2021’s Best Brands & Series for Work Boots [with shock-verdicts]


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(Get some mind-boggling verdicts in the last part of this article)

Nope, we did not discuss ‘best boots’ here, rather our focus is on, ‘best brands.’ Read our extensive series on best work boots here. Brand name matters. In this ever-upgrading era, both employers and employees need to protect their bodies. We must maintain health, increase fitness level and workability. ‘Safety first’ policy include footwear and specialized headgear, dress, and other must-haves.

Who are the makers of the most excellent work boots? Who keeps comfort in mind the most? Are the boots recognized by fellow craftsmen? What do others say after using these? If your colleagues find it impressive for a while, it’s fabulous. So, the final question is:

Who produce the very best dependable work boots?

Making the best boots is not a stroke of luck. It’s a continuous process which gets better by time and rigorous efforts. As a brand grows, faith grows with them. With goodwill increases expectations. The expectations, feedback, and criticism continues and best brands their positions by coping up with these evolving demands. Thus, they keep winning.

From leather to eyelets- they tend to choose every hardware with extreme caution. So, it’s no secret that the best brands will continue to make the best boots. This way, brand faith has become one of the most crucial aspects over time. What footwear professionals say on a series, brand or model is utterly essential. You will get definitive suggestions from shoe sellers to podiatrists and pedorthists. Your coworkers are the shapers of these brands:


It’s a battle between Keen and Timberland. Who’s the best? I like Timberland, but that could not hold Keen in the second position.


I’ve found that they’re even more balanced than Timbs for consistency of performance.

After being established in 2005, this comparatively new brand had done a lot of ‘damage’ to the industry. Or should we say, they instead solidified a stable standard?

They invented their first shoe in 2003, the company was formed in 2005, and their HQ was established the next year.

They introduced keen Utility in 2009. Can you believe it? It’s now the best work boots series!


It’s been 91 years since Timberland started its journey. They’re sometimes portrayed as the boot manufacturing company. Hands down, no one can make work boots as good as Timberland does (and Keen entered there recently).

Red Wing

These are pricey, they try to hold the old ways, yet it does not bother footwear maniacs. Red Wing is all about the class. They’re one of a kind, even their sizing differs from all other footwear manufacturers.


Their Mobilite boots are a personal favorite. They make some astonishing pairs and yet people somehow manage to ignore this brand.    


Popular, dependable, pricey and they bear a signature design. Their US made boots are immensely popular.


Is this brand the sovereign king of “pull-on-boot-dom”? It smells so.


Why on earth did Wolverine start making crappy flimsy work boots lately? Did they grow too big to handle the activities? Did they evolve too much to care? Or, are they old enough to be weak enough?

Oh, I loved this brand so much! They were in the number 3 position last year, and this year they’re way down, and I don’t know what will happen next year.

They’re such a good brand with such stylish boots, and God knows why they sometimes make ugly mistakes in nice looking boots.


They make really nice ones, especially their US made boots rock.


They’re tough! At least, their work boots are!


You know what, CAT really did something remarkable. They saw that work footwear are so expensive! They aimed for a price cut and BAM! It worked.

Oh, I admit, I don’t like them very much. I tried, and I failed. That’s because they’re doing injustice to their famous brand name. Yet, it can’t stop me from putting the name on the best work boot brand name list. They’re not so iconic and not so great boots are killing it. Cheap, mid-level boots are really doing the magic for sales. You can never ignore the fact that their shoes maintain a certain level of service.


Don’t know why I tend to like Chippewa boots.


They didn’t do injustice to the brand name! It works.


Can anyone make better slip-ons, generally asking? Nope.

It’s an Aussie family-run business that rocks.

Redback (Slip-Ons)

They make the shoes in Australia and fly them all the way into the USA. They started the same thing Blundstone does, and they’re nearly as successful as Blundstone is.

Dr. Martens

Doc Martens were famous and popular in the pre-Keen era. That does not mean they’re obsolete now! You’ll be surprised how popular they are in 2019 had how high their ratings are, even now.

Under Armour

It’s another brand that mostly relies on the outlooks and primary feelings sacrificing build quality and durability and even so, making a massive profit out of it.


Like CAT, they also tend to find the gap in pricing, not in quality and they’re making truckloads of money. There are certain areas they sort of reign.

Which series is the best?


They are the trusted giants. Yes, we know that people adore Red Wing more; they see and search for Timberland more, but they eventually end up using Utility or Pro. Hard workers just blindly invest in UTILITY.

Letting you down is the last thing Keen would do. Their simple explanation is a better one:

There are a few comparative downsides with Utility though:

  • They tend to make more steel toe variants which are by any means an old technology.
  • Keen does not implement as many innovative technologies as their three main competitors do.
  • Their designs are good. However, you will get more good looking boots from other toppers.  
  • And yet we give them the first position, why? Utility deserves it.

Timberland PRO

We are certain of that. Timberland has 176 variants of PRO boots which are a synonym to satisfaction. They just don’t stop R&D. Look at the Timberland Pro official video:

Red Wing FlexForce & Worx

Yes, we know that FlexForce is little known to the most, but the series is worth every bit of attention. Watch this:

RW Worx? You better check them out.

Wolverine Work and Outdoor

Founded in 1883, thriving since then, they make it fashionable. Merrell, Hush Puppies, and Harley-Davidson are under Wolverine Worldwide’s broad coverage. What’s the sweet point? Their products are clearly cheaper. They also have a massive leap towards nanotech toes. Their CarbonMax somewhat replaced their steel, alloy and composite toes which is great. Other brands mentioned in the list above also make perfect boots, but these three are ahead. They keep doing it with a lot of options. Watch their official video:

Some Mind Boggling Verdicts

Want some `unofficial’ type whisper? Definitive and conclusive words are rare, but we love these chatter patterns. Hard yet consumable facts (a ShoeAsk on-the-house):

Well-Known Facts Reconfirmed

  • Composite toe is the sole best choice if you are buying from a top class brand. Nanotech carbon toe will eventually take over. It is an excellent time to move away from steel toes.
  • Timberland PRO and Keen UTILITY make the best boots for the highest risk industry.
  • Absolutely no one can beat PRO and UTILITY features.
  • Maybe, Keen UTILITY is a bit ahead.
  • That’s because Timberland is behind on their entry-level PRO boots.
  • Danner and Red Wing are the most pricey yet adored top class brands.
  • Danner Quarry USA stands in a ‘best of the best’ trust situation in case you are trying to cut all the crap.

The Overlooked Ones

  • Rocky Mobilite is the best boot for you if you are not in the insanely dangerous industry which requires Met guards.
  • Rocky is the most overlooked and underrated top chart brand.
  • Red Wing is making perfect work footwear lately, but these are neither very easy to find online nor discussed widely.

The Wolverine Shocks

  • Wolverine is the most affordable top class brand.
  • The least ugly boot maker? None but them.
  • They’re also making best grade nano toes named CarbonMax.
  • Wolverine’s Harley Davidson make Bonham/Boxbury (both of which happen to be the same except the heights). These two are the most dependable ride boots, and you can easily use them for work too.
  • And they make some horribly poor boots which sink their fame.

Wellington/Pull On

  • People tend to get satisfied the most while using pull-ons or wellingtons.
  • Ariat is the most trusted pull-on/wellington/ western boot brand.
  • Irish Setter, Wolverine and Timberland PRO make great wellingtons as well!


  • Right after wellingtons, the best category of satisfaction is being reported for slip-ons.
  • Blundstone is the Ariat (or iPhone) of slip-on boots and shoes.
  • Several companies are making the best category slip-ons as well.

Con Connections

  • 95% (or more) official sites fail to represent their invaluable pairs adequately!
  • Under Armour and Caterpillar are the most unpredictable amongst the top brands; their quality sometimes gets more compromised in comparison to other toppers.
  • CAT is now recovering from the ‘comparatively low quality’ tag with many impressive newcomers.
  • Dr.Martens did not cope up with its goodwill.
  • But their Ironbridge is still one of the most trusted and valued boots.
  • Heritage boots (RW, Thorogood, Chippewa, etc.) are not the best choice for constant hard work environments. New specialized shoes and boots had taken their place a long time ago.
  • Some of the hotcakes do not have their official sites for the boots or even the brands.
  • Unauthorized sellers may not fulfill your warranty.
  • They may also charge a higher or in some cases, lower price.
  • On the other hand, official sellers on Amazon sometimes mess things up while representing their products!
  • And official sites tend to charge more for their own products than Amazon does.

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