Taos Women’s Crave Boots Review 2021


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Taos Women’s Crave Boots Review 2021

“Everyone who sees them wants a pair.”

Types of Taos Crave Boots

There are two types of Taos Women’s Crave Boots: 

Taos Crave Boots (14 color variations)

Taos Tall Crave Boots  (7 color variations)

Common Features of Taos Crave

  • Suede leather upper
  • Lace-up 
  • Inside zipper
  • Taos Soft Support™ polyurethane dual-density removable footbed
  • Molded, contoured insole design
  • Arch support
  • Leather and faux fur lining
  • Flexible, durable synthetic rubber outsole
  • Metatarsal support
  • Forefoot cushioning
  • 2″ Heel Height
  • Imported
  • TR Outsole

In-depth Review and Analysis Of Taos Women’s Crave Boot

ShoeAsk Points: 64 out of 100

 Editorial Recommendation: High

Remarks and Suggestions

“I now have 10 pairs of these boots. I do not think any more needs to be said.”

Better for

If you are working for 8 to 10 hours a day or if you are walking 5 to 8 miles a day, these boots are made for you. Taos women’s crave held up through long walks and hiking in mountains.

Not only for working or walking, but these boots are also better for riding bikes or even can be worn for parties with jeans and skirts. And they are worn mostly in spring and fall. Teachers or officials like them as well.

Not recommended for heavy industrial jobs. 

User, Expert, and Trade Recognition

Points 5/5

It is always a tough task to find a pair of boots that will keep you happy till the end. Fortunately, Taos Women’s Crave Boot was made. Most of the users are happy till the end. Most of the users’ feedback is positive as well. 

Rich colors, top-notch quality, sharp style. Here are some quotes from the proud owners of Taos Women’s Crave Boots: 

“I walk over two miles in these boots in the AM to work where I am on my feet most of the day as a teacher and sometimes I walk the two miles home – feet feel great”

“Do not hesitate to buy these boots. I am a Hairstylist and also a legit BnB owner, no Airbnb here. I am on my feet all day running around coloring, cutting hair at the salon, also taking care of guests, making beds, and cooking breakfast at the BnB.”

“I can walk in these all day without any issue.”

Price vs Durability

Points 5/5

Taos Crave is not the most inexpensive boots. Despite that, people adore them and they tend to say things like:

They are worth their weight in gold, especially if you have achy feet.

Some use them for a long time. If you use them every day, they can easily last for 2 years. These are one of the most well-made pairs of boots out there. They are worth the price and most probably you will use them at least for the second year if not more.


Points 5/5

Whenever people decide to buy a pair of boots, primarily they think about comfort- whether it is a high-end work boot, low mid-range official boot, or even a pair of casual fashion boots. Well, these are some of the most comfortable boots in the market. Comfortable right out of the box. Crave can satisfy your comfort cravings. Lacing and an inside zipper offer a great fit and make it effortless to slip on and off.  

While wearing them, you may feel like you are stepping on pillows. Let’s see what people say about Taos Women’s crave boots:

“I spend a lot of time on my feet and these are lightweight yet very sturdy and comfortable. From day 1 they were comfortable and I wore them for 10 hours straight.”

“ Very Comfortable and versatile – a plus that it is holding up so well.”

Water, Chemical, and Spill Proof

Points 3/5 

Taos Women’s crave boots are water-resistant. Not waterproof. Can be worn in rain like any other leather shoe or boot, but do not stand in puddles for an extended time.

They are leather boots with a zipper so there is no way you can go wading through a stream in them, the top part is suede, which should not get wet. Water beads up on the surface, but you can not depend on them in deep snow or puddles, nor long treks through wet grass. Very warm and toasty in winter though.

Slip Resistance

Points 5/5

There is no doubt these boots are slip-resistant. They don’t slip on slippery floors. Not even in the hospital or wet kitchen. These boots are sturdy, supportive, and have a rubberized heel. The rubberized heel ensures a comfortable and forgiving step. Although you would not consider them for deep snow or puddles, or a lot of wet grass. As they are not made for extreme surfaces.

Toe Box and Safety

Points 3/5

Lots of room in the toe box so that the toes do not touch the boot at all. This area is somewhat abrasion-resistant as well. These are soft toes.

Taos Women’s Crave Boot has neither steel nor composite toe. And clearly, Taos did not make Women’s Crave for high-risk work like industrial jobs. But it fulfills all the necessary safety with quality leather around the toe area.  

Break-in Time and Fitting

Points 5/5

“My foot said ooh la la when I put it on.”

It fits like a glove, fits perfectly without pinching. Zero break-in time. Just go for your size- no big, no small.

Electrical Hazard

Ponts 2/5

As we all know, these are not supposed to be EH- which is an industrial work requirement. Taos users do not even think about EH. 

Fashion and Presentable

Points 5/5

Hot and kickass. They are in style for a long time, kind of evergreen. One of the most gorgeous boots in the market for women. Crave boots are well made and nice looking with just enough “edge” over things. Timeless stylish gives jeans and a jacket a classic look as well. 

What can you wear with Taos Crave boots?

You can wear them with jeans, leggings, long peasant-style skirts, and with short jeans skirts and tights, and they look great with all of them.

Breathable and Insulation

Points 4/5

Breathable for a certain degree of satisfaction, leather, and faux fur lining ensure that. Breathable faux fur linings will keep your feet dry and prevent them from getting too warm. On the contrary, they are moderately insulated.

Leather, Upper, Lace, and Heel

Points 5/5

The upper fold is made of quality leather. That’s one of the big reasons for its durability. Quality leather sort of skyrocketed the price as well. The leather is thick but soft and darker. A rich shade of olive green. Excellent craftsmanship on the upper, inner material, lace area, and inside zipper adjustability. 

The heel is moderately high- 2”. Decorative buckled strap at the heel. Suede upper material provides extra comfort and scratch-safety at the upper back of your heel.

Tongue, Collar, and Weight

Points 4/5

Suede Collar.  6.25″ Boot Shaft Height. Weight: 1 lb 11 oz.

Insole, Midsole, Shank, and Arch Support

Points 4/5

Taos Soft Support PU Dual-Density Removable Footbed. The insoles are removable, which will help you to choose your own after a certain period. There is not any arch support, which many buyers prefer. Wide enough to wear with comfortable socks. Could have a bit more cushion under the footbed. The shaft measures approximately 7″ from the arch.

The outsole, Construction, and Sewing

Points 5/5

Durable TR outsole and synthetic midsole. Which is puncture-proof and provides very comfortable as well.

Anti-odor and Cleanable

Points 4/5

As it is breathable leather along with faux fur lining. So yes, it provides good anti-odor control but Taos’ official site does not mention anything about antimicrobial treatment. These boots are cleanable but you have to be careful as these are leather boots. So, before cleaning these boots we suggest you see the official site, which they advised. There is a guideline on how to clean Taos women’s crave.

Warranty, Return, and Post Purchase Service Policy*

Points 4/5

Brand Faith

Points 4/5

Special and Uncommon Features


Super stylish design

Leather strap on the ankles

Inside zipper

Taos Soft Support™ polyurethane dual-density removable footbed

Arch support

Leather and faux fur lining

Metatarsal support

Forefoot cushioning


Points 4/5

Our review unit did not find any serious cons except Inconsistent sizes. Inconsistent sizes for right and left foot. A bit narrow for wide feet. 

Editor’s Boost

Points 4/5

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