Most Nutritious 10 Minute Breakfast that does not Require Cooking


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Breakfast is always a constant pain. It’s a greater one as it’s the first one in the morn.

You know what I mean if you’re busy in the morning. You don’t even have time to consume it for 15 minutes. You have to prepare them and eat them- all under 10 minutes.

The problem goes deeper once you’re aware that breakfast is supposed to be the prime meal of each day.

Let’s explore if you’re as interested as I am in the nutritious first meal:

Balanced Food: The Harsh Reality

First, the most nutritious breakfast is the most balanced breakfast. It’s not like you’re getting a nutrition pill and then you’re good to go. We’re not robots, and things don’t work like putting on a lithium-ion battery.

Let’s see what I mean:

  1. We need enough fluids (i.e., Plain water) to set us booming in a short time.
  2. We need soft portions that will digest quickly to ensure the turn over of energy in one or two hours or even less.
  3. We need hard to digest parts and parcels that are enough to keep our stomachs busy for hours. No, sir, no hunger allowed before it’s lunchtime. We have a lot to accomplish in the initial half of the workday.
  4. And a supply of an army multi-million-strong is always welcome. Digestive microbes do the due.
  5. One source of nutrition can never replace the other. Green and leafy food like vegetables, herbs, and spices have what others don’t.
  6. And protein can achieve what others can’t.
  7. Beans, nuts, and lentils, never underestimate the power of unsprouted bushes and trees.
  8. Raw, ripen fruits will supply tons of valuable ingredients what substitutes can’t do.
  9. Rice/bread generates more and more energy once consumed with meat and legumes. That’s why people concerned with fat avoid this combo. Know what? It’s acceptable in the morn as breakfast is likely to be the most important feast of the day.
  10. Everything does not require digestion before they can push you. You see, there are hormones, neurotransmitters, and muscle elevators waiting for certain signals. Signal providers or stimulators don’t regularly come pre-processed via our abdomens. There are food portions ready to boost you as soon as they hit the tongue, throat or tracts. Most of them are bad for you, and some are fantastic. Honey, green tea and seasons like ginger and garlic are some benevolent ones.
  11. And you need to be convinced enough to bite the initial meal. If it’s not lucrative, you will not produce ample amounts of spits and peptic juices. You must love to eat them, they must be so attractive. Only thus, my friend, everything will be kind enough to grant you with nutrient bursts. Because, only then, your food will be digested sufficiently.

What should you Prefer for Breakfast?

To create that unique blend of food, we must have these:

1. Vegetables, barely cooked

The most essential thing to start a day with. Take it this way, if you have nothing else, you are kind of good to run. If you don’t have these, something immensely important is missing.

2. Protein, cooked well

Those can be anything from milk, eggs, unprocessed meat or fish. Yes, I’m looking for animal protein. These differ from that vegetable-derived protein.

3. Nuts and /or beans, preferably mixed with lentils, cooked enough.

Remember the power pills we talked about in the very beginning? These are those power pills- if there are any in the open natural universe. Seeds are entire trees packed within a shell.

4. Yogurt- plain, simple and flavorless

Yogurt is the term’s supply of probiotics. They bring good bacteria in the stomach. Say, you’ve given everything a factory needs and that factory is running short of electricity. What happens? Shove some good food down your belly and provide the appropriate transfer of good probiotics. They will grind and mold food. They will keep you energized all day long. They will ensure that you’re well supplied with nutrients, even while you’re sleeping at night. That extra supply of nutrients will, in turn, heal you back all night long. Digested micronutrients always help you rejuvenate. Forget it if you have a loose motion or something like that.   

5. Fruits, of your choice

A mix can perform more magic. Ever heard that people in the fruity areas live longer than a hundred years? Here you go, fresh fruit does that. As we know, antioxidants are kind of fragile. They’re present in vegetables, and yet, they’re disassembled once cooked. Keep antioxidants aside, fruits contain nutrients hard to find in anything else. Why do trees produce such fruity tricks? They must lure birds and animals into propagating the seeds within. It’s a question of extinction, man! The trees needed to make fruits so lucrative and juicy and to benefit that no bird- whether it’s a parrot or a penguin- can ignore the scientific facts! Use them as a dessert or handle them as anything else you want.

6. Clearwater, one, two or even three glasses if you’re comfortable with

I consume the third glass of water within the next hour. Take it this approach, there’s no other lubricant, more refreshing and nutrient-bearer in mother nature as productive and positive as water. Set everything else aside.

7. Uplifting beverages

Nothing but a cup of sugarless green tea. You can have a teaspoon of honey instead.

8. A small supply of fresh, green spices, vegetables, and herbs

Add a new piece of lime, a little raw clove of garlic, small pieces of raw ginger, a little chili, parsley, lettuce, carrots, etc. Drops of honey will make it more edible. A salad is always different from our conventional vegetables. Vegetables contain much fiber, which is suitable for that part. A salad made of herbs and lively spices will do other magic.

9. Do you love bread?

Try whole wheat, whole grain ones. Or you might want a little rice. There is no problem at all if you admire them. Instead, you will have a good supply chain all day long.

Wait! How would I Prepare and Swallow them under 10 Minutes?

That’s the question, buddy! Now, how come you will prep this ‘simple’ breakfast and chew it all in ten minutes or so?

It’s tough at first to adapt ourselves. The preparation in the initial few days will seem a bit harder. Just keep it in mind we call for the most nutritious breakfast.

And we can do it this way:

  • Prepare two different dishes for days with vegetables, nuts, beans, and meat.
  • You will eat interchangeably, every other day.
  • Prepare two more herby, spiced, veggie salad for weekdays.
  • Buy fresh fruits for the week.

Eating these awesome foods

  1. Microwave your nutty, beany, meaty neat vegetables for 1 minute or more. Include that whole grain bread while you’re picking up fruits for the morn.
  2. Get the dish out of the oven and mix your herby salad with drips of honey, lime squeeze and a tablespoon of yogurt
  3. Grab a glass of milk or prepare an omelet, or get your green tea to make it different from every day.

All you have to do is spend two hours at the weekend.

Like it? You can share it then, it will help me in several ways. Let me know whether or not it helped you and stay connected, my friend.

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