Carbon & Nano Tech Toes

Previously, you knew that carbon is 5 times stronger than steel in the same density. But what about carbon nanotechnology? Well, some of these products are 300-400 times stronger than good old iron alloys infused with carbon AKA steel! So, if- Yes, they are making nanotech toes. And yes, some of them are so affordable … Read more

Aluminum, Titanium and Alloy Toe: Lighter, Harder Option for Steel Lovers

Yeah, you’ve got me! I’m a big advocate of the comp and nano toes, but there’s nothing as reassuring as metals. I mean, how would you express hardness (thus resulting in intuitive reliability)? Yup, people always say, as hard as steel. You may have forsaken steel (at best), how can you go for non-metallic plastic/carbon … Read more

Understanding ShoeAsk Points and Level of Recommendation

Hey! It is crucial for our valued readers to get the most out of our footwear grading structure which is called ‘ShoeAsk Points.’ There’s another parameter: ‘Level of Recommendation.’ These are not necessarily correlated. What is `ShoeAsk Points’? For every pair reviewed here at ShoeAsk, we mark them in 20 different `set of features’ each … Read more

11 Reasons why Best Brand Boots and Shoes are Comparatively Expensive

We always ask this question: why are Red Wing, Danner, Timberland and Keen boots so expensive?    Top brands like these are continually making dependable shoes and boots. Many of their products are expensive, yet we recommend them. We don’t recommend them for a fluffy commission or something like that! Let’s make these four things crystal … Read more