Under Armour Valsetz Tactical Boots Review 2018: Work to Assault


The UA Legacy

Yes, we have seen Under Armour a lot. Their clothes wrap sporty, challenging bodies. Somehow the logo inspires us. Now that they came into shoes and boots, the inevitable question is:

Are Valsetz boots as good as the shirt-stuff? As we promise to dig down to the core, we are going to bring out the best analytics for you here:

“Comfort is the key. And if it were the only key, these boots would have 5 stars. These are the most comfortable duty boots I’ve ever owned or worn.”

We did keep these on the top comfy work boot list and you will know why (do not forget that they have a number of flaws)!

Types of Under Armour Valsetz

Sometimes we do get this kind of evaluations which help understand a pair of boots clear and loud:

“I haven’t had any problems with them. I’ve camped, hiked, fished, rode my motorcycle (they kept my feet warm in 50 degree weather riding on the bike) and worked (PM for EMCS, light construction) in these boots for five months. They’ve also survived the hottest period of the Arizona summer. I would suggest UA making them a bit sturdier, other than that, I would definitely purchase another pair.”


UA Valsetz RTS Tactical Boots Side Zip

Men’s Side Zip

UA Valsetz Tactical Boots

Men’s Non Zip

UA Valsetz RTS Tactical BootsUA Valsetz 2.0 Tactical BootsUA Valsetz 7” Tactical Boots

In-depth Review and Analysis of Under Armour Valsetz Tactical Boots

ShoeAsk points: 79 out of 100

Editorial Recommendation: High

(how we do the ratings and picks)

Remarks and Suggestions

These popular tactical boots can handle long beats on the street or runs in hot sand. They are considered to be tactical/running shoe hybrid due to their lightweight and foot-pampering comfort. Full-length Micro G® foams turn cushioned landings into explosive takeoffs.There are many good as well as bad reviews.

Better for

Does your job require you to run from time to time? Maybe you have to walk and stand a lot. If the job does not require extensive features like toe, electric hazard, waterproof etc- feel free to consider Valsetz boots. Especially suitable for firefighters, law enforcement personnel like cops, soldiers or security guards. Firemen wear these boots a lot, surely, there are some reasons behind that! Police officers tend to use them while patrolling, some even say that these are policemen’s dream. An athlete says: “I have put in 60-80 miles a week running in these boots over the past year. I have ran 2 competitive marathons, a competition stair climb, trail runs and road runs in them.” UA Valsetz boots are suitable in winter and not-so-hot summer. Apart from duty, Valsetz are good for training as well. An interesting review: “I am a Helicopter door gunner in the USAF and have been wearing them now for 8 months in Afghanistan and they have no noticeable wear.”

User, Expert and Trade Recognition

Points 5/5

UA entered footwear industry and successfully caused an influx of designs and variations. Valsetz reign as one of the bestsellers in a number of categories.

“I’ve never had a boot fall apart on me as so many people mention in these reviews. I own 4 pairs of UA tactical boots and these are probably the most comfortable to date.”

“As a Law Enforcement Officer and prior Military, I’ve wore a lot of boots in my time. These are probably the most comfortable boot that I have ever wore. The side zip is a great added feature that lets me slip on these in just a few seconds.”

“I am a Fire Department Battalion Chief, I bought 2 pair of these, about 6-8 months ago. A black pair for work, and a tan pair for home. They are, by far, the most comfortable boot I have ever purchased. I wear these boots about 18 hours a day while on-duty.”

Price vs Durablity

Points 3/5

They’re less durable.

No. Buying these is not a bad decision. They’re like running shoes, you can not and should not use running shoes for more than 6 months.

If you are a very rough user (which is rare), these may last for 4-8 months. Otherwise, these will remain all-intact for 6-12 months.

There’s an honest statement:

“Police and military can’t afford to spend this much money on a product that does not last for a reasonable amount of time.”

Yes, you do not win a lot with these boots in terms of timespan vs price.

Yet we recommend these if it is ok to get top notch comfort and energy return on steps for a comparatively lower period of time. It seems that UA did not bother to focus on extended . Partly because using heavy, hard and tough material would cut comfort down in a number of ways.


Points 5/5

Under Armour did concentrate their power on tho things and the first one is comfort (Second? Style). UA Valsetz tac boots ensure comfort in a number of unique ways:

  • These are soft all around.
  • Return energy and make it easy to run or walk with less effort.
  • Surprisingly lightweight so that we do not feel a truckload of burden on our feet; cutting extra features like toe for feather-feelings.
  • The upper parts of the heel and collar looks unique if you’ve noticed. That provides a firm grip to the back of your feet. That part acts like an `added skin’.

Water, Chemical and Spill Proof

Points 3/5

Not waterproof at all. Again, you can not get proper waterproofing from a pair of running shoes. The water resistance is above average which is consisting of ‘DWR Durable Water-Repellent treatment’.Some say that your feet will get wet even if you walk through wet grass while others claiming that the boots helped repelling water during a storm. Either way, don’t count on Valsetz as long as real water hazard is a concern.

Slip Resistance

Points 5/5

Look at the tread, these are made to resist slip.

Toe Box and

Points 3/5

Toe box is OK with a bit abrasion resistance. There’s no toe. Wear them if you do not require steel toe caps or something like that.

Break-in Time and Fitting

Points 5/5

Yes, these boots fit right out of the box, no break-in period. Valsetz usually don’t run big or small.

Electrical Hazard

Points 3/5

There’s no added electrical feature. But there’s no noticeable metals either which theoretically provide some inhibition. These would pass through metal detectors at ease.

Stylish and Presentable

Points 5/5

There is no confusion in this point. They look awesome. People seem to love these boots whether or not liking the features.

Breathable and Insulation

Points 3/5

Nope, not super breathable. Suit mostly for winter.

Leather, Upper, Lace and Heel

Points 3/5

Okay, they are not using real leather which is not so good. Most of the job boots are not made out of synthetic leather. The upper is also made of textile material and the textile part is prominent. People often refer to these things as `less valuable and less durable yet super comfy and fashionable.’ As we described above, the heel area is unique. Good laces. Eyelets are OK. For more about leather, see our article.

Tongue, Collar and Weight

Points 5/5

The thick comfortable tongues are neither shorter nor longer. Having fluffy supportive collars, Valsetz provide the best comfort. It seems that Under Armour prioritized their policy to make very light boots. They surely succeeded.

Insole, Midsole, Shank and Arch Support

Points 5/5

They did the magic here. People don’t have significant number of complains when it comes to insoles, midsoles and the arch support issues. The Micro G® foam insole is responsive which means it will adapt naturally with your physique. Even the shank is not metal, they are made of TPU.

Outsole, Construction and Sewing

Points 4/5

Outsole is made of thick, comfortable rubber that grips any surface well. The tread is more more than good. Cement construction. Sewing is somewhat good but the material is not of A+ quality.

Anti-odor and Cleanable

Points 3/5

They do have antimicrobial treatment.You should be nice and gentle while cleaning the boots.

Warranty, Return and Post Purchase Service Policy

Points 4/5

They have some good return and warranty policies and yet, these are not that durable which is not good for a long term coverages.

Brand Faith

Points 4/5

Under Armour is a top class brand as we all know. Look at anyone working out or soldiers on a drill- you may find UA’s logo on their body. But when we consider boots, UA is still a bit behind. They are famous, widely accepted, but yet to take their absolute place in boot industry.

Special and Uncommon Features

Points 5/5

Sock liner is very good at locking feet in. This feature eventually decreases the risk of blisters.There’s an abrasion-resistant film surrounding the feet.They do have an explosive takeoff technology there. If you choose the side zipper boots, they will help you put on and off. The boot guy reviews it well:


Points 3/5

Their padding ensures comfort but prohibits breathability so not 100% ok for a warmer weather or season. The laces may seem fragile and there are no free replacements which is disappointing.Zippers are not so good which can lead the industry. And after all, these do not last for long. There are repeated questions on quality of the material.

Editor’s Boost

Points 3/5

These are charming and extremely comfortable. But they need to bring more features to compete with the rest of the leading brands.

Wrapping Things Up

Where are they the best? In comfort, design, style and branding. There are a number of added technologies on top of that.

Where are they lacking? In many cases where a brand like UA should have focused more- like longevity, quality of material and price.

Should you buy these? Yes, if there is no big demand on .

Don’t forget to let us know (and let us improve) whether you liked the boot or not.

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