes, they must look at some point characters.

Why did we, the team shoeask (and you) need this grading policy?

For you, of course, as long as you are aware of your feet and health!

Here at ShoeAsk, we badly needed the points system. We needed to find the most comfortable boots, the longest life span, the best safety toes, and the most trusted product-classes and brands. Yes, there are more factors to consider.

You can now feel the pain!

There are literally thousands of pairs worth consideration. On the flip side, we need to sort out the very comfiest ones, what do we do? How do we successfully exactly remember the most durable ones? How do we measure the price vs. probable service time as well as quality?

Yes, to provide the best results, we had to grade them from 1 to 5.

So, now we can say, “this, that and those are the toppers of the shoe world if you need waterproof.”

You know what they say:

  • Science is the key to the betterment and prosperity.
  • Math is the mother of science.
  • Numbers are the bearers of math.

So, now we stick to the numbers. But there’s a problem:

Are higher numbers fundamentally better for you?

Oh no; that’s not true for everyone. Say you found a pair with 92 points, that may suit your criteria. But wait, maybe there’s a pair with just 65 points which is eventually the best for you! How?

Let’s break it down for you:

You don’t need EH, safety toe, waterproof or any other unique feature. You need to wear the shoes with comfort and support for a long time; don’t necessarily need a brand name, product faith or expert recognition.

Your boot is at least 28 points down yet perfect for your job or use as they meet the core obligations.

Moreover, all the added but useless features will be a burden for you, see how:

Waterproofing somewhat restricts breathability. You end up sweating within while you do not set foot on mud or water at all.

Safety toe adds more weight, a real burden if not essential. Other special traits like ASTM measurement, ultra-flexible sole or EH will add additional burdens which will cost you more money for nothing- if you do not need those components.

Higher numbers are better ones if you know the features and look at the shoes or boots suiting your purpose. To say it in another way, if you are an experienced wearer, ‘ShoeAsk Points’ will help you like spells and charms. Now, if you do not want to bother for numbers, our level of recommendations will do it for you. We recommend shoes and boots for your specific demand.

If higher numbers are not the best indicator to pick a pair, what is?

Our unique ‘Level of Recommendation’ is. We are dividing them into these categories:

  • Very High
  • High
  • Medium
  • Low

There’s variable, too. You know, a pair VERY HIGHLY recommended for construction jobs has a LOW level of recommendation for desk jobs.

The good part is, we mention that. We say, `Very High’ recommendation for this and `Medium’ for that.

Are our Points system constant for all types of footwear?

No. For work footwear, we may give EH or safety toe a full slot of 5 points while for formal shoes, these points may not appear at all. So we can’t essentially compare work boot points with that of sandals or flippers.

Can the points be changed?

Yes. You can change the numbers by letting us know how we can improve it. Just comment on the pages or send us an email.

It’s all about our (all of our, you know, the users’ and the Team ShoeAsk’s) evaluation and understanding of the features. A pair can eventually lose or gain points in the next edit of the review article. We are keen to edit things constantly. Luckily, we don’t give up and say, “it’s good for good.”

Do team shoeask enjoy liberty of points or level of recommendation?

No, we may like a pair over another, that can even reflect in some parts of the review, but we cannot `give points to the brands or models we like.’

Likewise, we don’t promote any particular brand or product over others for any kind of benefit.

This is against work ethics, as we see it.

Our editors enjoy it in 1 section as you already know, which is, `Editor’s Boost.’ Even there he or she can not make a big difference. All other parts stay true to features.

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