Start Eating (At Least Some of) the Right Things: My Maddest Way


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Okay, you’ve got me! That’s what everybody says, and you are kind of pissed off. Maybe you’re gonna leave the page right now but you better not.

Let’s focus on that “At Least Some of” phrase. I’m not Einstein of fitness, and neither am I the Dalai Lama of controlling one’s self (you know, pulling myself away from ordering pizzas).

But, that “At Least Some of” did the due magic, I tell you. I started drinking a mixed greenish ugly juice made of barely boiled vegetables like spinaches, and God knows what. Okay, I’m gonna share with you-

Some of that knowledge,

  1. Some of those healthy, easy to buy green leaves,
  2. One or two cloves of raw garlic,
  3. The same amount of fresh ginger,
  4. A little pinch of pit salt and some sea salt,
  5. One or two spoonful honey and the same amount of sugar (for taste and energy boost)

I can’t tell you more, you know why? ‘Cause from here the recipe gets blurred like an abstract piece of art. There’s a hint though, sometimes there was fresh parsley, sometimes a little bit of green tea. Yup, I was that mad and that careless. It worked. You could check it out on NCBI research paper.

How did it go?

Well, after preparing two litters of that blended ugly, ill testing, bad smelling ogre drink, I started feeling like Shrek.

It helped me in many ways:

  1. It kept my hunger surprisingly low (you know how frequently hungry can a fat man be?) partly because it sucks whenever I suck that juice (that’s because whenever I felt like eating something, I had to go for that huge bottle.) and partly because-
  2. It gave me energy.
  3. This way, I started eating less unhealthy and junk food.

What’s the point of all this bullshit?

Nope, I’m not telling you to drink (or eat) that crap. What I’m saying is-

Eat something healthy whenever you feel like eating something. Whenever, other than the meal times. Don’t try to stop your mouth. It won’t.

If your hunger does not like green and fresh things, make it ugly, so that green and bright things become as sweet as honey compared to the nasty representation. However, it’s not that mad, watch this:

Anything else?

Of course! Peanuts, lentils, chickpeas and most of all beans are hard to digest. Our stomach loves to crush the uncrushables. You’ve got to keep him busy. Don’t try iron balls, peptic juice will succeed.   

Think of a glass of Pepsi and you will picture my ugly juice. Beans are the unpopped corns. Now all you need is a movie. And I used to start the day with a tablespoon of yogurt. Sugarless, colorless (white) and flavorless. Plain per se.

Oh, and water! Don’t you love plain water? There’s no way you could forget it. You must drink more to fool your hunger. See, I used to carry two bottles. One with the undrinkables and the other to clean my throat (all the way down to the stomach).

How about getting the whole picture?

I could eat nothing else before, after or in between the meals. This kept me energized. Fooled me big time. I kept losing weight for not eating junk and for a regular workout.

It’s not about losing weight. It’s about getting fit. It’s about more energy, less stress, and funny madness.

Create your fun, do something off the chart and fool your mind from getting bored.

Glorious days ahead, my friend.

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