Timberland PRO® TiTAN® Boots & Shoes Review


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We chase features, measure them as treasures and investigate them as ideological spies. Allow us to arrange a tour through Timberland’s Titan.

The Common Misconceptions

#1 Many think that PRO’s Titan means they use titanium alloys. Maybe, there’s a truth, but it is absurd in some points.

#2 Some users think that Titan means alloy toe whether it contains titanium alloy or not. Nope, that was the beginning. Now there are comp toes.

#3 Now there are soft toe boots, too.

#4 This is not a stand-alone class. There are TiTAN® features in other families like Boondock. When we talk about Titan, those come too.

Types & Features of Timberland Pro TiTAN®

Common Features

Wanna check exactly which features are present in each Titan pair?

  1. PRO series
  2. Premium, soft, full-grain leather for comfort and minimized break-in time
  3. Alloy safety toe shaped on the TiTAN last for lightweight protection and a superior fit
  4. Mesh antimicrobial lining for odor control and comfortable feet
  5. Timberland PRO rubber outsole that is slip, oil and abrasion resistant
  6. Cement construction for flexibility and reduced break-in time
  7. PowerFit Comfort System (The PowerFit comfort system uses a combination of ergonomically designed elements at key zones to supply movement and provide critical support—delivering maximum comfort all day long.)
  8. 30-Day Comfort Guarantee
  9. Each pair contains Titan Safety Toe except the 4 soft toe pairs
  10. ASTM EH
  11. All of these boots, even the shoes have extra comfy padded collars
  12. Molded polyurethane midsole provides lightweight, durable cushioning. Contoured open-cell polyurethane footbeds
  13. Nylon diffusion shank for torsional rigidity
  14. Lightweight, top class comfortable, durable

9 Titan Boots for Men

5 Alloy Toe Boots

6″ Alloy Toe Work Boots [Style 26063214] Men’s Timberland PRO® TiTAN®

6″ Alloy Toe Work Boots
[Style 26063214] Men’s Timberland PRO® TiTAN®

6″ Alloy Toe Work Boots [Style 26078242] Men’s Timberland PRO® TiTAN®

Trekker Alloy Toe Work Boots [Style 85520214] Men’s Timberland PRO® TiTAN®

6″ Lace Alloy Toe Work Boots [Style 50506242] Men’s Timberland PRO® TiTAN®

8″ Alloy Toe Work Boots [Style 47019210] WATERPROOF Men’s Timberland PRO® TiTAN®

2 Comp Toe Boots

6″ Comp Toe Work Boots [Style 90665214] WATERPROOF Men’s Timberland PRO® TiTAN®

6″ Comp Toe Work Boots [Style 50508210] Men’s Timberland PRO® TiTAN®

2 Soft Toe Boots

6″ Soft Toe Work Boots [Style 24097214] Men’s Timberland PRO® TiTAN®

6″ Soft Toe Work Boots [Style 53536210] WATERPROOF Men’s Timberland PRO® TiTAN®

3 Titan Boots for Women

6″ Alloy Toe Work Boots [Style 26388210] Women’s Timberland PRO® TiTAN®

6″ Alloy Toe Work Boots [Style 53359242] WATERPROOF Women’s Timberland PRO® TiTAN®

6″ Soft Toe Work Boots [Style 55398210] Women’s Timberland PRO® TiTAN®

4 Titan Shoes for Men & Women

3 Alloy Toe Shoes

Men’s Timberland PRO® TiTAN® EH Alloy Toe Work Shoes [STYLE 47028210] (two colors)

Men’s Timberland PRO® TiTAN® Alloy Toe Work Shoes [STYLE 53534230]

Women’s Timberland PRO® TiTAN® Alloy Toe Work Shoes [STYLE 63189214]

1 Soft Toe Shoe

Men’s Timberland PRO® TiTAN® EH Soft Toe Work Shoes [STYLE 47015242]

Boondock Boots with TiTAN® Features

  • All but one are comp toe heavy duty boots. All are for men.
  • Specially made for Construction,

Timberland PRO® Boondock 6″ Comp Toe Work Boots

Timberland PRO® Boondock 6″ Comp Toe Work Boots WATERPROOF & INSULATED

Timberland PRO® Boondock 6″ Comp Toe Work Boots WATERPROOF

Timberland PRO® Boondock 8″ Comp Toe Work Boots WATERPROOF & INSULATED

Timberland PRO® Boondock 8″ Comp Toe Work Boots

Timberland PRO® Boondock 8″ Comp Toe Work Boots

Timberland PRO® Boondock 8″ Soft Toe Work Boots

Timberland PRO® Boondock 8″ Comp Toe Work Boots WATERPROOF & INSULATED

Timberland PRO® Boondock 6″ Comp Toe Work Boots WATERPROOF

Ascender Boots with TiTAN® Features

  • All are men’s 6” alloy toe
  • Specially made for Construction, manufacturing

Timberland PRO® Ascender 6″ Alloy Toe Work Boots

Timberland PRO® Ascender 6″ Alloy Toe Work Boots

Timberland PRO® Ascender 6″ Met Guard Alloy Toe Work Boots

Timberland PRO® Ascender 6″ Alloy Toe Work Boots WATERPROOF

Ringmaster Boots with TiTAN® Features

Both are women’s and alloy toe

Timberland PRO® 6″ Rigmaster Alloy Toe Work Boots [STYLE 88117214] WATERPROOF

Timberland PRO® 8″ Rigmaster Alloy Toe Work Boots [STYLE 88116214] WATERPROOF & INSULATED

Endurance Boots with TiTAN® Features

Specially made for Construction,

Men’s Timberland PRO® Endurance 6″ TiTAN® XL Safety Toe Work Boots

Euro Hiker Boots with TiTAN® Features

Specially made for Construction,

Men’s Timberland PRO® Euro Hiker Alloy Toe Work Boots

Detailed Review of Timberland PRO TiTAN® Work Footwear

We would not focus on other TiTAN-related series like Boondock, Ascender or Ringmaster. We will discuss other Titan affiliated series in the “Remarks & Suggestions” and “Better for” segments.

After that, we solely focus our detailed analysis section on TiTAN only.

Remarks & Suggestions

These well decorated all-premium boots and shoes are imported, presumably made in China. Many of them are OSHA approved, and all are ANSI tested.

These are incredibly comfortable, and they last pretty well.

Go for lace-to-toe TiTAN boots for day-long tiring mid-risky jobs. You’ll win.

For high-risk jobs, pick the TiTAN Boondocks.

For low-risk jobs, get TiTAN shoes or other similar Timberland PRO shoes.

Some real cons?

Well, only one. These are cement constructed. The soles may not last as long as welt or combo construction does.

Better for

TiTAN class boots: manufacturing, industrial.

TiTAN class shoes: Warehouse, restaurant. For supervisors, engineers and managers in the robust sites where they directly do not need to engage in hazardous work.

Boondock TiTAN class: Construction, high-risk industry.

Ascender TiTAN class: Construction, manufacturing.

Jobs: Carpenter, electrician, Industrial, construction, mechanic, warehouse, engineers, hiking, heavy-duty hospitality,  

Sites: Concrete floor, slippery floor, outdoor, hiking.

Walking: a lot of standing, bending, walking and climbing

used them for hiking and horseback riding in a pinch.

User, Expert & Trade Recognition

Points 5/5

People know Timberland Titan very well. Repeat buyers usually say that these are better than most of the best work safety boots. Senior workmen recommend these quite a lot. What are the main issues they consider?

In a nutshell, this is what they tend to say:

  1. They must wear the work footwear for 10 to 12 hours a day, work 12-hour shifts in a nuclear power plant.
  2. They’re happy with these shoes and boots as they do not hurt after a long work shift.
  3. This footwear last for a pretty decent number of months if not years. Only durable boots that don’t hurt my feet.
  4. These are light and overall easy to use.
  5. Look decent after a workday.
  6. A vast number of users say they are repeat buyers.
  7. Moisture, water or mud does not bother them. My feet were always warm and DRY. In the woods deer hunting and walked through puddles and mud.
  8. Waterproof yet super breathable.
  9. Serving well in 100+ degree temperature.
  10. They do not look worn out after months.
  11. Did podiatrist give them two thumbs up, why?
  12. Provide adequate support.
  13. Great for concrete as well as other surfaces and terrains.
  14. Good for plantar fasciitis.
  15. Back do not hurt.
  16. Flat feet support.

A compelling judgment we’ve found many evaluations where people continuously say that these are the best and most comfortable work safety boots.

Price vs Durability

Points 5/5

Titan boots are not the most expensive ones. Instead, these are mid-priced. To be honest, it’s decent pricing. We’ve gone through at least 8 cases where the users say their pairs served for more than six years.

So, what can you expect from these boots and shoes?

They’re going to last for 15-20 months of constant rough usage if not more. Is it ok? Yes, we give 5/5 for durability if per month costing is $8 or below.

We’ve found people who use these for 2 years and then buy the same product.

But you can easily expect them to hold up to 2-3 years. And if you can manage to take care of them, and use more than one pair for work, they will definitely cross the 5-year mark while retaining ample comfort.

There is one risk, though, the construction is not welt, so, the sole may fall apart unexpectedly which happened to many times.


Points 5/5

Absolutely no question on comfort. These are amongst the most comfortable footwear.

Whether it is winter or summer, comfort remains constant. A+ comfort right out of the box, more than tennis shoes. Comfort remains the same for an extended period.

Timberland’s trademark PowerFit comfy system comes with a lot of satisfaction. These are ergonomically designed which means the support is scientifically anatomical.

Components are premium, picked for the best class support.  

Water, Chemical & Spill Proof

Points 4/5

There are choices. All the TiTAN boots and shoes are not WP. There are some waterproof boots, most of them are water resistant. By picking the WP ones, you would say the same: “stayed dry no matter what I’ve walked through.” Even the older ones will work great. Even the non-waterproof ones stay dry as long as you don’t submerge or spray water on them.

Slip Resistant

Points 5/5

All the Timberland PRO outsoles are great at slip and oil resistance.   

Toe Box & Safety

Points 5/5

There are 10 alloy toe, 2 comp toe, and 4 soft toe boots and shoes in Titan class. All the safety toe footwear is ASTM tested. Asymmetrically shaped toe cap means no contact and pressure from the toe cap.

Alloy or comp toe caps are much lighter than their traditional steel counterparts. They weigh just one-third. As these are lighter and more space in the toe box is a logical conclusion. Extra wiggle room not only ensure more comfort but also make sure that your forefoot can stay healthy and cancel deformities. The roomier toe boxes are not always protected with abrasion and puncture resistant outer layer.

Are the Titan alloy made from titanium?

They were, at least in the early days. Now, Timberland does not bother to explain the components of their Titan alloy.

Break-in Time & Fitting

Points 5/5

Fits well from the very first day as they are true to size. Feel great and take a hard day like a champ. No running large or narrow. It takes a little break-in time. TiTAN® last for lightweight protection and a superior fit. Timberland used very soft yet durable leather. Even the cement construction helps you get it right from the first wear.

Are they better than the classic or heritage boots? That’s a tricky question. We know that the classic ones will take time to fit and break-in. They will not come ergonomically ready, rather the old style ones will take shape by time. Yes, these fit quicker than the good old Red Wing, Thorogood, etc.

Electrical Hazard

Points 5/5

No risk of electric shock from the boots or shoes as far as it concerns ASTM measures. In industrial, construction or warehouse jobs, EH is an essential feature. This prevents not an only electric shock from beneath but also separate feet from the ground which means if the upper parts of the body are in bare contact, electricity would not be conducted.

Fashion & Presentable

Points 5/5

They, “don’t make your feet look big and clunky like some steel toe shoes.”

What we find in traditional work safety boots is bare ugliness. As if, it is necessary for work shoes to look chunky.

On the flip side, Timberland and their famous rivals like Wolverine and Keen make it as good looking as possible. So, “they don’t look half bad with a pair of jeans.”

TiTAN shoes are described as, “a pair for Christmas and a pair for his birthday” and, “They aren’t “dress” shoes, per se, but more of a standard office shoe that you can wear with just about any kind of khaki, twill, or dress slacks.”

The designs are not only intuitive but also innovative. They look masculine, suits uniform or even shorts.

Breathable & Insulation

Points 5/5

The “Moisture-Channeling Spacer Mesh Comfort Lining” ensures ample breathability for the natural phenomenon occurring through our skin. Titan breath ok.

Leather, Upper, Lace & Heel

Points 5/5

Comfort is ensured from top to bottom if the leather is soft enough. What if the leather is suede? Well, thick full grain leather can stretch and can act like a good glove holding parts together. The heel is usually high-rebound. The added protection around the ankle and forefoot is simply better.

The eyelets are long-lasting. Laces are adequate.

Tongue, Collar & Weight

Points 5/5

They are lightweight. One of the primary cause behind the lightweight is- no steel toe.

All the tongues and collars are incredibly comfy as they are super padded.

Insole, Midsole, Shank & Arch Support

Points 5/5

Contoured Ortholite™ Footbed with Outlast™ Adaptive Comfort: All of them feature Contoured open-cell polyurethane footbeds providing lightweight, durable cushioning.

Enough arch support: “arches no longer ache when I get home after a long shift”

Nylon shank: this diffusion shank supports the glue-construction perfectly.

Their temperature-regulating technology sock cover keeps your feet drier.

Outsole, Construction & Sewing

Points 5/5

The Timberland PRO outsole ensures the best quality for heat, oil, chemical, and degraded material resistance. These are fantastic at abrasion resistance. Dual-density PRO outsoles are made of synthetic material based on rubber. Their traction will prevent sudden skids.

Anti-odor & Cleanable

Points 5/5

The mesh antimicrobial lining can successfully keep odor limited. It also provides comfort. As these are breathable, you do not sweat within results in less possibility of stinking. The leather is easily cleanable.

Warranty, Return & Post Purchase Service Policy

Points 5/5

Timberland is pretty bold in saying that you will not find more comfort anywhere in any brand. They have a 30-day comfort guarantee. “Complete satisfaction with comfort” is a brave thing to say!

Brand Faith

Points 5/5

Is Timberland the single most famous and trusted work boot brand across the USA?

Probably… most probably.

People keep wearing their products one after another.

Titan is their basic premium work boot and shoe class. Other classes like Boondock and Helix comes as more job-specific high-risk up gradations of TITAN.

Special & Uncommon Features

Points 4/5

We listed a dozen features at the beginning of this article. Their valued features are the weight, comfort, price, toe caps and durability.


Points 4/5

It’s a wonder that their soles may come apart in some rare cases. Why so? It’s all about the glue construction. Cementing may cause outsole separation. Is it a common feature? Not so common. We found that most of them can last from 1.5 years up to 7 years.

Editor’s Boost

Points 5/5

We just love the non-steel toe Timberland PRO boots.

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