Timberland Boots and Shoes: Frequently Asked Questions


We’re so happy to start a Red Wing frequently asked questions post as this is an amazing brand. Will be updating it from now on.

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Where are Red Wing boots manufactured?

There are five sources. Two in the USA and three in southeast asia.

Red Wing shoes were originally made in Red Wing. This city of Red Wing is situated  near upper Mississippi, Goodhue, Minnesota. Still, there’s a manufacturing complex operating today.

There’s another plant in  Potosi, Missouri. They also make shoes and boots in China, Korea and Vietnam.

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Are all Red Wing boots made in America?

No. Isn’t Red Wing the most sensational US boot brand? They still make many here. To cope up with pricing, they also had to go offshore.

How long to break in Red Wing boots?

It takes roughly two to three weeks to break into a pair of Red Wing boots or shoes. They usually don’t fully break in in a week. Neither do they take more than a month. Once broken in, they fit like a pair of gloves, conforming to your stature.

How to buy Red Wing boots online?

Amazon.com is always the most reliable and convenient source of online goods. They’re one of the most professional and efficient ones while delivering. If you already know your Red Wing size, you are good to go. If not, go half to one size down as the always tend to run big. You can also buy them from Red Wing’s official site.

a microcelular polyurethane is the best non slip material.

A polyurethane gives best slip resistance

How much are Red Wing footwear, steel toe boots and work boots?

From amazon.com, you will find Red Wing boots and shoes at a comparatively lower price. Currently amazon.com has Red Wings ranging from $159 to $383 (don’t take it for granted, price changes on a daily basis). Most of them are work boots. Please note that pricing can change without prior notice and you can get a sell anytime.

From their official site-

Women’s Heritage:

  • Women’s heeled boots are labelled 350-370 USD.
  • Women’s boots are labelled 280-380 USD.
  • Women’s tall boots are labelled 300-550 USD.
  • Women’s oxfords are around 350 USD.

Men’s Boots:

  • 6 inch: 240-370 USD.
  • Chukkas: 230-250 USD.
  • 8 inch+ : 300 USD.
  • Oxfords: 220-260 USD.

Are Red Wing boots good?

Yes. You better not doubt! Red Wing boots are anything but bad. That anything can range from good, better, best, premium or even trend setter.

Are Red Wing boots good for hiking?

Definitely. There are hiking boots made by Red Wing which have the best quality. Some of the ‘non-hiking’ Red Wing boots are good- you just need to know the hiking standards.  However, Red Wing promote Irish Setter as their hiking brand.

Are Irish Setter boots made by Red Wing?

Technically, yes. Irish Setter boots are made by the Red Wing boot company. To be perfect, Irish Setter is a sister concern of Red Wing. If you are asking whether the same cobblers make Irish Setter or not… not necessarily.     

Are Irish Setter boots good/ good quality?           

Yes, obviously Irish Setter boots are better. You know, they’re from Red Wing boots, which is a magnificant brand. They did a bit trick here though- under the brand name ‘Irish Setter’, they charge less while the put less.

Now, the question is, are they premium? Many of Irish Setter boots meet the highest standards but a number of them are not as good as Red Wing, Danner, Timberland or Keen’s best boots. In short, they are good, but they are not the flagship ones.

Are Red Wing boots guaranteed for life?  

You will find next to no products guaranteed for life. No, Red wing boots are not guaranteed for life. Animal skin like cow leather can not last for decades. Glues and stitches can last hardly for 5 or even 10 years. Can treds last longer than a decade? I doubt. As material can not support, no famous brand can provide a life long guarantee.

The good point is, you can use a pair of Red Wing for 3-7 years of constant wearing if you can take care of them. You can use them for two decades if worn seldom. There are some of the RW fans who did preserve a pair for 40 years.

Can you resole Red Wing boots? Can they be resoled?  how much to resole Red Wing?

You can resole many of the red wing boots. Almost all of the classic boots and shoes are resoleable. There are other things to consider such as:

when would you need to resole them? Red Wing soles do not tear off pretty soon. Most of their treds are abrasion resistant which means you would not need to replace them soon. It will take many months if not years before a resoling is applicable. By that time, your pair will be more or less worn.

Resoling is costly. Resoling may cost you somewhere between $150 to $250.

Yet the few resoleable boots, especially the heritage boots are regularly resoled. People seem happy after resoling. Partly because those boots contain traditional soles which may lose some of the treds over time.

when to resole them? As soon as the treads are wearing off.

How long do Red Wing boots last?

Depending on models and your pattern of care, they can last for 2 to 10 years or even more. All of them should exceed 18 months of constant usage.

How to waterproof Red Wing boots?      

Firstly, you probably would not want to alter your precious Red Wings. If you haven’t bought yet, don’t try to waterproof them. Rather, buy the waterproof ones. On the other hand, if you have one or more pair of Red Wing boots and you want to repel water, watch how the do it:

What to wear with Red Wing boots?

You can easily wear jeans, camo or cargo pants with Red Wing boots.

Do Red Wing boots run big, small or are they true to size? What size should you buy? How to size them?

Red Wing boots and shoes always run a bit bigger. It’s officially confirmed. So, there’s no way the will run small. It is said to be 1 size up. However, the `running big’ issue range from half size to up to one and a half size big. It is their last size- always running a bit bigger. You must get half to one size down.

Do Red Wing boots stretch?

These are made of the best quality leather. Chosen from the best skins, treated in the best way and then sewn by the oldest, most experienced cobblers (if made in America). Moreover, these are mostly made of full top grain leather which stretches the least. So, there’s no chance that these will stretch in a bad way. However, over time, they conform to your shape.

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